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We at MangaGamer are proud to announce the upcoming release of Higurashi: Minagoroshi-hen, available on May 31st. Minagoroshi-hen marks the 7th chapter in the Higurashi series. Told primarily from the perspective of Furude Rika, this is the chapter in which the truth is finally revealed.

When our story begins, Rika is barely able to suppress her surprise. Shion has remembered her promise to Satoshi and is taking care of Satoko, Rena has solved her family issues on her own, Keiichi has made the right decisions…all the dice are coming up 6s. There was little more she could ask for. Would this finally be the chance to avoid the Hinamizawa Tragedy? Luck was on her side, and Rika couldn’t help but finally hold hope, when the law of averages took over and the dice came up 1: Satoko’s Uncle, Teppei, had come back. Just as Keiichi managed to pull off a miracle and save Rena before, will he be able to pull off another one and save Satoko? Can the force of their combine wills turn this horrible 1 into another 6?

But more importantly, even if they manage to change Satoko’s fate, what about the fates of Tomitake Jirou, Takano Miyo, and Furude Rika herself? Even though Keiichi saved his friends in the last chapter, he couldn’t change the fates of those three. Are Oyashiro-sama’s Curse and the Hinamizawa Disaster truly an unavoidable destiny, or is there something pulling all the strings behind the scenes?

The truth behind Oyashiro-sama’s Curse will finally be revealed, but what price must paid for that knowledge?

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  1. Yaaaaay! So excited 🙂 .

  2. Now is when it gets epic! *_*

  3. Cool. Now it is the time to go nipa~

  4. I’ll be waiting for Umineko too ^.^

    • We both know that will never happen…

      It just won’t sell with an already english patch… And besides it’s just cheaper to by the orginal Japanese version and apply the patch. The patch itself is very high quality, I suggest you try it!

  5. Will you guys also release the Rei fandisc?

    It would be a real shame if you didn’t…

    Also, for the last game, will you please combine the four Higurashi Kai arcs like the one in the Japansese release? It would defently save space on my desktop icons.

    Either way, I can’t wait for this release! I really want to read it!

    • I think ANN’s Brian Hanson puts it rather well in this column when it comes to whether or not sequels and continuations will be sought after in the Anime industry, and it does hold some truth here as well.

      • Sorry, too long to read. But I wonder what visual novel fandiscs have in common with anime. Anyway, I hope the answer is positive. Having just finished reading Kira Kira Curtain Call, I think fandiscs are worth it.

        • It took some slogging through and a lot of skimming back and forth through that answerman article (I’m not a huge fan of the man) I finally found the paragraphs Kouryu9 was probably referring to:

          Waiting for boxsets is something I can totally sympathize with. I know I felt kind of dinged when I sprung for the initial half-season sets for Fullmetal Alchemist, only to see the actual season sets come out less than a year later. Caveat emptor, I guess.

          But! Waiting for a cheaper boxed set of something that’s a proven hit, like FMA, is a completely different animal than waiting it out for a show that’s something of a commercial risk. Case in point: Big Windup!. Everybody who decided to sit it out and see if or when Big Windup! would, pardon the pun, wind up as a cheaper collection were partly responsible for the show being the sales disappointment it was. Who knows, we may even still see a Big Windup! Viridian collection somewhere down the line – but you know what we WON’T be seeing? The second season.

          The whole notion of anime in boxsets is still a pretty recent invention of the US anime market, one that’s been met with a lot of resistance from the Japanese side of things, where high-priced single-volume releases are still the norm. And Funimation’s a pretty savvy company, so I’d have to assume that their weirdly staggered release schedule for their titles has to be working for them in some way, otherwise they wouldn’t be bothering with them. Even then, though, those initial sales are still rather important, especially for titles that are a bit of a risky venture. Let’s just say that Company A licenses Show B, but only the first season, and you REALLY LOVE Show B and want to support it so the second season can come stateside. In that case, buy the hell out of that first print run of Show B and love it and cherish it and sing it sweet songs at night, because the only good that waiting will do in that case is to show Company A how unenthusiastic the fans for Show B are.

          And if you multiply Show B by the cosine of Company A, and the sun is directly facing due East and it’s 6:00 on a Tuesday, what will the temperature be in Prague? Show your work.

          Anyways, long story short, mangagamer wants you to buy the release of higurashi as they come out and if it’s profitable, they’ll see. (That’s what I gather anyways.)

          Ah, anyways, Then answerman did some backward insults to dub fans. Hurfadurfdurf -_- .

  6. So how much more story material is in this arc compared to the anime version of it?

    • As I think I said before, the anime is basically a cliff notes version. Yes, it covers the big points of the story, but not in as much detail. Also, it really didn’t convey the same emotional impact if you ask me.

  7. NeedEnglishRei

    I was wondering if there were plans to release Higurashi Rei as well. I know the question has been asked a few times, but I don’t think it’s been answered yet.

  8. Any idea if Matsuribayashi-hen will include all the answer arcs for a price similar to the question arcs (if not a big slightly raised)?

    Because I haven’t read all the question arcs yet, so I’ve been holding out for that, and I really hope you guys do a full release.

  9. You guys rock!

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