Higurashi check: done!

Hi, Evospace here. I’ve been helping Mangagamer.com with their translations since Da Capo.

After spending a good 3 weeks of sleepless nights, I’m finally done with the translation check/proofreading of Higurashi When Whey Cry! Now with only the re-insertion and testing process awaiting, the release date should be announced soon!!


You can meet Mion soon!
(A Mion fan)
Also, as a test case we are doing something very special for this release, so please look forward to it…!

As for the Soul Link CG issue…
We are taking this issue seriously. No decision is final yet!!

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  1. “As for the Soul Link CG issue…
    We are taking this issue seriously. No decision is final yet!!”

    If Soul Link comes out uncensored, that would be great! πŸ˜€

  2. RAWR! is what higurashi’s animation reminds me of…everyone looks either like a T-rex or Donkey Kong lol, but regardless of the horrid drawing I shall play the piss out of the game for its amazing story πŸ™‚

  3. Yes! This has made me very excited for the Higurashi release πŸ˜€

  4. Thanks for letting us know about these issues in advance (nice change from JAST’s approach) and thanks for actually caring about the feedback from us fans! And big thumbs up for Higurashi!

  5. The 15th Decemember can’t come fast enought πŸ™‚

  6. Excellent news for Soul Link ! I hope the decision to remove then will be changed !

  7. Shion is so much better than Mion…

  8. Do you guys every plan to change the font to something that… y’know, doesn’t look like a typewriter font? I believe someone asked about this before (http://novelnews.net/2009/07/07/mangagamer-at-anime-expo-2009/ [bottom]), and that you would take it into consideration. At least it’s not thin like before though…

  9. You know, it is commonly frowned upon to re-use the same sentence structure for two sentences in a row. Of course if the original said so, there is nothing to do about it. Else it would have been more correct to attempt some rephrasing with different words meaning the same.

    However the fact they might not censor the game is more important than literary rules.

  10. As for the images in Higurashi, there was a question regarding the scenes where Satoko appears naked. However, during those same scenes she keeps herself covered with a towel. Therefore, I do not expect any images to be removed from the release of Higurashi. Enjoy your very violent, bloody ends.

  11. Echo approves of very violent bloody ends…

    Also, I probably wouldn’t have been able to stand the art style in Higurashi a while back, but meh… Now that I got myself used to Umineko’s, Higurashi is just another step down from that, so I’ll probably be alright. Looking forward to this, mostly because of how good Umineko was.

  12. Hey EvoSpace and/or Kouryuu, any chance you can get an idea of if Koihime Musou will be censored or not? I think those who have played will agree that censoring Koihime Musou will have far more significant changes then 6 CGs, without all that many lines of text, in Soul Link

  13. So Manga Gamer is giving away 5 copies of Higurashi to new subscribers?

    The contest page asks us to submit our Member ID#’s, I don’t remember ever being issued a member ID number…

  14. If I draw a stick figure of a child with no clothes, is that an “arguably underage looking character naked” that constitutes a legal liability?

    O <— naked child

    Seriously, that's basically the level we're on with Higurashi's art. πŸ˜›

  15. Does anyone know what the member id# is?

  16. Whelp, it’s a good thing the Sonozaki sisters haven’t said they’re gonna stop their fan translation. I don’t like the obvious changes to the system, so while I’ll still buy and play this version, I’ll be happy to own both and hopefully end up with at least two chapters translated by the twins.

    I wonder though, are the sounds “mii” “nipaa” “hau” and other such speech quirks kept? (like “kana kana”; would it be “You aren’t gonna leave? gonna leave?” or “You aren’t gonna leave? are you? are you?” in example) and how was Uncle Mion translated, and other forms of address? I surely hope this translation is going to be as good as these screenshots make it look! They look outstanding! (although I agree with Malamasala, but I don’t know what the original said anyway, so.)

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