Slowly, Yet Steadily…

Cherry blossoms danced in the air,
Surprisingly slowly,
Without making a sound.

Cherry blossoms were fluttering to the ground as far as I could see,
As if they were trying to color this canvas,
As if they were trying to add color to this blank, white world.

They were gracefully dancing in the air.

It was so very beautiful—
Amazingly beautiful—
That even I, who was all alone,
Who could only shiver,
Who was so lonely,
And who was so lost, found myself fascinated
By that beautiful scene.

I thought that this must be a dream.

It was a blank dream:
A dream within a dream.

Although I knew I would wake up any minute,
I still longed to dream.

It felt like my heart was brimming with new expectations,
It felt like I could shed a tear as I basked in the sun,
And it felt like I was waiting for spring to come in the middle of winter
As I dreamt.

I squeezed the hand that was stretched out towards me.
It was a warm hand.
In this freezing cold world,
In the snow,
I seek out its warmth,
And squeeze it.

That was
The beginning of my dream that announced the beginning…

Slowly, yet steadily,
As the cherry blossoms fluttered to ground,
As the the stifling hot summer rolled by,
And the cries of the cicadas faded,
As the Autumn leaves filled the world with color
In memory of kingdoms fallen long ago,
As the cold chill of winter gripped the land,
The Season of Da Capo was approaching.

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  1. Good job on getting D.C. II

  2. DC II and DC Innocent Finale had so on ^.^

  3. oh wow! a big release, very pleased with this, i hope it generates the sales.

  4. So it looks like I’ll need to start planning on taking a vacation from work. Question is when…

    Otome. <3

  5. The next release will be “DC II and DC Innocent Finale”?
    What about Koihime? 😀

  6. Yay~

    But seriously, Koihime first please? Been waiting for it…for sooooo long. =3

  7. D.C.if is unlikely, the cost to get something voiced by Hocchan is a little much…

    • Who cares??????
      It don’t means something u.u

      • “Who cares?” As in who cares that it’s unlikely to be DCif or who cares that Hocchan would require a lot of money?

        I know English isn’t your first language but can you suck a little less when commenting?

    • I don’t see how Yui Horie could jack up the price of D.C.if. If the licensing cost of anime/manga/visual novel depended on the names involved (I can only see this mostly applying to live-action and manga; pretty much case by case), then there wouldn’t be so much of that stuff licensed outside of Japan.

      If there’s anything that determines the price, it’ll be the company that’s selling the rights and how they value their product.

      Besides, it seems as if CIRCUS has a big hand in MangaGamer. At least, they’re the ones who’ve been showing up with MangaGamer at Anime Expo for the past two years. Unless they believed that there was no money to be made, I doubt that they’d charge more for a game based on a single voice actress.

      • It won’t jack up the price of the final product, but it would jack up licensing fees. Even if it were Circus doing the talking on behalf of Manga Gamer, there would still be more fees than a normal Manga Gamer license. While Manga Gamer has done significantly better in the market as of late, I’d imagine that breaking even on any single title is still a rather difficult endeavor and might not warrant a higher licensing price for such a deal.

        All this aside, it’s entirely possible that Manga Gamer might release DCif without voices or at least without Hocchan’s voice. Personally, I like Kotori’s original voice better…

        • If someone like Yui Horie determined the price of a license, there wouldn’t be as much anime licensed outside of Japan. What with so many popular voice actors and actresses.

          • It’s possible that the contracts she/her agent signs for visual novels is different from the ones she signs for anime, with different terms for royalties.

          • Are you seriously insinuating that you think all anime is licensed under some generic flat rate regardless of the talent behind the production?

            There’s a very good reason why anime doesn’t leave Japan in flocks like it use to…There’s a reason why really big titles (*cough* Kara no Kyoukai *cough*) still aren’t licensed…

          • Like I was saying, I believe that the majority of a product’s cost comes from how the company values the item (which could include voice talent, staff, animation company if applicable, etc.). I never implied anything about a flat rate.

            Being a series of movies, if Kara no Kyoukai is anything like Rebuild of Evangelion, each movie could be a separate license.

            Anyway, zalas does bring up a point that this is a visual novel and not an anime. While I’ll put in belief that Yui Horie’s involvement could make the property more expensive, I still can’t find it to be that much of a selling point (I don’t doubt the power of a voice actor’s populatiry). I’d think Kotori would be the selling point, even if it is Yui Horie providing the (non-eroge) voice.

            *sigh* Whatever…

          • Amongst western anime fans, the Japanese voice actors/actresses behind the characters are pretty much a footnote in the resulting production, so I can see where you came about that mindset.

            Last Otakon, I was at the Manga Gamer booth asking people if they were Nemu or Kotori fans, mostly as an attempt to force the rift between the two sides. Of all the Kotori fans that weren’t afraid to answer, I had quite a few say that it was because Yui Horie did the voice for Kotori.

            Visual Novels are still very much a fringe element amongst the western anime/otaku market. Many VN fans take after what they perceive as the norm amongst Japanese Otaku, and one of these behaviors is idolizing the people behind the voices.

  8. Wow, D.C II? I have been waiting for it for a long time! Cool!

  9. How is the next higurashi game coming along? 🙂

  10. yay, D.C. II, congrats. Hope Koihime will come soon too, keep up the good work!

  11. Nintendo Maniac 64

    wait wait wait, possibly D.C.if?! That’s only been on the PS2 so far, so this would make it its PC debut!

    • Actually, a PC version of D.C.I.F. (if is different, in a way!) came out with Kotori Love ExP, which is pretty much a compilation of all of Kotori’s scenarios from the games.

  12. DCII, this is pretty awesome o/

  13. I think DCPC was licenced for MG 2 years ago, when will come out in english?

    • I don’t think there was ever an announcement that DCPC was licensed by Manga Gamer…

      • The whole idea of “license announcement” with respect to MangaGamer is pretty much a moot point. There’s no need for license announcements due to how MangaGamer is run; they just need product announcements.

  14. “That even I, who was all along”
    I’m hoping that’s just a typing error on here, because otherwise “all along” doesn’t make sense…?

  15. I wonder if this is going to carry into the “sisters” scene, which was hilarious…

  16. D.C.II > Koihime. Unless you like sex, I guess. But that’s also why they made C.D.

  17. Sweet. I’m definitely looking forward to D.C. II.

  18. The big reveal, and it is very pretty. Now, about Koihime Musou…

  19. Yep,now D.C. II and D.C. Innocent Finale was so on /o/

  20. oh cool Da Capo 2, cant wait for this one

  21. So is Da Capo 2 better than that boring Da Capo?

  22. Fuck yes 😀
    Been waiting for this one for so long, I recently bought the original DC II though, but nonetheless will get the tled ver too <3

  23. Okay, which of the million Da Capo fan disks did you guys get for us?

  24. So, where is our Higurashi Minaboroshi-hen?

  25. pls get the da capo plus communication

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