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It’s come to my attention that many might be getting stuck or are requesting a walk-through for Soul Link. Personally, I know exactly what you mean. There is one part of the game that took me forever to get past as well. So, when you get to the section of Chapter 1 in which you have 20 passes to traverse the Sheratan, I do hope you’ll try it yourself first. Various combinations of choices produce different text results. However, if you get stuck and absolutely need help, here’s the set of choices that got me through it.

Highlight the text below to view it.

1st transfer – Infirmary
2nd transfer – Maintenance Pod Hangar
3rd transfer – Passage with a Window
4th transfer – Guest Rooms
5th transfer – Laboratory
6th transfer – Lounge
7th transfer – Fire Door
8th transfer – Lounge
9th transfer – Laboratory
10th transfer – Infirmary
11th transfer – Guest Rooms
12th transfer – Infirmary
13th transfer – Fire Door
14th transfer – Infirmary
15th transfer – Passage with a Window
16th transfer – Infirmary
17th transfer – Maintenance Pod Hangar
18th transfer – Infirmary 19th transfer – Fire Door
20th transfer – Maintenance Pod Hangar

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  1. Could you put it in a text file or a javascript hidden field so that those who don’t want to know don’t have to? It’s a bit of a spoiler for people.

  2. ^_^;; Sorry, but I don’t actually know how to code any kind of JavaScript like that. How does the change I made work though?

    • That’s how people usually hide spoilers without a javascript thing. It works, but you may want to let people know that it’s there. It currently looks like a blank space (say something like “highlight the white text below for the hint”).

  3. Okay. Helpful little hint you provided there, don’t suppose you’d care to provide some more help for another similar segment that involves hide-and-seek with guns in the dark?

  4. Muffintop could you tell me how to get past the hide and seek part. Im pretty sure I tried every option but I keep getting killed.

  5. As the forum seems to be down currently, I just post the translation typos I’ve found here. Hope that’s alright with you and they can be corrected later with a patch or something. (I haven’t read the whole thing fully as I ctrl’d through quite a few scenes, and I don’t feel motivated to see all the bad ends).

    Beginning, Shuhei: “Uh-huh. I’m about to go meet a friend of mine. Wait, why do you know it’s destination?” <= "[…] its destination […]"

    Magnetic shoes, Shuhei: "Hmm, that so?" <= "Hmm, is that so?"

    While the docking goes on, Shuhei went back to the lounge with Nao and meets Cellaria, Narration "Relived, I looked around and […]" <= "Relieved"

    Strategy meeting in the control room, when noticing the terrorists are trying to take over the computer right before the choice, Shuhei: "[…] but… What's should I do?" <= "What should"

    Waking up from the dream with the 3 lesbians, Nao: "Shuhei-kun"<= "Shuhei-kun." (no punctuation originally)

    Shuhei telling Nao, he goes over to Hamal to find the mastermind Skura, Shuhei: "[…] and the negotiations with Jararacas who (they thought) were […]" <= Double space

    Sayaka in Ryota's room after Nanami's bathscene, and after the choice with "I don't mind", Ryota: "I'm sure than neither of us can imagine […]" <= "I'm sure that neither […]"

    Ryota stargazing with Yu, Ryota: "[…] You can see too many starts from here, […]" <= "stars"

  6. can u write a walkthrough and put it on game faqs?

  7. Ok I’m glad all of you realized how to get past the part with the guns in the dark, when ur getting chased by Yu but could you maybe let others know as well ? I’ve been trying all sorts of combinations and nothing seems to work… and no I’m not expecting I’ll figure it out right after I post this πŸ˜›

  8. Hint: Combat choices.

  9. i’ve played it until 98% complete.
    maybe i suck, but i can’t find it interesting anymore, but still have some unlocked endings.
    feel free to complete.

  10. Thank’s Onihige for the hint.. it helped a lot and now I finished the game… It was.. absolutely, completely, amazingly beautiful.. personally I ignored most of the x-rated scenes, but the story.. it was amazing.. all the twists all the things that connected, every time I though I would know what will happen next, bam, had a surprising twist thrown at me..
    Oh and I don’t know about others but a lot of scenes just had me burst into tears.. brilliant story..

  11. Could someone help me? I can’t get past the um, mastermind? A simple hint would do fine on how not to get killed at the end. I tried several times, trying everything I could think of.

  12. Not entirely sure which part that is Onihige.. Since you were the one who gave me the combat choices hint I presume you got past that and things were pretty straight forward afterwards from what I remember.. be careful at your choices.. this game loves giving you the illusion of choice.. and if you notice that all of your choices lead you to something bad that must mean you made a bad choice earlier.. some choice options don’t even appear if you didn’t make certain choices at earlier times.. if nothings works for you though send me an e-mail at with a bit more details of the part you are stuck at and I will do my best to help… I did finish the game thanks to your hint so I kinda owe you one πŸ˜‰

  13. I am blocked . After going to hamal and talk with the ex-teacher , Shuhei shoots at her and the game is over . How can i evict this?

    • If you find yourself stuck at the very end of chapter 1 like that, there are a couple of things that could have gone wrong. First, and easiest error is you chose not to have sex with Nao. If you don’t hug Nao and give her a loving night in your arms, you die. Second, is a bit more complicated and requires pretty far backtracking: You didn’t stick to Nao enough. In short this means you didn’t choose to be with Nao enough, and instead raised your rating with Sayaka too high. (This route also leads to the Sayaka-sexy bad end if you choose not to go to the Hamal.) An example of choices that can lead to the second one is ignoring Nao in the beginning and just leaving her behind, ignoring Nao and heading back, taking Sayaka with you to the fire door, asking for Sayaka’s three sizes and enjoying yourself, etc.

      That’s about it as far as I remember. Assuming you made it to the end of the chapter already (which would be the encounter you’re talking about), those are basically the two bad ends I can think of that are possible.

    • actually all you need to do to finish chapter 1 is make sure you get the wireless in the infirmary before you go to the guest rooms when you’re hiding from Yu after that you need to choose the embrace Nao thing and voila you’re on you way to the next stage.

  14. how do you NOT take sayaka with you to the fire door?i know taking yu or the blondie(forgot his name) leads to you dying

  15. ._0;
    I just purchased the game from Mangagamer because the story sounded interesting, but I had no idea(regarding comments/queries posted here) that this game was to be so challenging. Meh… do to your descriptions of all the possible bad endings(i.e. dieing x_X), this game is starting to remind me of Critical Point. That game was a headache in itself.

    • To be fair, *most of the time* A simple save and click before your choices is enough to get you past the bad ends, since the majority of them are caused by immediate choices. When I first played through the game, the part I gave a hint for was the only one that really gave me any trouble.

      …The bad ends are pretty bad though. ^_^;;

  16. Thanks for hint, but please someone give/upload full english version of walkthrough Soul Link. I know that is japan version on this site: but even with the online translator i cant’t figure out what to do. I can’t pass chapter 1 and i sure that in future will be more thought decisions. Sorry for my bad english πŸ™‚

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