Guilty ~The SiN~ Opening Movie Lyrics

I actually really like this movie and the song for it’s classic sound myself, so here’s the lyrics.

Text on-screen, prior to lyrics:

The ordinary is

Nothing more than an illusion that comes to mind when you think of it,

And reality is no different.

He–Kamijou Akira–will come to learn this.

From the strange beings that crawl out of the darkness.


背中 翼をなくし
Senaka tsubasa wo nakushi
Losing the wings from your back

心 闇に染められ
Kokoro yami ni somerare
Staining your heart with darkness

光 求めて
Hikari motomete
Seeking the light

地を這い 進む
Chi wo hai susumu
You crawl along the earth and move on.

Sadame wo seoi
Bearing your fate

Soul of Fools その手に
Soul of Fools Sono te ni
With that Soul of Fools in your hands

Todoke to Kuchizusanda
You hummed that you would deliver it

Melody 忘れず秘めて
Melody wasurezu himete
Never forgetting that melody, keeping to yourself,

Moonlight 瞳に映して
Moonlight hitomi ni utsushite
The moonlight reflecting in your eyes,

Naiteru dake
As you merely cry

In the fool’s paradise

……Huh, well apparently youtube decided to delete our version, so I put it up somewhere else.

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  1. Nice movie, and very good song. This looks like it’ll be better than any of Black Lillith’s Asagi games (which is basically three acts: intro of Asagi and co. and the villains, Asagi and co.’s capture by said villains followed by the subsequent ero scenes, and finally the end which is susually Asagi and co. defeat the bad guy or end up enslaved, hope Zaishuu has at least a little more plot diversity and complexity than that), so I’ll definitely buy this whenever it comes out (my poor wallet ;_;)

  2. OK, I SO did not expect an electric guitar to start rocking out 25 seconds in.

    The music sounds like I’ve just gone back 20 years, and considering I AM 20… O_o

  3. Oh so uh, just what IS the song? Usually they have a title…

  4. Video got owned…

  5. No more video ;_;

    • Re-posted to a different video site. Hopefully they don’t take it down this time. ~_~

      • What the crap? How the heck can you have a terms of use violation when YOU ARE THE PUBLISHER OF SAID CONTENT?!

        • “Explicit Content” TOS violation, not a copyright one. In other words, Youtube decided our version of the video was too pornographic for them.

          • OHHHH…. yeah, I did see a boob or two. Perhaps setting a video as “unlisted” would prevent that?

            Either way, luckily I managed to download the 480p FLV video before YouTube took it down, which is great since the YouTube version has much better video quality (and somewhat better audio) than the DailyMotion version.

            Link for anyone who wants it (I copied the video & audio streams from the FLV into an MP4 container):

            Ya know, technically you guys at MangaGamer could probably even host and embed that MP4 into a flash-based player yourselves (such as JW Player).

            Of course, this would all be so much simpler if we had better WebM support (good thing I don’t buy Apple’s products!)

  6. NM64

    You made my day I laughed so hard..

    You speak the truth!

  7. “What the crap? How the heck can you have a terms of use violation when YOU ARE THE PUBLISHER OF SAID CONTENT?!”

    Also Kouryuu I don’t consider anything with plot porn so..Screw youtube…I’m pretty sure they have a rating system………

  8. Wow, I feel like a lame duck now.

    Take a look at this:

    Yes, it’s the same video (in epic quality too), and it’s been on YouTube for nearly 2 months now. So much for going through all that trouble of converting to MP4 and uploading it…

    • Not same “exact”. This one has about 10s at the end from when it was used as a demo prior to the game’s original release. This is also why I called youtube unfair, lol.

      • Nintendo Maniac 64

        Still, why can’t you just link to that one? It’s not like it’s a crime, is it? 😛

        (note, I’m NM64 – I’m actually not sure why I was using my abbreviated name)

  9. Nintendo Maniac 64

    I know I’m posting on this blogpost like there’s no tomorrow, but I’VE FIGURED IT OUT.

    In this video:

    The main scenes that YouTube probably found “objectionable” are pretty much completely covered up with an intense bloom-lighting-like-effect – that is, the parts at 1:26 and 1:40

    However, at 0:55, you CAN see nipples, so that wouldn’t seem to be the issue. My guess is the actual depictions of sexual activity, which would make sense since 0:55 only shows topless-ness and that’s really it.

  10. Youtube has plenty of videos showing nippels that have been on youtube for years..

  11. Nintendo Maniac 64

    *grumble grumble* OK, I’m going to try to make this my last comment on this blogpost.

    Turns out that the developer is giving away the full OP song as a free MP3 (sorry, no lossless FLAC here)

    Just click the “→ダウンロード” at the very bottom of this page:

    …or just use this direct link:

  12. -Watches the gore screaming show opening on youtube-


  13. Nintendo Maniac 64

    Heh, turns out that you can download the opening movie in the original quality and an MP3 (no FLAC D:) of full song on the developer’s website:

    The MP3 is the ダウンロード link near the very bottom.

    For the opening movie, click the 2nd link under the 4th mirror, and look for “zai_op”

  14. Youtube is a big shit since Google owns it -.-

    • Yet everyone ignores the fact that the video YouTube kept is in fact different from the one they removed. That, by definition isn’t unfair.

      Now I remembered why I was using my abbreviated name. >_> And to think I was actually thinking of getting this…

  15. Geez..I felt like I had had made a trip in the Way Back machine to the days of Kamen Rider. I agree that the song is very similar to anime OPs from the 1980s. Not bad.

  16. Nintendo Maniac 64

    Yay, the misinformation was fixed 😀

    Also I noticed that the image above is a PNG. As a lossless fanatic, that is INCREDIBLY AWESOME, heck even the thumbnail is!

    I applaud all use of lossless formats and strongly encourage MangaGamer to keep using them – we’re no longer on dial-up and with sharper screens then ever JPG compression can get ugly (not to mention uber-quality JPGs are large enough that you may as well just use PNG and not worry about it)

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