What do you want to see?

So I’ve actually tallied up the titles mentioned at the License Request thread on our forums.

As you may know, it’s tough to acquire a new license, especially when our line up is still this small. But you never know what can happen in the scene of business! Like who would of thought that mainstream Hentai games visual novels would be available in English 10 years ago?

So I ask you again, which game developers and titles do you want us to go for? We will do what we can, and we might even be able to use this post as a valuable tool in negotiations; “Hey, look! Your game is getting this many votes!”

For those of you who don’t know any titles out there, you can participate by seconding other people’s votes, including what was already mentioned, or make a constructive suggestion such as “A newer title, rather than an older classic!” or “Something with story, rather than sex!”.

According to the requests we’ve received so far, the results are as follows:

Top 10 Developers
1. Visual Arts/Key
3. Black Cyc
4. Nitroplus
6. Leaf
7. minori
8. Innocent Grey
9. Liarsoft
10. Type-Moon

Top 10 Titles
1. SHUFFLE! Essence+ (Navel)
2. MAI-Hime -Unmei no Keitoujyu- (CIRCUS)
3. Gore Screaming Show (BlackCyc)
4. Phantom of Inferno PC version (Nitroplus)
5. CLANNAD (Visual Arts/Key)
6. Kara no Shoujo (Innocent Grey)
7. Kanon (Visual Arts/Key)
8. AIR (Visual Arts/Key)
9. 11eyes (Lass)
10. School Days (Overflow)

By the way, I know people are probably thinking this already, so I will give you my honest comments now.

-“But with their poor translations, I don’t want MangaGamer to acquire our favorite games…”

Have you played our latest releases such as Soul Link and Higurashi Meakashi-hen? Objectively speaking, our releases have been improving with every release. Although we can’t suddenly stop our old translation line and sometimes a translation has already started over half a year before its release for certain titles, we are taking much more time in editing and proofreading than we did before. Because our resources are limited right now, we are putting more emphasis where it’s needed, but changes are steadily being made. By the time we acquire a new title, I can assure you that our quality will be totally different.

*This post is using an image from Key Official HomePage under fair use according to their guideline. It is prohibited to distribute this image without their consent.

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  1. Hey, first I have to give kudos to you guys for actually making a post like this to show that you’re listening to our wishes. Shows you’ve got an edge over Jast in the customer friendly department. Also I’ve seen your latest works, you guys are good as far as I can see translation wise.

    Anyway, here’s my wish list games and then companies:

    1) Any of the three Black Cyc games and I’ll worship the ground you folks walk on (MinDead Blood, Gore Screaming Show, and Gun Katana)
    2) Comyu
    3) 11eyes
    4) Shuffle Essence +
    5) CLANNAD
    6) Kanon or AIR (it’s a tie for these two)
    7) Anything from Innocent Grey
    8 ) Anything from Leaf
    9) The Kansen series
    10) School Days and Cross Days (Summer Days I leave up to you)

    Now the companies:
    1) Black Cyc (and the other cyc companies (I especially think Mio’s stuff would be good for the all ages section)
    2) Innocent Grey
    3) Akabesoft2 (and its sub companies including Akatsuki Works)
    4) Key
    5) Leaf
    6) Atelier Kaguya
    7) Liarsoft
    8 ) Alice soft
    9) Type Moon
    10) Elf or Studio e-go! (tie)

    • Michelle Raschbacher

      So many things that i want 😉 I dont know about the companies so here is a list of the games

      1.CLANNAD (Visual Arts/Key)
      2.Kanon (Visual Arts/Key
      3.AIR (Visual Arts/Key)
      4.11eyes (Lass)
      5.School Days (Overflow)
      6.Kara no Shoujo (Innocent Grey)
      7.MAI-Hime -Unmei no Keitoujyu- (CIRCUS)
      8.SHUFFLE! Essence+ (Navel)
      9.Gore Screaming Show (BlackCyc)
      10.Phantom of Inferno PC version (Nitroplus)

  2. Nitro+?
    If i remember they have a partnership with Jast USA.

    So i highly doubt that you can acquire any of their game (Well Phantom of Inferno has already been released in DVD-PG by Hirameki, so maybe this one yeah).

    Anyway, i want Squeez and G.J? :p

    But the dev i really want to see localizd here is : Mink.
    A lot of people seems to forget it, but game like Yakin Byoutou series, Lingeries, the awesome Izayoi no Hanayome and some other are from Mink.

  3. As it has been mentioned before, the people that voted for Nitro+ need to have their brains checked. And regarding stuff like Clannad and Kanon that already have complete and/or almost complete (99.99999%) unofficial translations, I don’t see MG profitting much with them.

    • Those game have a Hight price in Import… So i think they really can make money with those game, especially since only “hardcore” VN fan do import.

      • Given Clannad’s size, it would have to beat the sales of every title released by MG put together, which I doubt that will happen.

        • Well, you have a point about Clannad… But still, having it officialy translated is a good thing… Especially since its a title with both 18+ and All-Age version.

          • correction, Clannad is only All ages, there was never an adult version. (although, there is a Tomyoa After (spelling?) disk that did include adult materiel).

            You might be referring to LB, it did have have an all ages version and was later followed by loli heavy adult version.

          • Tomoyo After, it was a sequel/Spin off to Tomoyos route in CLANNAD with adult content and a super sad ending. It later got an All Ages PS2 port along with a slightly better ending

    • Seconded…since they have like 99.99% unoffical translations I think MangaGamer should do other ones still…

  4. Anything NitroPlus obviously won’t happen, simply because they already have a deal.

    The recent hint of Visual Arts/Key is obviously a heavy weight. From a recent post on encubed ( http://novelnews.net/2010/02/13/eroge-with-translation-patches-and-their-sales/ ), Kanon was the second most imported adult game, One was 8th, and Clannad was the third most imported non 18+ game. These three games do already have translation patches, and it is difficult to say how that would work for or against such titles. Some other games (Little Busters/Air) are about half fan translated.

    Recently, the fan translation of the Alice soft work Sengoku Rance has been extremely popular in the community, thanks to having the most addicting gameplay in a VN, and it is likely that these games would be good sellers.

    Black Cyc has a sizable following, despite a lack of fan translations of their stuff. In terms of games focused more on sex than MangaGamer’s more plot based games, this company is likely the company that would have the biggest draw for these games.

    Not sure who has the rights to the KID games these days, but Ever17 enjoyed some success when it was released, and the remaining Infinity titles would likely make a nice group of all ages releases.

    Leaf has a sizable number of games with anime adaptions, something that MangaGamer seems to have focused on somewhat.

    Although I don’t have much interest in it personally, School Days has gained quite the following in the English world, thanks to it’s anime.

  5. Top 10 Developers
    1. Visual Arts/Key +1
    2. CIRCUS +1
    6. Leaf +1
    7. minori -1 (I feel offended that they are even an option)

    Top 10 Titles
    1. SHUFFLE! Essence+ (Navel) +1
    2. MAI-Hime -Unmei no Keitoujyu- (CIRCUS) +1
    5. CLANNAD (Visual Arts/Key) +1
    7. Kanon (Visual Arts/Key) +1
    8. AIR (Visual Arts/Key) +1
    9. 11eyes (Lass) +1
    10. School Days (Overflow) +1

    note, just because I removed some doesn’t mean I won’t support them, it just that I don’t know about them and therefore can’t comment.

    any way, signing up ‘key’ instead of their parent brand ‘Visual Arts’ might not be a good idea. ‘key’ have very few titles and those titles are far in between (very very far, it makes me wander how the company still operating!). ‘Visual Arts’ on the other hand have lots and lots of titles to offer you.

    as for ‘minori’, I really do feel offended by their presence in the list. They told us to buzz off, in a very rude manner, for a mistake that wasn’t ours, and now we should see them as an option?

    any way, I’d support ‘Akabesoft2’ and ‘Atelier Kaguya’ is they are an option. So yes, even though I do enjoy story heave games, I would still want to get a sex ramp game as long as it have good graphics. And titles with game play are a plus as well.

    So if you give us 1 story heavy, 1 game play titles and 3 sex ramp, I’d be satisfied.

    P.S. Studio.e.go might be open to licensing since they lost their milk cow when everyone left them. So licensing their titles might be their only option for revenue.

    • Wait… How do you NOT know about Type-Moon? They probably have one of the largest fan translation followings on the internet, haha.

      Tsukihime (and its fandisc+Kagetsu Tohya), and Fate/Stay Night, all have unofficial fan-translations for imported copies (and in my opinion, some of the best visual novels ever made).

      I personally only know Liarsoft from one title that isn’t very popular, but has a pretty amazing story: Sekien no Inganock.

      Anyways, just my two cents.


  6. I’d personally love to see a translation of Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. Yeah, its an “older classic”, but I’ve always been really sad that its never gotten a translation.

    • don’t think that will happen the company asked jast for a million to get it and i don’t think mangagamer has that much

  7. I’ve never heard of most of those companies (despite being a big VN fan I’ve really only played titles recommended to me by friends) so I can’t rank everyone.

    My top Companies would be
    1. Key
    2. Type-Moon

    Top Games would be
    1. Clannad (it did have a fan translation, but the After Story section was very rushed and in desperate need of editing)
    2. Knnon
    3. Air
    4. Shuffle Essence +
    5. School Days (the anime was alright, but getting people to see the source material and realize the characters aren’t nearly as terrible as they think would be nice)

  8. Games with actual gameplay:

    AliceSoft or Eushully games, for instance.

  9. BLACK CYC!!!

    Please don’t vote for games that has already be fan-translated like Kannon and Clannad. Thank you.

  10. Grab some BlackCyc title, like Gore Screaming Show or MinDeaD BlooD. These are quality novels, and BlackCyc shouldn’t charge way too much for them.

  11. Seinarukana: spirit of eternity sword 2 (Xuse)
    Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru (alchemist/caramel box)
    Baldr Sky: Dive 1 “Lost Memory” (Giga!)
    Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet (Minori)
    Mindead Blood (Black CYC)
    Gore Screaming Show (Black CYC)
    Hana to Otome ni Shukufuku wo (ensemble)
    Kikouyoku Senki Tenkuu no Yumina (Eternal)

    I’d buy any of those games or anything like them. And any Type-moon/nitro+ game.

  12. I Second Z Post.. games with a good gameplay, and a good Story…
    – more emphasis on Story than Sex
    – with gameplay like .. Utawarerumono
    and -1 Alicesoft i dont like their games…

  13. School Days. This NEEDS a translation, and nobody’s done it yet.

    I’d also like to see Conboku and Nursery Rhyme, just to see if they’re as good as their OPs >.> I love those songs and videos <3

    As for stuff that's already been translated by fans but I like so much I'd pay $50 or whatever for an English copy…Clannad, Kanon and Umineko.

  14. I’d say Fate/stay night, because its simply the best VN in existance, but it already has a very nice fanslation by mirror moon. (hire these guys, yo) the sequel, Fate/hollow ataraxia’s translation is stuck at about 30% and even that took ages. Therefore im putting that on #1.

    alternatively, anything with epic art is acceptable.
    also, gameplay is fun, but be careful with the type. Princess Waltz rocked (moderation was key), Raidy wasnt too bad, but Pretty Soldier Wars A.D. 2048 was horrible.

    • Eh I don’t think it’s really worth hiring MirrorMoon, most of the team has gone their separate ways now.

      • He’s right. MM has only 1 active project and their lead translator, TakaJun has formed a new team, Yandere TL. So basically, MM is pretty much out now.

      • it was mostly a joke anyway, just implying their godlike translation skills

        • Well TakaJun did most (all?) the translating, really if he can translate Nasu language then he would be a great asset to the MangaGamer team since nothing is more complicated then that.

  15. Do 11eyes.
    Simply because no one else will.

  16. Finish KiraKira Curtain Call ; ;

    Other than that Nito+ Hello, World
    Any of the Baldr Sky series.

  17. Go make a license agreement with Black Cyc, those are the games we really want to see.

  18. Do__not__translate games that already have translations. You shouldn’t translate games that are sequels to already translated games either. That kind of stuff simply won’t sell, period.

    To be honest, you should translate fairly unknown, recently released games that have no anime adaptation and rely heavily on story + art. These traits will make customer actually buy the game, since it’s going to be whole new experience worth paying for. Good art will lower the border for buying, and good story will make experienced buyers that look into stuff beforehand buy the game.

    Your main focus group isn’t new to this stuff. It is likely that they know little about anime, manga, and have found visual novels through forums, friends etc. That’s why it would be stupid as hell to translate something that already exists.

    Here are some companies you should take a look at:

    Giga: http://www.web-giga.com/top/top.html
    Favorite: http://www.favo.co.jp/soft/main.htm
    Littlewitch: http://www.littlewitch.jp/home/
    Whirlpool: http://www.whirlpool.co.jp/top/index.html
    Unisonshift: http://www.softpal.co.jp/unisonshift/index2.html
    Light: http://www.light.gr.jp/light/top.html

  19. I think it really wouldn’t be a good idea to translate anything that already has a full decent translation already available. Kanon and Fate/Stay Night were both mentioned here, and yeah, that just… Seems like a bad idea and a waste of time to me. If anything, it would make more sense to go the route JAST was planning on, and just start reselling the original version, so people using the patch have an easier time getting the thing legally.

    Clannad… I’m not sure, I mean it pretty much does have a full translation, but it was never actually officially released, and the unofficial version has a bunch of bugs and QC issues. Well, nothing horrible or anything, but I guess it might be enough justification to do it, since it’s kind of been sitting waiting on that last bit of editing for a pretty long time now, and the project shows all signs of being dead. But then again, it’s a LOT of text, so… Yeah…

    As far as that top 10 list goes, the ones that interest me the most are 11eyes, Mai-HiME – Unmei no Keitouju, and Phantom of Inferno PC. (really is an excellent VN that so many were turned off of because of the crappy interactive-DVD format it was released in before, it would be nice to see it in a format that doesn’t suck) Kara no Shoujo looks interesting, but it already has an unofficial project that’s 80.3% translated (according to the TLwiki page), so it’s likely that might finish before you could even get to it.

  20. TYPE-MOON’s games could do with some official English releases. Umineko too, if Higurashi sells.

    • Umineko is already translated though, and while they technically aren’t “official” they have Ryukishi’s approval

  21. Really this three
    4. Phantom of Inferno PC version (Nitroplus)
    5. CLANNAD (Visual Arts/Key)
    7. Kanon (Visual Arts/Key)
    have already decent free patches
    and kara no Shoujo shouldn’t take too much to finish, considering the speed
    If I had to choose, I’d go for Gore screaming show, possibly the best of the untranslated ones
    that or Air, the eternally stalled

    • maybe jastusa will re-release phantom but the 18+ version

      • JAST USA has said they have no interest in releasing unvoiced games such as Phantom of Inferno. This is also the reason why Kikokugai was released on TLWiki despite being a Nitro+ game.

    • Eh while CLANNAD did have a translation put out, it’s more like half of one instead of a complete full one. The School Life section was pretty good (baring a few hiccups here and their) but the After Story section is a bit of a mess. It’s readable but is in desperate need of editing among other things and it seems dropped so MG would be the only real chance of seeing the entire thing.

      • Point is, a lot of Clannad fans (I’d say the majority of the VN-reading Clannad fans) have already read it, and won’t buy it from MangaGamer for that reason (why buy a game you’ve already finished?). While it would be nice to see an official release, it would probably be a bad business move for MangaGamer.

  22. By the way, Kara no Shoujo has a nearly-somewhat-almost-perhaps-nearly-complete project. Translation stands at around 80%, Editing is behind at 30% or so. Also, Nitro+ is with JAST USA and Liar-soft is probably a good choice. Just prepare your translator beforehand, Liar-soft’s titles are quite complex!

  23. Out of the companies listed here I’d be mostly interested in seeing more KID titles, but as mentioned above Studio e.go might be worth looking into, and overall I’d like to see more titles with gameplay.

    Out of the listed titles, 11eyes.

  24. 3 methods to conquer the world/Sekai wo Seifuku Suru Tame no, 3tsu no Houhou (crowd)
    Kuru Kuru Coeur (Axis)
    Yumekoi Tensei (Tinker Bell Bougumi)
    Princess Frontier (AXL)
    Happiness! Re:Lucks (Windmill)

  25. I’d ask for Remember11, but that one has a project that’s well over 80% by now.
    So, untranslated titles only, in order of how much I’d like to see them being released by MangaGamer:
    -Rewrite (Key) [not out yet, but once it’s out, I want it ASAP]
    -Air (Key) [project at 50%, used to be eternally stalled but is now simply dropped]
    -Steins;Gate (5pb/Nitro+) [not a PC game, so we likely won’t get this one…got amazing scores on EGS, only five scores on vndb are also 10, 10, 10, 10, 9]
    -12Riven (KID, license is now with Cyberfront) [from the same series (infinity series) as Ever17 and Remember11, but not same writer]
    -I/O (Regista/Asgard) [from the writer of Ever17 and Remember11 and the writer of Cross Channel, unofficial part of infinity series]
    -Never7 (KID, license is now with Cyberfront) [infinity series, seems to be less good than the rest of the series]
    -Little Busters! [already has a good translation project, so we’ll be getting this eventually anyways]
    -Green Green series (Groover, current license holder unknown) [slightly interested because it’s by Groover, the company which later became Overdrive. Alternatively, you could also just really translate Edelweiss this time, and that’ll also let me see if I like Overdrive’s other titles]

  26. Wow I was surprised to see 11eyes in the top 10 titles but its the one I want to see the most translated. Lass has done an excellent job with the game and I think it would be nice for the English viewers to get a chance to play it as well. Do this and I would be forever grateful. Other than that I would like to see more of the Da Capo series but that sounds like its already in the works. Having Mai Hime though would be nice. Of course I would also like to see Shuffle Essence and the other related titles. Tick Tack and Really? Really! Its great to hear you guys are taking the concern of translation more seriously. Makes me really happy and more likely to buy your games in the future. Keep up the good work. ^^

  27. Companies:
    1. Nitroplus
    2. Alice Soft
    3. Littlewitch
    4. Liar Soft
    5. Propeller
    6. Innocent Gray
    7. Root
    8. KID
    9. Black Cyc
    10. Unisonshift

    I don’t know what is the point of voting for companies like Key or Type-moon, which has most or all of their games translated..

    1. Everything from Nitroplus (maybe you can take them away from JAST, who is unlikely to give us more than one game per year..). Preferably Gekkou no Carnevale and Soukou Akki Muramasa.
    2. Daibanchou/Daiakuji/everything Rance
    3. Shoujo Mahou Gaku Little Witch Romanesque
    4. Himegari Dungeon Master
    5. Clover Hearts
    6. Katahane
    7. Suzukuri Dragon
    8. Forest
    9. Comyu
    10. Suigetsu

    • Because both companies are still coming out with games(Mahou Tsukai no Yoru for Type-Moon is coming out this year, Kud Wafter for Key), and I know for a fact Type-Moon doesn’t have all of it’s games fan translated yet (Fate/Zero and Fate/hallow, for instance).

      That, and I don’t enjoy import fees. I like legal and not gonna bust my wallet, so getting the games legally would be fairly nice.


  28. Companies:
    1) Eushully
    2) AliceSoft

    Even though I play most of the visual novels for their plot I tend to get even more addicted to visual novels with gameplay.

  29. I’d go for anything that is untranslated or that has little chances of ever getting a translation out of the others on the list.

    Top 10 Developers
    3. Black Cyc
    8. Innocent Grey
    9. Liarsoft

    Top 10 Titles
    3. Gore Screaming Show (BlackCyc)
    9. 11eyes (Lass)

    Let’s face it, almost every Visual Arts/Key work has already been translated, or it’s got a translation project behind it.
    Nitroplus is out of the list given their partnership with JAST.
    I doubt minori would even let dirty gaijins translate their games.
    Type-Moon’s franchises (Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night) are translated as well, so what’s the point of localizing their games?

  30. Most interested in the Black Cyc titles – GSS, Extravaganza, and Mindead Blood. (There are others I would get too but these are the ones I want most)

    Otherwise, AliceSoft would be nice. Not necessarily Sengoku Rance (since some people wouldn’t get it for having already played it) but the Dai- series and/or the other Rance games would be easy purchases.

  31. Seriously, please don’t start VNs who already have a translation ( or are almost completed ) such as Kanon, Clannad, School Days, Kara no Shoujo, some Liar-soft games and any other Type-Moon title execpt Fate/hollow ataraxia. It’s just a waste of resources really.

    Starting on story heavy titles from Innocent Grey would be a good idea.
    Well, I listed the priorities you should have in order to get the max positive feedback, IMO.

    ( Only used the ones which were listed above. )

    Top 10 Developers

    1. Innocent Grey
    3. Nitroplus
    4. Leaf
    5. CIRCUS
    6. Liarsoft
    7. minori
    8. Visual Arts/Key
    9. Type-Moon
    11. Black Cyc ( you won’t have many buyers here, since it’s a niche company, only a few titles are useable )

    Top 10 Titles
    1. SHUFFLE! Essence+ (Navel) ( I may be biased with this one being first. 😉 )
    2. 11eyes (Lass)
    3. Gore Screaming Show (BlackCyc)
    4. Kara no Shoujo (Innocent Grey) ( Already has a translation going though. )
    5. MAI-Hime -Unmei no Keitoujyu- (CIRCUS)
    6. Phantom of Inferno PC version(Nitroplus)
    7. AIR (Visual Arts/Key)

  32. i would like to see the fan disk for Hinatabokko Hinatarte

  33. I would like to see more Shuffle! and how about some of the other sequels other than essence, like Really Really and Tick! Tack!

  34. Anything by:
    Soft House Chara
    Black Cyc

    Specific Games:
    Gun Katana
    Green Green
    School/Summer/Cross Days

  35. You’re right, Meakashi translation, while still having a few typos, was a big improvement over the other arcs. Keep up the good work!

  36. Oops, forgot; About the requests, I’m a big fan of Key and Nitroplus. I’d like to see Muramasa in English, but maybe Jast USA bought that license? idk. Air’d be nice too, as the fan translation doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere.

  37. I’d also like more Key games, though as said for the ones that already have a translation out it doesn’t seem a great idea.
    More Circus things would be nice also; I’d liked Da Capo and would like to see the other games. It seems there are already projects on that, though.
    Also, KID’s Infinity series would be great.
    As for games, I second a PC version of Phantom of Inferno, though I don’t know how likely that is.
    11eyes is another thing that seems interesting.

  38. I would like to see SHUFFLE! Essence+ and some yuri titles

  39. Translating a game that is already fully translated is just a waste of time. I would prefer if MangaGamer worked on something new instead of making a second translation to a game that already has one. Not to mention that it will probably result in a lost in sales since a lot of people already bought and read Kanon, Clannad and Fate/stay Night and those who still haven’t will have an alternative.

    Anyway, from the games included in the list, the one I’m most interested in is Air since the fan translation is basically dead now.

  40. I’ll be honest and say I don’t know too many VN’s and their parent companies (I’ve only recently got into them), but out of the list above I would really like to see Shuffle! Essence+, but also Tick! Tack and Really? Really!
    I also would like to see Da Capo Plus Communication and Da Capo II Plus Communication (I know DCII is being translated, but I don’t know which version…).

    I’d also add another vote for the Green Green series!

  41. Personally I’d LOVE to see Liar-soft’s games in English, a good thing is that their stuff is varied and they release lots of stuff, so that partnership could result in a lot games being available.
    And as far as I know, many of their games aren’t terribly long so translation shouldn’t cost too much.

    Still, business-vice it would make more sense to make partnership with bigger companies like Leaf, Black Cyc or Key due to name recognition on West.
    Those would be my second picks as they’d be most likely to result in profit.

  42. All of Innocent Grey’s novels
    You can start with Cartagra or PP Pianissimo(cz Cartagra have a project already :p)

    >>>What do you want to see?
    I don’t want to see, I want to play :p

  43. It’s kinda funny… most of those games already have a translation project. Wouldn’t it be better to get the license for something like 11eyes or Mai Hime that no one’s tried to translate yet?

  44. Here’s my list:

    Developers I’d Like Mangagamer to Work with:
    #1 Visual Art’s/Key (Air, Tomoyo After, and Little Busters!)
    #2 Circus (D.C. II, Eternal Fantasy, Valkyrie Complex)
    #3 August (Operation Sanctuary, Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na, Fortune Arterial)
    #4 Navel (Really? Really!, OreTsuba)
    #5 Leaf (ToHeart2)
    #6 Windmill (Happiness!/Shukufuku no Campanella)
    #7 MoonStone (Gift, Clear, & Marginal Skip)
    #8 Feng (AkaSaka)

    The Top 10 Titles I Most Want Mangagamer to License:
    #1 Little Busters! (Visual Art’s/Key)
    #2 D.C. II (Circus)
    #3 Tomoyo After (Visual Art’s/Key)
    #4 Fortune Arterial (August)
    #5 Happiness! (Windmill)
    #6 Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na (August)
    #7 Yosuga no Sora (Sphere)
    #8 Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai (Navel)
    #9 ToHeart2 (Leaf)
    #10 Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o (Giga)

  45. I would love to see a Key deal go through. Sure some of their stuff is translated, but so are most anime fansubs, and if MangaGamer were to purchase the partial/complete translations, (and improve upon them in the case of Clannad), then they would be able to get out a number of big games, which likely would sell quite well, without tying up their internal translators.

    Also, I would think that a deal with a market leader in Japan would go a long way in helping get other companies involved.

    Other than Key, Giga, with a large number of games, some with large western appeal (like the Baldr games)would likely be a great partnership.

  46. Some general things which might compel me to purchase more future MangaGamer titles (and yes, specific games are mentioned):

    – Games with more complex gameplay. There are Windows versions of a few statistics-heavy dating simulations, such as Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo. And hybrid RPG-style games such as Moe-Moe World War II and Sakura Taisen 1-4 exist on Windows as well.

    Some of those specific licenses may be too expensive. I’ve read that the PS2/Wii versions of Sakura Taisen 5 were licensed because NIS America, Red, and perhaps also Idea Factory cooperated to make the localization happen — I don’t know if Sega was involved.

    The companies responsible for Otometeki, which I believe are HuneX and Interchannel, have not licensed any of their content for official localization. The company responsible for Moe-Moe World War II, System Soft Alpha, has let other publishers release some of their titles in Englsh.

    – Content which isn’t just “boy x girls” style harem games. Higurashi is a step forward, since it’s definitely not a typical harem visual novel. But I’d be open to translations of visual novels which include “girl x boys” pairings (otome games), boy x boy pairings, and girl x girl pairings.

    I don’t know which licenses might be feasible and profitable. But since MangaGamer has released the original Da Capo in English, I’d hope Da Capo Girl’s Symphony might be a future release. Blogger Hinano has already reviewed it, and her thoughts were positive.

    – Finally, I’m interested in content which is all-ages accessible. I’m not entirely sure what to think about H games which get released without their original adult content. But it would be a refreshing change to see more visual novels and similar games which were all-ages when they were first created. For instance, True Tears was released on Windows first, but it was never an H game. The same is true for the Memories Off series.

    I know it’s sometimes tough to market visual novels which are not 18+. But if the story is compelling, and if the art is attractive, then there might be an audience.

    In short, I hope to see more MangaGamer releases with compelling plots, varied gameplay, and content which I won’t be embarrassed to discuss with friends.

  47. I’m gonna ask for Kara no Shoujo, or Mai Hime, or something we DON’T already have free patches for. I hate to use a business for this, but we already have translations for that shit; I personally would like to see them pump out stuff we haven’t translated yet.

    … or a Phantom of Inferno PC remake. Fuck Hirameki.

  48. I have to agree that translating anything that already has a fan translation would be an overall waste of time since most people would have already played the fan translation. I think before picking a new game to license you should see what has already been released or is undergoing fan translation. Anyway, I’d love to see an Innocent Gry or Liar-soft game translated though. Also heard good things of BlackCyc games, specifically Gore Screaming Show (Nice to see it’s number 3 in requests.)

    • Also, in that interview the other day it was stated that Mangagamer is getting less sales than it would like.
      With an already translated or mid-translation title, people a) might already have the Japanese game and so not want to buy another and b) may simply not want to play it again.

      Won’t help sales.

  49. And that is the reason i recently came to love you guys so much
    in terms of titles:
    1) 11 eyes (i agree with this choice so much!)

    2) school days (even if it has a translation project going on, it would still be nice to see it being officially released)

    3) clannad (same as above)

    4) little busters (do i need to say more?)

    5) to heart 2

    6) Rui wa Tomo wo Yobu (interesting story and for some strange reason the main character reminds me of a certain someone from kira kira)

    7) H2O: Footprints in the Sand (just love that story)

    8 ) Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet (tlwiki might have this project, but mentioning it might be worthy)

    9) Valkyrie Complex (made by circus so might have a good shot)

    10) G-senjou no Maou (another tlwiki, but you can never have too much akabei soft 2)

    and now the developers list is really hard to disagree with…
    i would only say that it need moar akabei soft 2.
    seriously, with a list like that few words are necessary

  50. Top 10 Developers
    9. Liarsoft

    If I could choose, I would first ask for VN made by Liarsoft. After playing Inganock I can tell how well they know their stuff.
    Same for Kid games. In fact I’m for those two developers because they’re more into “story” than “sex”.

    On a more comercial point of vue, Key and Type Moon are more popular… but VN like Clannad and Fate are so huge it would require a higher investment.

    Top 10 Titles
    5. CLANNAD (Visual Arts/Key)
    9. 11eyes (Lass)

    I don’t understand why you’re mentioning Phantom since phantom of inferno has already been translated and can still be bought (I found a new one last year… but on ebay).

    Now I’d just like to also propose one developer : Nekoneko Soft.
    They did VN like Lamune, Mizuiro, Sorairo, Scarlet, …
    Some of their VN have been turned into anime so they’re quite popular and as for me, in term of “pure love stories”, I prefer those VN to Da Capo.

  51. Nobody’s suggested it yet, and it doesn’t seem to be on the list, so I’ll say it. Atelier Kaguya, the art is amazing. (Just cause I like story based games doesn’t mean I also don’t like ero-ero.)

  52. I’d personally vote for Liar-soft since I’ve gotten pretty interested in their “What a Beautiful…” series, and I’ve been wanting to see a translation of Kusarihime for a while now.

    If I couldn’t see their titles translated, though, then I’d probably vote for Innocent Grey due to the focus on good plots they have while not totally shunning sex scenes. Innocent Grey might also be a good choice to cover when your quality of translations improve, since the games are supposed to be all around good, at least to the reviews I’ve seen for them.

    Black Cyc and Leaf sound like good, reasonable choices otherwise due to the popularity of some of their titles.

  53. I’m seconding KID (Never7 could really use a translation) and UnisonShift (Nanatsuiro Drops please).

  54. Below are the Developers I’d +1 a vote on.
    Visual Arts/Key
    Black Cyc

    2 Developers I’d like to see added

    Titles I’d +1
    1. SHUFFLE! Essence+ (Navel)
    2. MAI-Hime -Unmei no Keitoujyu- (CIRCUS)
    3. Gore Screaming Show (BlackCyc)
    7. Kanon (Visual Arts/Key)
    8. AIR (Visual Arts/Key)
    9. 11eyes (Lass)
    10. School Days (Overflow)

    2 games I’d like to see
    Rune Lord (Clock UP)
    official page- http://entacom.org/clockup/product/runelord/index.html

    Ikusa Megami series (Eushully)
    Ikusa Megami Zero’s page http://www.eukleia.co.jp/eushully/zerospdl/index.html
    Need more RPG love.

  55. I agree with the people above who think that it would be best to translate something that doesn’t have a fan translation already.

    I would also prefer something that doesn’t have sex scenes, they are often crudely done and are only added to pander to the Japanese demographic that buys titles largely based on them being an eroge. Thus it follows that games that are received extremely well by buyers that don’t include such content (Clannad, Ever17, just to name a couple) must actually have a well developed and interesting story that would allow them to sell well regardless of the fact that they don’t have the tag of being an ‘eroge’.

    That being said, it doesn’t necessarily follow that a game IS bad just because it has such content. I just feel that you have to be careful in picking a game that the Japanese visual novel market says is good, because of the quality of such a demographic I was talking about earlier.

    All that being said, I would most prefer:

    I/O (Regista)
    12Riven (KID)
    Air (Key)
    -Rewrite (Key) (Someone else pointed out that this is still currently in production, but I think it would be really interesting to see a quick English release to go along with it’s Japanese Release.

  56. Black CYC +1

    Mindead Blood +1
    Mindead Blood Fandisk +1
    Gore Screaming Show +1

    Although, I think you should try and get all of cyc in general.

    Cyc is a combination of:
    Cyc Soft
    Black Cyc ( Dark games )
    Cyc Rose ( Yaoi games )
    MIO ( Otome games )
    Palmiers ( ??? )
    White Cyc ( Light games )

    That’s a large variety to choose from.
    Not only does it give you Otome/Straight/Yaoi games, but you get both light and dark games.

    …Plus if you got Black Cyc i’d buy all their games and keep buying atleast 1 of them per month 😉

  57. From a business standpoint, I think Clannad would be the perfect candidate for a MangaGamer release:

    1) The anime has been very well-received, much more so than Shuffle or Soul Link. MangaGamer would be able to capitalize on the anime’s existing acclaim. A cross-promotion with Sentai Filmworks would benefit both companies.

    2) The Clannad game was originally designed for all audiences, so it can be marketed to a wider audience than an adults-only title without making any compromises. A packaged version of the game would become quite popular at brick-and-mortar anime retailers, comic shops, and college / university anime clubs.

    3) If Clannad proves to be successful (and I’m confident it will), a follow-up Tomoyo After release could serve as a gateway title for customers initially averse to 18+ games.

    As a very real example: back in college, a friend of mine used to hire me to pick up various adult anime titles for him. I’d check out the stuff myself before handing them over, but the majority of the titles he requested grossed me out and made me dislike hentai. When Wannabe Fansubs translated the first episode of Suika, however, my opinion of the genre changed considerably thanks to its work-safe release. When I found out it was originally a hentai title, it forced me to rethink my preconceptions and de facto boycott. Nowadays, I enjoy checking out couples-friendly adult anime. Similarly, I’ve become an ardent fan of visual novels thanks to Hirameki’s original release of Phantom of Inferno.

    Sorry for the tangent. ^_^;

    While I’m aware that titles with anime or merchandising tie-ins are more costly to license, I think investing in a popular title like Clannad or Fate is a risk that would pay off in the long run. In the case of Fate, the game could be released in a similar fashion as Kira Kira – the original version as an adult-only title, with Realta Nua following as an all-age release. Both segue into Fate / Unlimited Codes and Fate / Hollow Ataraxia, and the franchise already has a significant fanbase worth tapping into.

    That said, I think titles like Clannad, Kanon, Fate, and Phantom Integration would help MangaGamer establish itself, especially because of their successful anime adaptations. These could be followed up with School Days (controversy does get the word spread faster…), Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (“Rumbling Hearts”), ef -a fairy tale of the two- (minori’s anti-gaijin stance notwithstanding), White Album, Myself;Yourself, 11eyes, Pure Mail, and Triangle Hearts (the parent story to Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha). If rumors of a Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo anime are accurate, that’s also a worthwhile candidate to consider.

    Of the titles I named that have an in-progress / completed fan translations, I think MangaGamer should follow the precedent they set with Soul Link and recruit the fan translators to handle the localization (with touch-ups by their own staff). Rockin’ Android has done the same with its release of Suguri Perfect Edition, and it seems to have served them quite well.

    Once MangaGamer is has build itself a firm foundation (I’d say its current foundation is pretty shaky – unlike, say, JAST USA’s), it can expand its catalog to include acclaimed-but-relatively-unknown-in-the-West titles like Gore Screaming Show, Swan Song, Negaposi, and pretty much anything else named in the “Eroge That Everybody Should Have Played” article (http://zepy.momotato.com/2009/09/01/eroge-that-everybody-should-have-played/).

    Pardon my long-winded reply. I’m just considering this from the perspective of my university Marketing classes. I hope this has been helpful.

    • So you think that “university marketing classes” work in real life? I don’t think so. Just read a few comments about Clannad here.

      • I’ll admit that university classes aren’t fully applicable to the real world (one of my professors plainly admitted to not understanding why McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” campaign was so successful). I’m sure most of us are intelligent enough to know the difference between theory and demonstrable fact, but that doesn’t mean theory can’t be helpful in providing direction.

        …Or are you asserting that the Four-P Marketing Mix (product, place, price, promotion) and Market Positioning are complete bullshit…?

        In the case of Clannad, I’m sure diehard otaku are already aware of the current translation effort. Many of them probably played through the leaked beta at the first opportunity. As previous posts have noted, that version is very much a work-in-progress and requires a considerable amount of effort before it can finally be released.

        However, this is far from my point. Remember that I was talking about expanding MangaGamer’s user base, not catering to its current niche market (MangaGamer has itself stated that its current market is too small to support packaged releases). Fans of the original visual novel will either buy the game regardless, or never intended to pay for it in the first place. Instead, I’m talking about the casual fan who watch anime from time to time, but don’t pay much attention to the latest Japanese trends or even know what visual novels are. In other words, people who aren’t us. People who would like the medium if they knew it existed; the ones who quickly fell in love with the Ace Attorney series. Unless MangaGamer hopes to share the same fate as Hirameki International, these are the people whose interest MangaGamer needs to pique.

        (I’ll skip the usual rant about modern “fans” actively making anime / VN fandom exclusionary and accusing anyone present for not supporting Hirameki for now.)

        I’m very well aware of the fact that Clannad is a lengthy game with high licensing fees and demands an immense translation effort. I’m also aware that MangaGamer is willing to work with fan translators in some capacity (see Soul Link). My proposition is that MangaGamer and Drama Club work together to give the game a professional release. This will help minimize costs (Drama Club has already finished the initial translation) and maximize productivity. I’m nowhere near naive enough to think that such an alliance would be a match made in heaven (the MangaGamer and Sonozaki-tachi discussions fell through, after all), but I don’t think it’s right to dismiss the idea without a second thought.

        In any event, MangaGamer has already noted that they are working with the producers of suspicious bread and jam, so this argument may very well be moot. I’m just voicing my thoughts on what I would do if I was working with MangaGamer myself.

  58. Personally, I’d like to see some popular games in the general galge genre get translated, like Shuffle and Da Capo. August’s games (Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na and Fortune Arterial) come to mind.

    Also, I’m not sure what relationship MangaGamer has with the fan translation scene and if this has anything to do with your business decisions, but it might not be a good idea to translate something that’s already been translated. I love Key, but many English speaking fans have already played Kanon. I’m not sure what the status on the Clannad translation is, but it might be better to try to translate something that will be new to all of us, like Little Busters.

    • August’s games are more about moe appeal and art than story. The true endings are interesting, but to unlock them you have to go through the character paths, which is like drinking 50 liters of boiled water…

  59. Developers:
    1. Lump of Sugar
    2. Softpal (UNiSONSHIFT brands, Hearts)
    3. Little Witch
    4. August
    5. Key

  60. Have you ever thought of licensing a game other than a visual novel? I understand that Touhou, a doujin shooter, has a fairly large fanbase and little dialog to translate. Licensing Touhou would be a great business decision because it takes little effort to license, there’s already a substantial fanbase willing to buy it, and you could spread the news about MangaGamer to a wider audience because, let’s face it, more people in the west know about shmups than visual novels.

  61. mai hime would be nice does anyone know how good it is

  62. Boxed games would be nice too, if you’re looking for more customers. Digital copies is kinda meh.

  63. Hmm… for games.

    1. To Heart 2 + sequels (I really want this one) (I’m not bothered about the original one and it is unrelated to To Heart 2)

    2. Anything Da Capo based. 🙂

    3. Ef (though Minori were acting Iffy against westerners with there website. But then again so did Navel so…)

    4. School Days (would grab this straight away would be excellent)

    5. Comic Party (might be abit old now but I’m still interested)

    6. Clannad/Kanon (I’d be very interested in)

    7. Utawarerumono (Again might be abit old but I guess it’d be easier to license)

    8. White Album (funny anime and I would like to play the two games aswell)

    9. Tokimeki Memorial (I sure it’simpossible as Konami are involved)

    There the main ones. Company wise…

    1. Leaf
    2. Circus
    3. Aquaplus
    4. Minori
    5. Overflow
    6. Key

  64. Developers:

    1) Nitro+
    2) Innocent grey
    3) Visual Arts/Key
    4) Alice Soft


    1) any nitro+ game that have not been translated
    2) the same for innocent grey games
    3) EF
    4) 11 eyes
    5) H2O: Footprints in the Sand

  65. From that list, my votes mainly go for:

    1. Visual Arts/Key
    6. Leaf
    10. Type-Moon

    Also otome game companies like Quinrose or Mio would be nice.

    2. MAI-Hime -Unmei no Keitoujyu- (CIRCUS)
    5. CLANNAD (Visual Arts/Key)
    8. AIR (Visual Arts/Key)

    And some of my own additions:
    Infinity Series
    Memories Off
    Souten no Kanata
    Heart no Kuni no Alice – Anniversary Edition
    Comic Party
    Little Busters

    At least that is what I can think of right now.

  66. Why is Little Busters! and Rewrite not on that list?!

  67. my top 10 developers:
    4.Akabei Soft2
    6.Studio e.go!
    8.Groover(succeeded by Overdrive)
    10.Interchannel and Yuzusoft

    my top 10 titles:
    1.all from Akabei Soft2
    2.all from August(specially Operation Sanctuary)
    3.Air and Tomoyo After
    4.Really? Really! and Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai
    5.Comic Party
    6.Green Green
    7.Izumo 1,2,3
    8.Memories Off series
    10.all from Yuzusoft

  68. Type Moon, they’re making amazing games.

  69. Re: Have you played our latest releases such as Soul Link and Higurashi Meakashi-hen?

    With the prices for those games and the lack of demo, anybody who’s unsure about translation quality is unlikely to buy them cold.

    • Agreed. MangaGamer has already established itself as the publisher of overpriced, poorly-translated (and, in some cases, stripped-down) visual novels. The company needs to make an active effort to shake this image and prove to potential customers that it deserves their patronage. Simply saying, “we’ve changed” isn’t enough; wthout such demonstrable proof, people will naturally err on the side of caution and not buy MangaGamer’s offerings.

      Releasing trial versions of newer releases is a step in the right direction. The Kira Kira demo translation is much better than what I’ve seen of MangaGamer’s earlier releases. However, as it stands, this isn’t enough. Though the Kira Kira demo is work-safe, the poor choice of screenshots on the splash page prohibits the demo from being reused on the all-age side of the site (let this be a lesson for future demos – don’t try to promote a story-centric title with sex). Higurashi’s developer posted the first arc of the game on its site as a demo, and there’s really no reason why MangaGamer shouldn’t be doing the same. Even kouryuu mentioned on the Encubed Gemot that it’s odd that an MG demo for Soul Link hasn’t been released.

      Personally, I’d like to be able to form my opinion on MangaGamer’s releases. As it stands, though, the only reasonable (and I use that word very loosely) course of action is to pirate a title you’re interested in buying. That’s not a good sign by any stretch of the imagination.

      I know that my posts may seem harsh, but I genuinely want to see MangaGamer succeed. I certainly don’t want anyone to follow Hirameki to its grave, that’s for sure.

  70. I really, really would love to see Da Capo Girls’ Symphony, or any other game for girls…but it has to have a good story, nothing disjointed like Yo-Jin-Bo. I also support the all-ages games MangaGamer releases, but I would play an adult game if it was for women!

  71. i don’t think that realeasing a translation for a game that already has fan-translation is a good idea
    so i think 11eyes or kimi ga eien would be a great sucess

  72. Well, I guess I could give my 2cents on the matter.

    As has been said, I too think it would be foolish to try to get titles that have been already fantranslated or are being. Also on the matter of black-cyc, I would say that right now trying to get anything from them would be quite risky, altough people want them, they are still on niche side of things as altough they have pretty decent stories but they also have a lot of dark sex in them (and ordinary rape is of the more tamer side of spectrum in them) which could alienate some of the userbase, and if the word spreads it could potentialy cause another rapelay fiasco in my opinion which is just bad reputation for now. As seeing you have Leaf on the list there, you might try those darker game waters by getting Kizuato or Kusari as those are darker in content altough Leaf is mostly know for light side games. Ofcourse all this might just be useless worry, but who knows. And if you want just some good ordinary ero-ero titles Atelier Kaguya titles would sell probably well.

    But for of that list I’d probably would say that more Circus titles as you probably can get them quite cheaply, liarsoft, kid/cyberfront and unionshift titles would be some pretty safe bets for profit. Off invidual games 11eyes would be sure hit. Also if you can get Rewrite that would be like one of the biggest jackpots I can think of as its among the most anticipated games right now.

    Last but not least, could you somehow think about having boxed copies of games? I dont mind even if you slap +15€ on price if you have to, but I am one of those people who just dislikes DL only titles and would like to have boxes (even if it just box+dvd). And even with that added price its still cheaper than importing from japan except maybe in the caase if its some old game.

    • Regarding your Black Cyc comments:
      This is the reason why brands and labels exist. For instance, Purina and Nestle are run by the same people, but I doubt anyone likes the image of snacking on chocolate produced by a dog food manufacturer. Distinguishing different kinds of products with different brandings cultivate different sets of expectations in the minds of consumers, which in turn fosters loyalty toward these brands.

      MangaGamer has taken a step in the right direction by separating its adult and all-ages offerings, but I think the adult titles should be further broken down. Even anime publishers with different brands for their adult titles (ADV Films / SoftCel Pictures, Central Park Media / Anime18, RightStuf / Critical Mass) have alternate labels for their more sordid content (“Extreme Series”, “Dark”, “Hardcore”, etc.). Actually, I first mistook HGameZ for a subdivision of MangaGamer…

      With distinct brands for its different offerings, MangaGamer could promote its lighter releases alongside their anime counterparts in otaku publications and comic magazines while marketing its darker offerings in adult-only media like Hustler. Word-of-mouth can only get you so far, and you’d be surprised at how many people complain when they expect full-fledged porn and instead get a deep story with a handful of sex scenes (and vice-versa). And, if one brand comes under fire for whatever reason, the others will be insulated against any kind of damage.

      Agreed on the packaged version comment. If there were a disc release of Megaman 9, I would have picked it up already. Anime specialty shops have their own subsections for adult anime and games, and letting people chance upon a title and look at the back of the box does wonders for encouraging impulse buys. That’s serendipity, which is more effective than hoping someone will randomly click on an ad banner. I loved Suika ~Wet Summer Days~, and seeing Suika A.S+ and Da Capo on the next shelf would have guaranteed a sale or two from me, even if I’d never even heard of MangaGamer or visual novels. If I’d seen a banner for Higurashi or Kira Kira, I’d probably have dismissed it the same way I dismiss Evony ads.

      I disagree on the subject of fan translations, though. Yume Miru Kusuri, Soul Link, and Suguri are just a few examples of fan translators and commercial publishers working together towards the same goal. I agree that there isn’t much reason for releasing a niche game that was fan-translated years ago, but for unfinished or high-profile projects, I think it would be foolish to outright dismiss this option. Successful retail releases of visual novels that have previously had successful anime adaptations would set a precedent that mainstream publishers will want to follow, and that can only be a good thing for fans of the medium.

      Interestingly, this happened in the opposite order in Japan (why do you think anime adaptations of VNs are so commonplace nowadays?). Compare that to the Japanese and American success of Initial D (in Japan, the manga came first; here, the games came first)…

      Okay, that’s enough out of me.

  73. In reply to: ““But with their poor translations, I don’t want MangaGamer to acquire our favorite games…”

    Have you played our latest releases such as Soul Link and Higurashi Meakashi-hen?”

    I played Higurashi and it was an utter mess. I have a hard time believing either the translators of proof readers spoke even basic English. Here is an exemplary line:

    “I eat my steamy rice with seaweeds in the beginning.”

    Seriously? “Seaweeds”? What is this sentance supposed to be? This would be unacceptable from a fan translation, but you want me to pay almost €40 for it?

    I just found Mangagamer’s pathetic “translations” funny when they were translating games like Edelweiss (with brilliantly translated lines like:“Why are you having hard on? Still throwing up”) that I don’t care about, but games like Higurashi I actually want to play.

    You censor your games, you remove music and sound effects, you translate them terribly, and you expect us to pay for this. There are fans out there who will translate these games better, and release them for free. Please just go back to bringing out terrible porn games and stop ruining the chances for good Visual Novels to get translations to English (I don’t consider whatever Higurashi was in English).

    • They removed music was NOT their fault, if you want to be a whiny brat then go whine to 07th Expansion for using music they didn’t have the rights to. Also other then needing some editing, Higurashi was fine and is improving considerably. They’ve talked about the censoring and have asked for opinions on it, so it isn’t as if they do it just for some fucking laughs.

      You clearly have no idea what you are talking about and need to go back to whatever piece of shit place you came from

      • You say it like it was impossible for MangaGamer to use the original BGMs. They could, but the effort (read: time and money) to do that wasn’t worth it. The French release also has all of the original BGMs.

      • I didn’t say they removed the music and censored the games “for some fucking laughs”, I just made the point that their releases are worst than what you would get from a free fan translation.

        “go back to whatever piece of shit place you came from”

        Thank you very much for taking the time to type this mature and well argued point. It seems the quality of Mangagamer’s commenters matches the quality of it’s releases. Seriously thought, all I was saying was that I wish Mangagamer would stay away from important games like Higurashi as the quality of their translations does no justice to the quality of the original game. There’s no need to get all crazy-fanboy on me.

    • “You censor your games, you remove music and sound effects, you translate them terribly, and you expect us to pay for this. There are fans out there who will translate these games better, and release them for free.”

      This quote seems to implicitly assume that fan translations can be played for free. I hope this was simply an error of interpretation on my part, because otherwise you’re a pirate (and why should anyone listen to a nonpaying “customer”?). Whatever you want to say of their translations, MG brings games over for half the price of importing. Why anyone would begrudge that is beyond me. And in any case, their translation of Higurashi didn’t even affect the fan translation project. The point of your rant is completely lost on me.

  74. Obtain the Infinity series from KID! I would love to play Never 7, Remember 11, and 12Riven.

  75. You know, since School Days isn’t as much of a visual novel as it is an interactive anime movie, it has stands a much better chance of attracting a crowd that wouldn’t normally be interested in visual novels.

  76. Developers:

    1. Black Cyc
    2. Liar-Soft
    3. Akabeisoft2
    4. Regista
    5. Minori
    6. Alicesoft


    1. I/O
    2. Gore Screaming Show
    3. Daibanchou: Big Bang Age
    4. Steins;Gate
    5. Nursery Rhyme
    6. Narcissu 1-3
    7. Mai-Hime
    8. 11eyes
    9. Mindead Blood
    10. H20

  77. Another game I’d like to see is the Dies Irae games from light

  78. More all-ages visual novels please, or all-ages versions of other popular VNs.

    My list of top VNs I’d like to see translated:

    1. Rewrite (not out yet, but it would be awesome to
    see a simultaneous, or near-simultaneous japanese/english release) (all-ages version)

    2. 12Riven

    3. Air (all-ages version)

    4. Tomoyo After (all-ages version)

    5. Never 7

    I’d like to add on a side note, that I think its awesome that you’re checking with with the fanbase like this, and also, I think that you guys have defiantly improved the quality of your releases, if all future release are as good as the Meakashi release, I’ll be a very satisfied customer!

  79. While i agree with many of the above posts, there is one additional game I’d be very exited to see (ported and) licenced, if it’s even possible, lol.

    “428: Fūsa Sareta Shibuya de” (by Chunsoft)is a Wii visual novel game (though it’s been ported to PSP and PS3 later) which is pretty known for getting a perfect score on Famitsu Weekly. And since it’s a Wii game, a fan translation seems highly unlikely at the moment…

    If you somehow managed to release this, you would get to release a critically acclaimed title, with a story we haven’s already been seen/read in some way before, yet you would also get the anime tie-in (The anime series “Canaan” is based on a special scenario within the game) and the interest of Type-moon fans as well. (the special scenario was contributed by Type-Moons Nasu Kinoko and Takashi Takeuchi )…

    Well, that’s my thought about it anyway, something tells me that getting the license for this could become a monumental task to begin with…

    • Indeed. If you’re lucky, the rights lie with the original developer, Chunsoft, in which case you’d have to pay regular video game licensing fees (and that’s a LOT). If you’re less lucky, the rights lie with the publisher, Sega, and we all know how large a company that is…

  80. There have been many good suggestions. Like many others I would prefer to see you not go after games already fan translated or nearing completion. I’ve been playing VNs since 2004 and I’m thrilled at the way the number of titles with english translations is expanding rapidly. I’m also happy that some of the ero games are now uncensored since censoring distorts the artwork.
    Two ero game developers that might be considered are Black Rainbow and Tinker Bell. While their titles are all ero games most of them at least have a somewhat decent story. Another benefit is that they produce games with a variety of themes and with several artists so their games don’t get stale.


  81. These are the top developers to me, which I want their works to be translated:

    Top 10 Developers
    2. minori
    3. Visual Arts/Key

    And the games I REALLY want to be translated officialy:

    Top 10 Titles
    1. Remember11 (KID/CYBERFRONT)
    2. Ef: The First Tale (minori)
    3. Ef: The Latter Tale (minori)
    4. Tomoyo After (Visual Arts/Key)
    5. Riven12 (KID/CYBERFRONT)
    6. Never7 (KID/CYBERFRONT)
    7. Little Busters! EX (Visual Arts/Key)
    8. CLANNAD (Visual Arts/Key)
    9. 11eyes (Lass)

    • The name’s 12Riven, not Riven12. Also, Remember11 and ef are nearing completion and Clannad is practically completed if you’re interested in the fan translations.

      • I’m sorry, mistake on my part. Seriously, how could I mistake 12Riven for Riven12.

        And as much as I know, Remember11 is only being translated and not actually having the text hacked into the game. Correct me if I’m mistaken.

        Also, I know about Clannad and Ef, and I played them. But I would really appreciate an official translation, specially because the Visual Novel might get more known from that, instead of being more like hidden in the internet.

        • You are very mistaken. The text is very often inserted into the game, and I already played most of the game long before it was even edited. If you’re in a rush, you can grab an unedited, unchecked work-in-progress patch from its TLWiki talk page, but if you’re patient, you’ll get edited and QCed patches you can use with the game.

          Translation is almost finished, but editing is taking somewhat longer. They’ll be releasing a patch for the first half of the game soon: “March 1, 2010 – Kokoro QC and editing on all scripts, including tips, FINISHED! All that remains are the QC issues (bugs) addressed in the talk pages (edit: Pengvado, thanks for zapping all of those and for the new prelim patch!) is tip insertion, and it can be release tiem!”

          • I see, that’s really good. I will be waiting to play it then. Thank you for the information.

  82. I would like to see Rewrite, Air, and unvoiced Nitro+ games.

  83. A newer title, rather than an older classic.
    With gameplay (preferred RPG). Rather than newspaper, err…. I mean just text.

  84. reading through the submissions, I have to disagree with some posts regarding the translation of titles that have fan translations to them.

    1) if the Fan Translations have been announced but have *NOT* released anything or have only released an incomplete batch. Then I don’t see the problem of licensing such a title. Why would there be a problem? if the approach is “it is already coming from another source so find something else”, then you need to keep in mind that the fans are not bound by any contract and therefore might decide to drop the project if they feel like it. (not to mention that this would be counter one of the fans reasons to translate in the first place, their efforts are blocking *official* releases)

    2) releasing titles that have already been fully translated by fans. In this case, it depends on the title. Example, even though I bough the Clannad FV DVD, am I willing to buy an *official* English released version? then the answer is ‘yes’. This would be to serve 2 purposes, (1) send a message to ‘key’ that the English market is interested in their products, (2) the official released will come with a newer engine that will support Windows 64bit. (although, I am not sure if others will feel the same way about buying a 2nd copy for the *sake* of buying a 2nd copy).

    any way, I know that this have been brought up in the past with JAST and MG, but I’ll try to bring up a different version of the console adaption. Have you considered releasing *official* translation *batches* for console games? In other words, the user will have to import the console game like normal, but then s/he will have to option to *buy* the batch from XBL or PSN and apply it to his/her game?

    I know that the above sound stupid and most likely never happen, but hey, I had to post it!

    • aaaaaa…. I typed “batch” instead of “patch”…. sorry

      /me take a break from learn Japanese and go back to English classes

    • Well the thing with the consoles though is that a majority of them were all PS2 releases, and while (some) PS3s are BC they still can’t play PS2 games from a different region. In order to play them we would either need to mod the PS2s or import Japanese ones.

      • many new titles are being released for the PS3 and Xbox360. Playing the PS3 titles isn’t a problem, but Xbox360 games are regional locked to Japan. I don’t know if there is a way for a patch to remove the regional lock, but that is the problem with the Xbox360.

        any way, another option would be the PSP games, there are many of them to choice from and it is regional free.

        as for the PS2, we just need to wait and see if the developers will port them the PSP or not. Some titles have been release for both the PC as well as the console, but some titles are exclusively released for the console and might never see the light of day on the PC. Those are the titles that I am interested in. Nice titles…. but will never get released in English, unless the console version can get patched.

        • Okamikakushi for example would be awesome, but if Mangagamer can’t tackle the risk of printing a bunch of copies of PC games for mail order, PSP (or any console) is totally out of the question. Licensing fees, quality control, marketing costs, retail distribution, sales agreements… etc it’s a huge enterprise compared to translating the script of a doujin game, slapping some drm over it and putting the download for sale on your page (not implying that is easy, but it sure is easier). I don’t think Mangagamer has enough margins yet to take that risk.
          Maybe if they managed to talk Sony (or Microsoft;I’d buy a 360 for Steins;Gate alone) into a partnership…

          • Would they necessarily have to release it for PSP? They’ve converted other games to use BGI in the past.

      • just a thought…. but is there any reason why the patch can’t include the executable that will need the PS2 DVD to be in the drive?

        if the executable is ported to the Xbox360 or PS3, won’t that solve the problem? (never tried this, so am not sure if it is possible).

  85. This is quite easy, I don´t see a point in releasing titles such as Clannad or Kanon, which are already available in English with fan-translations. I´ll give +1 for School Days even that there is fan-translation project dedicated to it, just because I want to see it translated sooner.

  86. From the “Top 10 Titles” what I would like to see translated is (with my priority order) :
    – 11eyes ~Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo~
    – MAI-Hime -Unmei no Keitoujyu

    And the other titles I’d like to see translated are (with my priority order again) :
    -Valkyrie Complex
    -Seinarukana -The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2-
    -Himegari Dungeon Meister
    -Full Ani

    Also anything from Nitro+


    Also, Type-Moon. I know there are already translations made, but the more ‘official’ it is, the more likely it’ll be for this genre of game to ‘catch on’.

    I’m sick of seeing vendors like J-List carrying 99% trash titles with no plot and tons of sex. I want to see more titles with appreciable plot and character development.

  88. 1. Hire Takajun. If there is a man that can understand Nasu’s way of writing, that’s him.

    2. I would love to read “the real” Phantom of Inferno Visual Novel, since the DVD version sucked.

  89. 1. Ef: The First Tale (minori)
    2. Ef: The Latter Tale (minori)

  90. ^NNL

    Do some googling.

    I would like games from Alicesoft because of their gameplays. I would also really like to finish the infinity series (12Riven, Never7, etc.). Akabeisoft2 is good too, but there are translations for some of their games already so yeah. I really think Giga (Baldr series) and Age (Muv Luv series, Kimi Ga Nozumu) are really good choices that you should look into as well.

    Games from Key and TYPE-MOON, there’s no real need since there will always be enough fanbase for fans to translate them.

    Basically, Mangagamer should get games, that you know fans would never translate and wouldn’t really have much chance of ever appearing in English.

  91. I’d definitely support getting BlackCyc stuff. However, unlike everyone else, I’m really into their Voice in the Night/Yami no Koe series (which aren’t very novel-like).

  92. Fábio Henrique

    Good Evening ! :3

    1. Ef: The First Tale (minori)
    2. Ef: The Latter Tale (minori)

  93. I’d be most excited by the Baldr Sky games, personally.

  94. But yeah, in my opinion, the Infinity series from KID (Remember11, Never7 and 12Riven if you consider it as a Infinity title instead of a Climinal title) are a must for official translation.

  95. Developers :
    – Alicesoft
    – Giga
    – Studio ego!
    – Innocent Grey

    Kara no Shoujo is being translated right now (85% atm). So no need to include it in the list. I want 11eyes!

  96. 1. Shuffle! Essence+
    2. MAI-Hime
    3. CLANNAD
    4. AIR
    5. Kanon

    I thought “Shuffle!” and “Da Capo” were fun, so if there are more like that I would be very interested in seeing those at Mangagamer.

    I’m just getting in to this so I’m sure there are many I have yet to see but I would be interested in seeing many more story driven types rather than the constant sex scenes. That being said, I can’t say whether or not some of those on my list are “constant sex scene” types but what I have heard of the anime’s has made me interested enough in playing through them to get me to buy them if I see them here.

    • mai hime and shuffle and games like air and kanon sound with they have the best chance
      since clannad’s art is on the top of this post and mai hime since mangagamer already has ties to circus

  97. Just to throw something else into the mix, what about Front Wing? Specifically their “uta” series. After reading a few reviews, I really fancy playing Sorauta…

  98. Top 10 Developers
    1. Visual Arts/Key

    Most of their games have been translated, with little busters also on the way. It might be a good idea to go for Tomoyo after and Kud wafter, but the former is a disappointment for anyone who’s expecting more clannad and the latter is yet to be released.

    2. CIRCUS

    Most of their games do have good stories, and there are certainly enough to try and go for. However, I wouldn’t say that any of their games are really amazing (though good art is guaranteed). I would try for the Mai hime game and D.C.II to build on the existing fanbase, but nothing else (D.C.II P.C. might be an option, but I’m not sure if the extra routes are worth it).

    3. Black Cyc

    Haven’t played their games.

    4. Nitroplus

    Well, Jast does have a partnership with them, but if you people can steal Steins;Gate from them and give it a PC port I will worship the ground you walk on. Plus, it’ll be easy to promote, as VN fans recognize the Nitro+ label, and most people will recognize the art from the popularity of Black Rock Shooter.


    I wouldn’t go in this direction. Hirameki international translated Ever17 because it was the best in the series, the others in the infinity series just aren’t as good and will be a pain to translate. KID’s other games are mostly forgetful slice of lifes, and their Memories off series are quite generic.

    6. Leaf

    Ah, now here’s another company with recognition. Once again, there are already translation projects for many of their games, and the licensing fees would be quite high. But buying the fan translation is always an option, and if money isn’t a problem, To heart 2 is another cute and romantic game not unlike Da Capo, and Kimi ga Yobu, Megiddo no Oka de might be a good option for the people who want gameplay.

    7. minori

    Once again, the existing translation problem.

    8. Innocent Grey

    YES. Their mysteries are fantastic, though quite different from that of Higurashi, and their art will be good for attracting buyers. Get Caucasus!

    9. Liarsoft

    Many people are interested in this company after the translation of Sekien no Inganock, so their games might be a good idea.

    10. Type-Moon

    If you can get a deal with them and work on translation the games that they’re working on right now the entire community will worship you.


    Their games are cute, and Itou Noizi’s art will be a major point for most people, so I think it’s a good choice.

    Top 10 Titles
    1. SHUFFLE! Essence+ (Navel)

    I don’t think it’s worth it.

    2. MAI-Hime -Unmei no Keitoujyu- (CIRCUS)

    Quite an interesting game, and good for the anime fans.

    3. Gore Screaming Show (BlackCyc)

    Never played it.

    4. Phantom of Inferno PC version (Nitroplus)

    The anime has rekindle people’s interests, and most people don’t want Hirameki’s DVD, so it might be a good idea.

    5. CLANNAD (Visual Arts/Key)

    Don’t bother.

    6. Kara no Shoujo (Innocent Grey)

    See if you can work with the fans that are translating it right now.

    7. Kanon (Visual Arts/Key)

    Don’t bother.

    8. AIR (Visual Arts/Key)

    Don’t bother.

    9. 11eyes (Lass)

    A good game, though some people might be turned away from it after seeing the anime. If you are going to try and translate it, see if you can do a port of the Xbox 360 version.

    10. School Days (Overflow)

    I’m not that interested in it, but I think that the pure novelty will draw a good number of people, so it might be a good choice financially.

    Personally, I would recommend Etude’s games (especially Soshite Ashite no Seki yori), Pulltop’s games (especially Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashino), Palette’s games (especially Moshimo ashita no sekai yori). Those are all love dramas with comedy, slice of life, and plot twists (just don’t promote Haruka ni aogi as “from the maker of princess waltz”, because they’re from different authors).

    Giga’s games are also quite interesting. The Baldr series would definitely get people talking, though I would also recommend Parfait Chocolat second brew for a slice of life romance with drama (I wouldn’t go for it’s prequel, cafe au ciel bleu or its spiritual successor Kono aozora yakusoku wo though).

    If licensing fees are a problem, there might be some good in trying to translate some of the doujin games. Killer queen and himawari comes to mind (though they’re not going to generate as much buzz as some of the commercial titles).

    Please, please, PLEASE don’t translate games that run on character appeal and not actual story. I’m not just talking about sex romps like the stuff from Berkshire Yorkshire but also stories like Shuffle (yes, I don’t think shuffle has plot). I mean, I understand that it’s easier to make money from them but really, there’s no point in translating games where the the main attraction, no, the ONLY attraction, is pretty pictures.

    • >AIR
      >Don’t bother
      Wait, what? Why shouldn’t MangaGamer release one of only two Key games that have no patches of any kind yet, and the only one that has no current translation project? It even has an anime series and a very popular brand name.

      • He’s a bogus,the Key/Type-Moon must have to be releasing by Mangagamer even their novels before translated by translators u.u

        • A. I’m a she.
          B. Why do you think so?

          • B. Yagami works with a Brazilian visual novel pirating group. Being able to pirate a commercial release carries with it more prestige than just distributing a patch that’s already freely available.

      • When I played air, it was after I watched the anime, and I have to say that I was disappointed. The anime really captured the finest points of it, despite cutting out the majority of the slice-of-life, and the VN doesn’t have much to add to that. It’s like endless eight, I’d rather see new material rather than stuff I already know about presented in a different way

        • Except there’s
          a) other Air anime fans who are interested in the original VN and therefore disagree with you
          b) Key fans who haven’t watched the Air anime. I haven’t watched the anime to avoid spoilers, as I hope the Air VN will one day be translated.

  99. I agree with Choux in that regard. Please, what the fans, who actually go for every visual novel release just to see if the story is worthy it, really want are stories with at least a badly done plot, and not a visual novel with no plot at all.

    The visual appeal is great, of course, but it do not hit the spot alone. I am a big Type-Moon fan, but Nitro+ is also a very great one. If I can say one good Visual Novel made by Nitro+ that no one mentioned above and nobody kept translating (since the only translation project is stalled for more than a year) is Gekkou no Carnevale.

    Type-Moon has other projects to be released, so it might be wise to team up with them now, while the hammer is still striking the iron hard.

  100. Here’s my take on the whole “it’s already been fan translated” thing. If MangaGamer does not expand their customer base beyond mostly people who are knowledgeable enough to play fan translations, then I don’t see MangaGamer lasting very long; there is not enough people to support an operation like that. If MangaGamer does expand their customer base by licensing high-profile titles and doing cross-promotions with anime companies, then they have a good chance at surviving, and whether fan translations exist or not would be a moot point since a large number of their customers by then would have never heard of/downloaded fan translations. In that case, the existence of a fan translation may even allow MangaGamer the opportunity to simply purchase the translation itself, reducing time to market.

    • Yes, that’s one point of view. And it may be correct. However, there’s one thing you’re forgetting and that’s the danger of attracting unwanted attention from certain circles wanting to ban this industry for good. So I think these things are not easy in this market from, let’s say, “marketing” point of view.

      • Yes, there’s always the risk of that. But hey, the R1 anime industry managed to stay out of trouble so far, and they had that whole “anime=violence/porn” stigma to shake off. Besides, what better way to help the cause than to push high-profile all-ages games 😉

    • I’m always worried, I suppose, that re-releasing titles will be detrimental. Would the market actually expand? Or will they just lost a third of the existing customer base that already read the story?

  101. I agree with zalas on this. This is the same as anime fansubbing, some might not get the licensed R1 release because they watched the fansub. But many others haven’t even heard of the fansub and would go out to buy the DVD/BD when it comes out (plus, their are some who will buy the DVD *because* they watch the fansub and liked the show). The fact that R1 DVD anime sales means that there is a market of people who don’t use fansub or in this case, fan translation.

    also, one of the things harming MG’s sales is that fact that MG website is the *ONLY* place you can buy from. VN fans who are outside the circle might never have heard of MG and those who did, via forums or blogs, only heard about the bad translation or censorship. So unless MG allow other anime sites to list and resale their titles, then (if I get what zalas is trying to say), they have reached their limit and might start to fail.

    • errr… I was suppose to press the reply link 🙁

      any way, I forgot something, as your releases get bigger, you will have to consider the option of releasing a physical copy. If you think that all of your fans will be able to download “School Days” then think again.

      I for one do have a problem downloading files that are bigger then 1GB (unless it is a torrent, torrents will continue the download if it is interrupted and will “make sure that the file is 100% correct”).

  102. Hm, looks like the pool is pretty clear cut.

    Well I personally would like to see the NekoNekoSoft works. The formula is simple to follow through, with components of slice of life and romance, with a past/present system to place variations (instead of running the same general route many times for different choice combinations). Well, this would run more on the Shuffle/Da Capo spectrum equation-wise, but I think it runs a bit more story, possesses familiarity, and has a reasonable duration and alternative paths. It’s like there’s enough ability to recognize the games/company but at the same time, was never really fleshed out too much. I’m just thinking it’d be nice to see something a bit inbetween where you can recognize it but haven’t delved into it much and yet not be so unknown.

    Regarding Shuffle/Da Capo, both have had other mediums, additional games extending it, and such, so these were reasonable “bases”. Running games that are in a school but with a more intriguing plot system would seem good. Well, can’t have too much of it or the variety you’d have would kind of saturate.

    Another I would say is Pulltop games. I find the presentation of those games good, in the sense that the art is enough to entice with a plausible story behind it.

    In other words, visual novels that are more story oriented than the ones currently, but still run a formula that’s simple looking with possibly similar selling points.

    Certainly there are very well written visual novels as well, but there also comes much more difficulty running a translation, and the presentation of the games would have to be much different as well. Certainly the quality would be there, but the contrast to the existing games would be very dire as well. I would think progressively in that direction is good.

    I definitely think going with a company that has productions a while ago (say 2001), not too long ago (perhaps 2004) and recently (2009) spawns enough base to go for since it’s worked out for a good duration, and still is continuing.

    I honestly would think a company that’s been out for a while would work. A company like AUGUST seems feasible in terms of recognizing it. Perhaps not great on the plot end, but has used an equation that works.

    So I suppose for avid visual novel readers, you’d want to tackle a work that has really good story. Likely there would be more complexity in the dialogue and lines, as well as more length. It would be a better read, but it would also narrow the pool. It’d be difficult to churn out a variety of already difficult to read in Japanese set of visual novels. Though if the first selection of that kind works because of the good writing, the subsequent ones would also work. (Oh and it’d be like, the most worth it if the translation was great. A much harder to translate game can spew frustration more easily, as it’s very easy to lose meaning on intricate dialogue. On a less intensive game dialogue wise it can flow with more variation more easily.)

    Anyhow I personally would still want to see NekoNekoSoft games since it’s within the same kind of atmosphere but has sufficient content to be an interesting read. It’s simpler too. Can’t go too complex. I’d say medium length games are feasible. I would say this type would be intriguing enough to try, but simple enough to get into (though again with say, Shuffle or Da Capo, you already cover the say, school scenario. Again, plot goes a little further, and school scenario works in general.).

    Realistically it’s not a bad idea to shoot for a company that presents games that were already mentioned on the pool of commentary. You would be presenting a game different than what you already have. It would cover the wants presented in commentary already, but I’m not sure about how it would pull in new interest.

    Well, at least have fun with what does work out. Even if you pick out the right game, the availability of the company might not be there.

  103. From the top ten list, I would like to see:
    SHUFFLE! Essence+
    Gore Screaming Show

    -Phantom of Inferno
    It have already been released in English (but that version was a mess). If MG can release it without those problems, i think a lot people would be interested.

    Popular VN, but a English fan translation have already been made (Full Voice version if MG decides to release it please)

    -Kara no Shoujo
    If MG can make a deal with the people doing the fan translation then please, go for it, but otherwise i think the fantran is too far ahead.

    Pretty much the same deal as with CLANNAN.

    -School Days
    As some people already have said earlier, it might be a little too big for some people.

    Games that are not on the list i would like to see:
    Tsukihime (the remake)(Type-Moon)
    Kimi ga Nozomu Eien -Latest Edition- (age)
    Tick! Tack!/Really? Really! (Navel)
    Happiness!/Re:Lucks (Windmill)
    Tsuyokiss/MiniKiss/2 (Candy Soft)
    Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru (Caramel Box)
    Nursery Rhyme (Lump of Sugar)

    And seriously, what the hell is minori doing on that list.

  104. I don’t think we can compare the anime and visual novel industries because of the differences in their fan translations.

    First of all, you NEED to pirate the anime in order to watch a fansub. With fan translations however, a copy of the original game is needed (…well, most of the time).

    Which brings me to why we buy DVDs and Blu-rays in the first place. I don’t know for you guys, but I buy them for two reasons. The first one is to support the company behind the product and the second one is to actually own a physical copy of what I like.

    As you can see, unlike the anime industry, I can actually support the original company with a fan translation and, in MangaGamer’s case, have a physical copy of the game. Furthermore, if I ever learn Japanese in the future (which I intent to), I’ll be able to read it in its original language since I already have the game in Japanese.

    So yeah, what I mean is that it’s kinda hard to justify buying an official release instead of going with a fan translation when it comes visual novels since you seem to get a better deal with the latter while still supporting the guys behind what you like.

    Oh, and before someone brings this up. Yeah, I know that a lot of people actually pirate the games instead of importing them when it comes to fan translations. However, do you really think someone who chose to download the game illegally when he had the choice to do otherwise will choose to buy it this times around if an official release comes out.

    • Why, oh why, do you think this needs to be more complicated than it has to be?

      For one, not everyone is like you. Some of us would just like to own a legal copy of a game they love, without having to pay import fees for a disc. Not too much to ask I don’t think.

      For two, when you buy an anime/game/anything, a portion of that money goes to the original company. Period. It’s not like Mangagamer here is hording all the dough they get from the games they translate, a portion goes back to the company. At the same time, your other “point” is nulled by this. I >AM< supporting the company by buying an official release, albiet indirectly.

      You may feel it's a better deal, but that's for you, not me, and certainly not everyone else. Please preach elsewhere and don't waste my time.

      Also, it's "intend" not "intent".


      • Where exactly did I say that buying from a company like MangaGamer wouldn’t benefit for the original creators? My point was that, unlike fansubs, fan translations actually encourage buying a copy of the original game. In other words, you can support the original creators with both a fan AND official translations. Sorry if that wasn’t clear enough.

        Anyway, what I said was, of course, only my opinion (hence why I wrote using ‘I’ instead of ‘we’). I can see why you would prefer buying an official release instead and I respect your opinion.

        By the way, thanks for pointing out that little mistake. English isn’t my first language so…

    • Orophin you might wish to re-read zalas’s post. There is a good number of fans who are NOT in the circle and who *might* not know about the existence of the fan translation patch.

      the way it is being discussed looks like this “we are the ONLY fans. Since we already got the fans translation patch don’t bother licensing this title”. The counter argument is “there are *OTHERS*, out side our circle plus future comers, who have never heard of the fan translation and who might be interested in getting the title once they find out about it*”

      * it would be cheaper for the *new* comers to get it from MG then importing and patching the title.

      P.S. as time passes, the fan translation won’t help the new comers since the original title is out of print. So if they still wish to *pay* and *support* the developer, then getting the *official* release would be their only option.

      • While I can see where you’re coming from, there’s one little problem: MangaGamer doesn’t have enough exposure. New comers are more likely to learn about the fan translation before the official one. For example, if you type ‘Higurashi English translation’ in google, the first thing you get is Sonozaki Futago-tachi’s fan translation, and after going through 10 pages of results, I still couldn’t find a link to MangaGamer’s website.

        Anyway, like AstralSword said, we’re getting off-topic here so I won’t say any more.

      • They’re asking what we want to see, and if a person or some people don’t want to see a certain title then it’s their right to maintain their opinion.

  105. Easy fellas…

    I have this kind of problem in my country too. There’s no import of whatsoever japanese products in Brazil, which makes the only opition to buy it online and import. But that’s a really hard thing, since most websites like Amazon DO NOT import here. Hence, we would have to hire another importing service, which would end up in a customer paying more than twice the original product’s price.

    But this is another matter, so let’s not get off topic in a serious thread as this, shall we?

    This thread is asking, as it’s name implies, which Visual Novel the readers want translated (if I could, ALL of them -^) and I already said the ones I want (at least the first in my list).

    And despite Mirrormoon’s translations of Type-Moon work being awesome (because they really are) I would like to read an official release as well, and I don’t think this wish is mine alone (meaning, having the opportunity to buy it, we will).

  106. I also agree that MangaGamer should avoid VNs with active tl projects as that might possibly reduce the number of customers.

    Thus, my requests would be
    Cartagra/Pianissimo (or other Innocent Gray works)

  107. I think that Mangagamer should do whatever it thinks will make the most profit, long term and short term. I imported Umineko and CLANNAD and found UK customs were there to make sure that I never did it again, so I welcome DDL.

    So go for it. Fan translations aren’t meant to damage official translation prospects.

    That said, don’t licence left and right, the companies will raise their prices like they did with another related industry. Key/visual arts is a pretty big company (although Overdrive and Circus )are pretty big too), so the publicity could be a double-edged sword.

    I would love it if Chunsoft’s 428 and Machi would be licenced/translated though.

  108. As far as developers go, I’d like to see MangaGamer work with:

    1. Key/Visual Arts
    2. Black Cyc
    3. Atelier Kaguya
    4. Leaf
    5. Alicesoft

    As far as games go, I’d like to see MangaGamer go after:

    1. Little Busters!
    2. CLANNAD
    3. Kanon
    4. Prima Stella
    5. 11Eyes
    6. Shuffle! Essence+
    7. Gore Screaming Show
    8. School Days
    9. Tick! Tack!
    10. Really? Really!

    As far as games go, I like story and character driven games. Though I would also like to see some good ero-ero games like Prima Stella as I also enjoy ero, and that’s why I’d also like to see Mangagamer work with developers like Atelier Kaguya. Some darker themed games like the ones by Black Cyc would also be nice; stuff like Gore Screaming Show. Some games with actual gameplay would be nice too.

  109. Such heated discussion from knowledgeable sources… my reply feels out of place.
    Oh well, here goes nothing: seeing as I can neither read kanji nor speak a lick of Japanese, I would just like it if the folks at MG keep up the good work with pumping out translated games. Though, if given the option, to place priority in translating titles that are more colorful and plentiful in their stories than they are in their h-scenes. For example, games akin to Da Capo before games like Cosplay Alien.

  110. I’d like Umineko No Naku Koro Ni. I’m not actually much of an anime fan but I like things like this that are like reading a mystery novel.

  111. Black Cyc Games! More specifically, Gore Screaming Show or Mindead Blood. Also, the KID/Cyberfront games could be a marvelous choice! Only Never7 and 12Riven, because Ever17 is already licensed and Remember11 is closed to be completely translated in english, so I think there’s little point in licensing it.

    @Melissa, Are you crazy? Why license Umineko when there’s a fairly good (and fast) translation team doing it?

    • Eh, people might want it because it’s probably easier to buy the MangaGamer version than it is to buy the original Japanese version. However, I’m fairly doubtful 07th Expansion would be interested in having MangaGamer release this considering the current status of the fan translation.

  112. I’m hugely into H-RPGs (visual novel / RPG hybrids), and this market is scarcely tapped at the moment with quality, gameplay-focused titles (with the usual attention to story and characters you’d expect in visual novels).
    Companies I’d really like to see deals with:
    Eushully (favorite!)
    Softhouse Chara

    Titles I’d like to see:
    Ikusa Megami Zero (Eushully)
    Big Bang Ages (Alicesoft)
    Wizard’s Climber (Softhouse Chara)
    Seinarukana (Xuse)

    Localize a gameplay focused RPG…and the fans will come. Fans who’ve had little interest in MG to this point. The plus side for MG is that localizing an RPG shouldn’t be any more difficult than localizing a typical text-heavy visual novel. In some cases, it might even be easier, because there’s less text involved.

    Ecchi-style RPGs like Ar Tonelico and soon Record of Agarest War have attracted a cult following. MG should try to capitalize on this potential market.

  113. I would also like to add my support for seeing Eushully’s Ikusa Megami series

  114. I’d love to see some tactical or simulation(are they callen that way?) rpgs.

    Unfortunately i can’t name any particular titles because i don’t speak a single word japanese, but something like utawarerumono or men at work 2 would be nice, something more complex and non-linear like sengoku rance would be awesome!

    Emphasis on ‘like’ – i don’t think translating games that already have a fan translation (even though perhaps a bad one) is a sound economical idea.

  115. yay Gore Screaming Show and 11eyes are on the list. I am glad others also like Black Cyc games

  116. One more suggestion…

    Cafe Little Wish by Princess Soft & Patissier

  117. I’d like games with mature women and big boobies like the titles from G.J? I prefer art that has a realistic weight.

    I’d also like ones that are not pure visual novels and have different fun game system elements.

    And finally I’d like those oujo sama games or w/e they are called with moe moe variety type girls.

    Little Busters would be nice as well…

  118. As far as games go, I’d like to see MangaGamer go after:

    1. Zettai Maou ~Boku no Mune-kyun Gakuen Saga~
    2. Sakura Tale
    3. Mai Hime
    4. Comic Party
    5. Tomoyo After
    6. Sengoku Hime
    6. Princess Lover
    7. Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de
    8. School Days
    9. Tick! Tack!
    10. Really? Really!

    As for Companies i don´t really know much about them :3 so i don´t really have favoret ones

  119. I just want to see the 11 eyes *O*
    Really, I am waiting for some time a traslated version of 11 eyes *O*

  120. Based off of the list, here are the ones I’d want.

    MAI-Hime -Unmei no Keitoujyu-
    Kara no Shoujo

    I’d also want to see Tomoyo After and Little Busters get a release as well.

  121. The two titles I can think of that most interest me would be
    1) Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity, which was one of the better romantic comedies of 2009
    2) Resort BOIN. The H-OVA series it’s based on is probably the best ero I’ve ever seen.

    I can assure you that I’d never consider buying School Days, or anything else by that parent company. The anime left too much bitter feeling after having it- it’s one of the few things I’d purge from my memory if I could.

    I have negligible interest in any Key titles, save maybe Little Busters, which lacks anime adaptation. Having watched Kanon(2006) prior to playing it, I thought the game was a waste of 20+ hours of my life given how amazingly faithful the anime was. I assume Clannad would be similar.

  122. Hey guys did you forget about To heart 2? The anime wasnt much but the art and the story of the game is really amazing!!! Just think about it

  123. If you want to get more dark eroge like Liquid’s but better, then I reccomend approaching these companies:

    1) Black Rainbow (they’re very well known for their saiminjutsu (hypnosis)series)
    2)Speed (the Kansen series (basically a zombie survival themed eroge, and considering the popularity of game series like Resident Evil and Left 4 Dead, this would definitely appeal to people)
    3) Assemblage/Tacchi (the Mayonaka series (this is basically where your MC is a pure evil devil summoner who enslaves the heroines)
    4) Tinkerbell (okay these guys are a mixed bag of light and dark theme, they brought us the Hitozuma Kasumi-san games, but they also brought us the extreme tentacle eroge series Inyouchuu)

  124. I must say, Shuffle Essence+ and 11eyes seem attractive, especially since you’ve already done the original Shuffle, that should save a lot of time in Essence+.

    Also, I’ve heard that 11eyes is; “Something with story, rather than sex!” to quote you. Apparently, it has a brilliant plot, and more plot twists than we can comprehend.

  125. MAI-Hime and Phantom of Inferno for PC will surely bring you a lot of new fans (considering the success of recent anime adaptation of the latter). 11eyes seems interesting too. In general I think you should concentrate on translating VNs with strong plot rather than random eroges. And you’ll lose from translating Kanon, Clannad and other titles that already have translation patches.

  126. visual novels you should go for:
    1. shuffle tick tack
    2. school days
    3. clannad
    4. kanon
    5. air
    6. shuffle really really
    7. chaos head
    1. visual arts/key
    2. navel
    3. nitroplus
    4. circus

  127. Koibito doushi de surukoto zenbu (http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=450625), This is a game that fully delivers on what it set out to do,if you love slice of life with your girlfriend this game is for you.Recommended for People who love slice of life, people who are looking for normal ero, people who want a happy game

  128. i’d like to see 11eyes ;p

  129. Personally I’d like to see Shuffle! Essence+ translated, since I really enjoyed the original. The only downside about Shuffle! is that I couldn’t go for Mayumi and Kareha, which is why i want Essence+ ^^ I’d also like to see MAI-Hime translated. Oh, and Kanon has already been translated.

  130. Me i would personally prefer shuffle essence,tick-tack and the other one,baldr-sky dive well if your a mech-fan yea,lets see…Da Capo Plus Communication..i heard mangagamer got license for it but idk since yall gonna start working on DC II or the plus communication for the 2nd so idk XD.

    • Ahah same as Lolpie MOST BASIC reason i want essence is since in the regular shuffle you cant get mayumi and kareha and boy T_T i wanted a chance atleast to go for them like for rin and sakura for eiden fantasia it’d be great if this came out aswell ^)^.

  131. Visual novels You should go for:
    1. Shuffle Tick! Tack!
    2. Shuffle Really? Really!
    3. Shuffle Essence +
    4. School Days

  132. I wanna play Shuffle! series because they has a nice storyline.

  133. Perhaps a late reply, but meh. I agree with people who discourage you from picking up a title which already has a (substantial) fan translation.

    My personal preference goes towards darker themed games. Recent titles are preferred (f.e. Liquid titles from the past 2 years), due to the ever progressing quality in the artwork. I have no specific company in mind, but dark themed games involving gang bangs and rape are my fetish. It’s understandable if you wish to avoid such titles, though 🙂

  134. definitely visual arts/key and clannad, keep it up ^^

  135. Definitely Overflow games. They’re different from what we’ve seen out there and I’m sure it would sell a lot since you don’t find fantrans for those games.

    School Days, Summer Days and Cross days would be a blockbuster title to have translated.

  136. I have played only a few games but i definitely vote for Navel games. I really like to play the English version of Shuffle! Essence+.

  137. I’d vote for games with gameplay, or with intense story, and DECENTLY mature characters :p. You know at least 16/17+ (and they would have to look like it <_<).

    I guess characters like in Soul link (for most of them) or Suck My dick or die are just fine..

  138. http://lookpic.com/i/620/Cgl7Jtl6.jpeg
    MARE-MARE-MARE -Sister Plus- by Visualart’s & Mana

    Maximum Magic by Lime(Navel’s sister)
    And all other Lime’s visual novels ^^

  139. Games from Navel, Circus and minori are highest on the list of games I want translated =) First of all I NEED Navel’s Shuffle! Essence+, and after that comes Circus games, and then minori games ^_^ I choose visual novels by their art and theme, and Navel, Circus and minori are my top 3 choices here =)

  140. Da Capo Plus Communication, and anything done by leaf, they make good stuff.

  141. Top Developers
    1. Visual Arts/Key +100
    There’re lots of translations around already, so it’s kinda useless. But I guess I’d like it. I’m a big fan of Key after all.

    4. Nitroplus +1
    Always wanted to play ChaosHead!!

    7. minori +100
    ef is amazing. Need to play the whole game!

    Top Visual Novels
    5. CLANNAD +100
    Need. To. Play. This.

    7. Kanon (Visual Arts/Key) +10

    8. AIR (Visual Arts/Key) +1

    9. 11eyes (Lass) +1000
    I’ve been looking for a translation EVERYWHERE. Nowhere to be found. This is my most anticipated VN at the moment. I need to play this! Please license this!

    10. School Days (Overflow) +1000
    No full translations to be found. Just like 11eyes, one of my most anticipated VNs. Also need to play this so bad!

  142. http://i42.tinypic.com/24mdkx3.jpg
    Pure Pure Mimi to Shippo no Monogatari by KLEIN

  143. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien and Akane Maniax. (both by age)

    I also would like to see age’s other titles such as Kimi ga Ita Kisetsu and Muv-Luv.

  144. I really hope for all the shuffle series to be translated.

  145. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Matsuri: Kakera Asobi for PS2

  146. flyablekokoro123

    Awesome Companies:

    PLEAAAAASSEEE!! translate hoshizora no memoria and flyable heart!!!!
    I would do anythinnng!! (to play them)
    favorite isn’t in the top ten companies but their visual novels are great.
    Unisonshift is amazing too.

  147. I’m quite new to this whole scene, but I figured I’d throw in my two cents as well.

    I would most like to see Visual Arts/Key titles. Primarily, CLANNAD and Little Busters! However, basically any official release of Key games are an instant-buy for me.

    I would also like to see ef receive an official translation, but it sounds like there are some hurdles to overcome in that vein.

    In more general terms, story is the most important thing to me when deciding to purchase or pass. Unique or likable characters is also a must.

  148. Seems like I can’t post anything at all here? (I thought my post might have been too long but splitting it didn’t help either.. maybe too many links?)

    • I would like to see ANY otome all ages / 18+ PC game translated.

      I know, my efforts are in vain anyways, but I’m gonna suggest some for the heck of it:

      All Ages games:

      Bloody Call
      Garnet Cradle
      D.C. Girl’s Symphony
      Asaki Yumemishi
      Heart no Kuni no Alice
      Princess Nightmare

      Princess Nightmare has a fantranslation in the works, but the team is half-dead, only the girl who does the translation is still at it. (http://angel-vatina.livejournal.com/) Karin Entertainment already sold the license for another otome game (Yo-Jin-Bo) before. Garnet Cradle’s art is done by the well known circle Carnelian, which can easily be seen by the artwork. 🙂 And Da Capo should be quite know outside of Japan too, the girl version even has some sort of cameo characters appear from the original bishojo series.

      18+ games:

      Queen of Darkness
      Riddle Garden
      Under the Moon
      Gin no Kanmuri Ao no Namida
      Jingi Naki Otome
      Hoshi no Oujo Yoshitsune

      Queen of Darkness is a rather good Doujin-otome-RPG, with full voice acting (even the heroine) and fun gameplay, but it’s also very graphical and does feature some lesbian sex too. Imo this one will probably get lots of guys interested too. Riddle Garden just came out and I haven’t played much of it, but the art is by the same artist as Under the Moon’s, I think. Anyways, Under the Moon is probably one of the most famous 18+ otome games, but it also features lots of rape. Gin no Kanmuri is a much more mature game, which would probably appeal to older girls (like 25+). Jingi Naki Otome and Yoshitsune are both by mirai, Jingi Naki has lots of (good) humor and the mafia theme might appeal to guys too, while Yoshitsune has a samurai theme and based on Japanese history, but it has a good portion of humor too. And also a voiced heroine that pretends to be a boy – the 18+ content in the original version is additional content, so it’s both a 18+ and an All Ages game actually. And lastly, Step is a Slice of Life game, short and cute – but if I remember correctly it features some incest (uncle x niece) buuut.. I think they weren’t blood related in the end. Not sure tho.

      Hope that someday you guys will give localising an otome game a go. 🙂

    • Well, seems to work without the vndb links, meh. :/

      Sorry for triple posting tho.

  149. I bought every game released by Key so far in the Key Memorial Box they released last summer. The only game I’ve played so far is Clannad, which I’ve been playing, fan translated, every so often since I got it. I’m almost done it, and I’ll probably finish within the next week or so. The only other game that has a patch working for the Memorial (ME) version is Kanon, so I’ll play that next. I’ll then have to wait for patches to be made for the ME versions of Air and Planetarian (which doesn’t even having a working patch for its regular CD version), and wait for patches for Tomoyo After (which might not even happen, since the ME version is the clean version with more content, which is only on the PC as the ME version) and Little Busters (which is more likely, because it’s only EX with the adult content removed) to be released as well.

    So to play these games, I’ll have to wait a bit. But would I buy them if MangaGamer released their translations before the fans did (assuming they didn’t close down fan translation until they released their translation)?

    No. Why should I rebuy a digital copy of something I already have a physical copy of? As much as I love Clannad, there’s no reason for me to pay $60+ to play it again, because I’m not going to put the extremely long time I’ve played into it again anytime soon. Maybe if it was a physical copy, so I could share it with my friends, but as a digital copy it’s not worth buying.

    For Kud Wafter and Rewrite, games I don’t own yet… Maybe. But I’d still like to have a physical copy, so I don’t even know there.

    And if you got Umineko… I’m not even sure I’d buy that, considering I already have the first 4 chapters (well, I bought the 4th chapter which includes the first 3 as well) as a physical copy, so I’d likely buy the 8th chapter (with 5-8 on it), and use a fan translation. Even for Higurashi, if I end up wanting to play that, I’d rather import them and use a fan translation. It’s not like the price would be much more- I paid $50, including shipping, for Umineko, and the first four chapters of Higurashi are $48 on your site.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is… I’d love to support this industry (I’d love for more people to play some of these games!) but without a physical copy, it feels like I’d be buying the equivalent of a fansub. It’s not like I don’t buy games that don’t have physical copies; I’ve bought many games off of Steam. It’s just that when I can buy a physical copy for the same price, why should I buy a digital copy, especially when I may lose out on it (such as the content removed from Higurashi)?

    (And… I hope I don’t come off badly here! I don’t want it to seem like I’m a pirate or anything- I don’t believe in that at all, and that’s why I go out of my way to import these games. Similarly, I do put a lot of money into buying the official English releases of anime of DVD… So I’m not in the “why buy it when I can get it fansubbed for free” camp, exactly. It’s just that in this case, I feel like I’m buying (or rebuying) a inferior product)

    • The fan translation of Higurashi only has the first arc translated though so if you insist on waiting for them only because they offer a little more content, then you will be waiting a long time or never getting the full English experience of Higurashi since they haven’t updated in months. Clannads translation is poor and needs a ton of work done on it, especially the After Story section which has numerous errors in it so a MG release would be better.

      Sharing a copy of a game with your friends may be nice, but at the same time it’s not helping anyone and isn’t much different then simply pirating the game. Loan them a copy to see if they like it, and if they do have them purchase the thing.

      • Well, like I said- I’m more interested in Umineko, which Witch-Hunt is working on as each chapter is released. Higurashi doesn’t interest me as much (I like the idea of Umineko’s plot a lot more), but it all ties back to that if I do pick it up someday, I’d like a physical copy. Looking over what was actually removed, I can see that I misunderstood what “Staff Room” meant based on my experiences with Umineko, though I would like my copy to have everything in it- I do understand exactly why MG had to remove that content, though.

        I agree that Clannad’s translation does fall apart at the end, since I’m almost done the second of the three required playthroughs of After Story. It’s not *that* bad, but I agree that a better translation would be nice. But it wouldn’t be worth rebuying the game for, since it would pretty much be a waste of ~$60.

        And if I did share one of these titles with my friends, and they liked them enough, I would definitely ask them to buy themselves a copy. That’s how I got into Umineko, actually.

  150. You would really be missing out on a lot by not fully reading Higurashi, it’s a great story on it’s own and it can really tie into Umineko in different ways.

  151. Well seeing as most of the games on the list are being translated already and have promising statuses, I’ll suggest 2 of the games I have played in the past which I think deserves to have an english localization.
    – PP[Pianissimo] (Innocent Grey)
    – Garden (Cuffs)

    Well as most of IG’s works being dark and a bit “gory”, what i like most about PP is its setting and story. It has a mystery/horror genre to it with exceptional graphics accompanied by a good OST. Plot progresses a bit fast at the start though, but its still nice. I suggest you guys look into garden by cuffs too. Odd it wasn’t mentioned a lot since its cute and has pretty graphics too. Well its a 180deg difference from IG but i think this one deserves praise too.

  152. I know it’s not on your list, but i would still love to see a translated version of Popotan. As for whats on your list School Days.

  153. 11eyes just because it has a plot and not just school life..

  154. Also this is not on the list but is very popular
    Little buster Ex

  155. http://img810.imageshack.us/img810/791/902.jpg
    Shinseiki Evangelion Koutetsu no Girlfriend by GAINAX

  156. I would love to see these games translated:

    Makai Tenshi Jibril (FrontWing)-A really funny game with raunchy sex scenes.

    Cthulhu (Black Cyc)-The only Black Cyc title nobody’s said yet! It has great visuals,storyline,and theme song!!!

    Natsu Megu (CottonSoft)-A heartwarming game that takes place in the summertime.

    Gun Katana -NON HUMAN KILLER- A really scary,yet awesome, story. (I forget what it’s about! ^^;)

  157. Gore Screaming Show
    I’m all in for gore!

  158. Damned ! and Tsukihime, Fate/stay night, Utawarerumono and Tears to tiara ?

  159. How about Nukenin from Waffle:


    I’m sure there’s plenty of fans of Ninja Scroll, Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, and Naruto who want a ninja themed eroge

  160. Nukenin looks awesome!
    Me want 😀

  161. Now for those of us who are fans of war themed anime like Gundam, how about light’s (might as well point out other good games from this company besides Dies irae) Gunjyou no Sora wo Koete


  162. Since you guys have proven that you have no problem with releasing games with loli heroines with ero scenes, let’s see you guys release an eroge with purely loli heroines. Of course, it should be a good one with good story, music, and artowrk, so here it is: Komorebi ni Yureru Tama no Koe (こもれびに揺れる魂のこえ) by UNiSONSHIFT


    The artwork’s done by Noizi Ito, who did the art for Shakugan no Shana and the ever popular Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

  163. And just to see fanbase reaction, how about trying to accquire this very familiar looking eroge to add to the nukige line up:


  164. Alice parade :D.

    Don’t you just love Alice in wonderland?

  165. Anything by UnionShift Blossom.

  166. http://img697.imageshack.us/img697/5180/4627.jpg
    Kimi no Nagori wa Shizuka ni Yurete by Unisonshift

    Princess Brave -Jan Taku no Kishi- by 130cm

    Verdia Gensoukyoku by Escu:de

    Galaxy Angel II ~Eigou Kaiki no Toki~(for adapt to PC like as Mangagamer’s does with Da Capo Innocent Finale) by Broccoli

  167. I would also like to see these games translated:

    For your Eroge Lineup (Story Centric)

    Sakura Sakura (Haikuo Soft)- A sweet romantic story told in the POV of 2 protagianasts.

    Makai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 3- (FrontWing)-One of the 4 sequals of the Makai Tenshi series.

    Real Imouto ga Iru Ooizumi-kun ga Baai (Alcot Honeycomb)- This game looks really good. It has lovely artwork!

    Hoshiuta (FrontWing)- This game is really one of the best games I’ve ever played. It has gorgeous artwork by Fumio,it has a great storyline that calls for lots of drama throughout,not to mention the voice acting is so good. It’s story centric,as the H-scenes come at the end of the game. After releasing it (if you do translate it),you could possibly do an all ages version that removes all sexual content! I’d be one happy costumer.

    Maji de Watashi Koishinasai! (Minato Soft)- A comdey. It is very very good. I like it alot. You could possibly do an all ages version of this one,too?

    Se.Kirara (Native)-I’m playing this game,actually. It’s really good. But it should be noted that the original release is actually for free. Someone wanting the game could buy the game with a figma. (The actual game is for free. The limited edition is not.)

    For your Eroge Lineup (Nukige)

    Mahou Tama series (Erogos)- This is just a fun little series. It focuses on different fetishes.

    For your All-Ages Lineup

    Little Busters! (Key)- I love this game. I have no words for it. It left me speechless.

    Hoshiuta All Ages Version- As I said,if you do translate Hoshiuta,you could possibly do an all ages release. It would remove sexual content.

    That’s it for now!

  168. Flyable heart would be awesome to have

    Tick tack!

  169. http://img338.imageshack.us/img338/6582/5116.jpg
    Ten no Hikari wa Koi no Hoshi by Will/ETERNAL

    Prism Ark ~Prism Heart II~ by PAJAMAS SOFT

    Gothic Delusion by Lose

    And,when yours has to be release these VN below??????
    Katahane Trial Edition “~The Beginning of the Journey~” by Tarte(same employee of Hinata Bokko)

  170. here are my list of priorising
    type moon:
    fate stay night (official game)
    kara no kyoukai
    fate/ hollow atraxia
    any thing made by key is worth translating
    shuffle essence+ by navel i want mayumi so badly after knowing shes available in the remake i just couldn’t sleep for 5 days straight praying that you guys will translate that asap
    and the koihime musou games are supposadly MUST translate “shin koihime musou”
    well as for developers
    i honestly belive that key WINS
    after it comes navel (i dunno i think its “golden egg” is why i LOVE it)
    after that i think circus is getting in me
    and after circus comes overdrive

  171. H2o
    Unisonshift(I’m shocked only one person said this..)

  172. I’m going threw a leaf phase right now all of the games they have made look interesting. Old blog post but yeah.. ;x

  173. – Snow (Plus Edition)
    – H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~
    – Shuumatsu Shoujo Gensou Alicematic

    I preffer games with good story, humor & voice cast without much sex scenes and acceptable graphics.

  174. If you guys don’t do Shuffle Essence +, I’ll be very very very sad.

  175. Like a ton of other people are saying, I want some Key games. Ones that haven’t been translated, or at least fully translated. Basically the ones I want are:
    Little Busters! (Ecstacy)
    Rewrite (once it comes out)
    I hope you guys can get the rights to these series. Thanks!

  176. SHUFFLE! Essence+ (Navel)
    MAI-Hime -Unmei no Keitoujyu- (CIRCUS)

    They are Good Options… But i want games of Little Witch or Nitro Plus…

  177. Well I would love to have Shuffle! Essence+ (Navel), School Days (Overdrive), Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru or Otoboku (Caramel Box), and Otoboku 2 (Caramel Box). I don’t really care for which company but just get the great titles!

    • JastUSA is already going to release School Days. I personally will like to see Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa nai, 11 eyes, rest of the Shuffle spin offs.

      Anything from Innocent Grey is great.

      The visual novel I want to see the most and believe have the most potential is SubaHibi. However, I doubt it’s going to happen.

    • Yeah, now that I just found out that School Days is coming to the US by JAST USA, but now I want Princess Lover! from Ricotta!

  178. 1 year later we’ve made a deal with 1 out of the 10 companies!
    Hopefully in 9 years time we’ll have them all.

    I’ll be sure to ask about these at AnExpo

  179. So long as Shuffle Essence + makes its way to us I’m sure MANY gamers will be very happy ^_^

  180. Please, please, pleeeease bring more Innocent Grey titles. I love Kara no Shoujo.
    And I may as well beg for Liar-soft, KID, and Type-Moon to be licensed while I’m here. Please? ;^;

    • I second KID/Cyberfront. I’ve said this somewhere on MG before and I’ll say it again. KID’s all ages titles should be a good addition to the all ages section and help ease the visual novel = porn stereotypes. Recommending an all ages title to anime/manga fans is also much easier since the mentioning of “porn” is very detracting to the less informed. Proof of this is when a casual anime fan learns of their favorite anime starting out as an eroge.

      The all ages section is really lacking and there’s only…….3 titles there with two titles just having their ero content removed. Higurashi’s downfall would be the artwork and truth be told artwork plays a huge deciding factor whether it’s anime, manga, or anything related.

      Also with all-ages only titles to begin with, ero-welcome customers can’t complain about why the company didn’t localize the ero-version instead. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

      • The thing is, other than Ever17, KID doesn’t have any really awesome titles for the PC. There’s a reason that they went bankrupt, you know.

        • I think you’re reasoning behind their bankruptcy is a little misleading, most would interpret it as – “they went bankrupt, therefore their games suck.” Course not all their titles may be impressive like the bigger name companies, but I’d say that I’m more interested in their lineup more so than I am in Circus’s or Navel’s.

          Also I’d say Ever17 is their best work and not the only good work they have. Remember11 was quite impressive as well with all the suspense, especially on Satoru’s route. It’s downfall would be for it not having a satisfying conclusion. If it did, I bet it’d probably have the same praise as Ever17 did. I mean Satoru’s ending was going pretty well until that one girl pointed out “You are not Satoru!” or something and loops infinitely. I don’t know about the other infinity titles but there’s at least enough interest to get fan translations going.

          I’ve only read some pieces of their memories off series using the text hooker method which all knows doesn’t work at all….ToT. So I guess I’d say I’m really interested in this series since I’m unable to understand it’s story thoroughly; I’d want to at least read the 4th one, MO~Sorekara, in proper english.

          I know my reasoning for wanting some of KID’s legacy is not much, but I’ll say it sure beats the many requests for Da Capo Plus Communications or Shuffle! Essence+.

          But in the end I know it won’t happen anyways…ToT I’ll cry again if it ever does though….

          • That’s not what I based my reasoning on. I’ve played through pretty much every game in the memories off series, along with Never7, Remember 11, Close to, Separate hearts, etc etc etc. I’m just listing the bankruptcy as support rather than pointing my subjective opinion about the quality of most of their games, which most people would readily disagree with. Also, I do agree with you that Ever 17 is their best work, that’s why I said that it’s awesome.
            KID’s more romance based games, like Memories off sorekara isn’t that different from Da Capo, since they’re both stories about cute girls with problems and the guy who loves them and helps them overcome the problems. Personally, I would not say that the stories in MO are any better, but I do agree that more people should look into titles other than DCPC and SHuffle essence+.

        • I declare this hole list invalid. It only represents the opinions of people who mostly only know about official releases and moe blob games. Taking into consideration we shall hold a poll where the majority of fans are. We shall also listen to those who know Japanese for a better opinion of what people would enjoy.

          Those people are known for great taste in games

          Asceai,Moogy-dono,Ixrec,and sir Anon.

  181. Has there been any info about Shuffle! Essence+? There should be a whole page about it by now right? Does anyone know if MangaGamer is having talks with Navel?

    • They’re having talks, but for Oretsuba. If we get that and it sells well, then maybe we can get some hopes up for Essence +

  182. What i want to see is Da capo 3 (ERO- version
    Da capo 2: Plus comunication
    And 11 eyes.

  183. shuffle essence+

  184. I would like to first, thank MangaGamer. What you guys do is truly awesome. And i would like to see Shuffle! Essence+ be done. Im not too knowledgeable on any of the others that were listed, so my opinion on the is invalid. But if you were to do Shuffle! Essence+ I think i may be brought to tears. I have searched for quite awhile for anything seemingly like it might get done. So again Thanks for any and all work done to make that a reality! THANKK YOU!

  185. Definitely Shuffle! Essence+ I fell in love with the anime series and, began my search for the different games it was based off of.

  186. Oh man, I’d REALLY, REALLY love a Little Busters! / Clannad official English release! Both are AMAZING with great storytelling, unique and fun characters and all-ages, so I think both could become instant hits! With physical media releases, you could make collectors literary DROWN for your releases and pay ANY amount of cash you offer ( I would do it, totally! )

  187. would Love to see this Game translated


    hears a synopsis of the game


    Background story

    In a parallel universe, feminist “Womenrica” won World War II, and forced a female-centric constitution upon the defeated Japan. Japanese city governments “outsource” the task of peacekeeping to local organizations, all lead by females.

    Yamamoto Akuji is the original successor of the Wakame, the largest gang in the city of Oosaka. He was captured as a POW, and finally was able to get home after the war was over. However, he returns to a home he no longer recognizes. To add to his shock, he’s no longer the successor of his grandfather’s organization, all because of a sexually discriminating constitution…

    Story Intro

    You (Yamamoto Akuji) are finaly back in Oosaka after being a soldier for three years in war and captured in prison. Oosaka has changed a lot. Standing alone at the port you look forward to meet your love Haku Minka again. Your father was the boss of Wakame Yakuza controlling this city, so you expect a warm welcome.

    However, arriving at your home everything turn`s out completly different. Kamio, Ran Ichihashi`s servant tells you that your father has been missing for a year now, looking for someone stronger than himself and also that WIME, the winner of the war sets woman in leading positions everywhere in Japan. Ran, your father`s concubine has become the head of Wakame Yakuza now. You won`t have any of it, so Ran has to beat you up and throws you out.

    You find yourself in an alley with a drunkhead. Being already pissed you start getting violent, but three girls from the “Youth Service Group” (YGS) responsible for the public ordinance stop you. Since you are still weak they manage beat you up . You faint again and they drag you to their head quarter.

    When you wake up Tomoko and Mirai tell you that the law has change since Japan has lost the war. You also get to know that the “Youth Sercive Group” was just founded three month ago. After tricking them into an amazing session they become your girl. Later you also make love to Aoba the leader and take over the new group. Your mission to unite Japan has started…

    Selling points

    (These are self-ranked by Alice Soft)

    Ero-ness: 10 out of 5
    Difficulty: 5 out of 5
    Play time: 5 out of 5

    Offical site

    http://www.alicesoft.com/akuji/ <– Blockted By Outside ppl ie Access only Granted to Japan Ip adresses only

    Getchu store that sells the game


  188. Thank you for making me realize this. It’s great.

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