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Join us this week in celebrating #VNtines with some of our most romantic visual novels at up to 50% off from February 10th through the 17th!

For some extra fun, we have a bunch of Valentine’s cards for you to share with your friends (or that special someone~):

DC3R   OZMAFIA!!   No, Thank You!!!   Kindred Spirits  eden* 

ef – a fairy tale of the two   Princess Evangile   Imouto Paradise 



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  1. I’m heavily debating between whether I should buy EROGE! Sex and Games Make Sexy Games and Princess Evangile. EROGE! is a nukige that I fairly long compared to other nukige and I enjoyed the OVAs when they aired before MangaGamer localized it. However, I have been waiting to buy Princess Evangile for a year or two now and have heard/read multiple people say that it’s their favorite VN of all-time and I like that there are multiple routes and very well-written character routes for most, if not all of the girls who have routes. Plus, the W/Happiness fandisk is getting close to being finished and released.

    I’m honestly torn over which to buy and I was wondering if anyone who has completed both could help me out. Thanks!

    • i enjoyed both VN’s thouroughly. with “Eroge!” its pretty much exactly what you expect. a great nukige with little in the way of actual plot other than to bring the scenes together, the romances seem very stiff and forced, that being said the scenes are well done and have good variety. “Princess Evangile” is a lot more vanilla and less extreme in the scene department but depending on your tastes more than makes up for it with the believable routes and development for the characters. it has a plot that is multifaceted and requires playing all the routes to fully grasp some plot points. i’m sure this review seems a bit biased lol. but both games are good. it just depends on taste. if you prefer eroge for the sex or for the story, the age old question!

    • Well, if I were you, then I’d take Princess Evangile (if you havnt choosen one yet). I liked it far more than EROGE!^^

  2. They’re both good for different reasons, though I would say Evangile gets a lot more love then it deserves. It’s not a bad moege, and out of the professional releases there’s not much better but it still has issues.

    Eroge is a pretty extreme nukige. They’re making a rape game is the plot so they don’t really stick to normal stuff for the h scenes. It’s good if you know that going in, and also don’t expect harem anything. If you attempt to go for a sleep with everyone route, you bad end.

    Out of the two, Eroge is probably the one I would recommend more if you know what you’re getting into. It’s very kinky even compared to most other non-rape nukige but it does have some good stuff in it. Evangile isn’t bad, but at this point you might as well wait until it’s bundled with the fandisc and on sale(The fandisc is probably not going to be out until mid-Summer at best.). That way you can get right into the after stories and not have to wait until you save up enough to get the fandisc.

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