DC II: Mizukoshi Maika

A Da Capo game wouldn’t be complete without a representative from the Mizukoshi family!


Mizukoshi Maika is the soft-spoken associate professor for the Amakase Research Institute, her extensive background in medicine and human anatomy made her the perfect candidate for a temporary nurse position at Kazami Academy, her alma mater.  While certainly being the ‘hot nurse’ on campus, her eccentric nature and quick tongue has managed to keep the boys from flocking to her office, but being back in her old stomping grounds has made her a little nostalgic for her youth. Often seen lazing around the halls, Maika doesn’t particularly care for being a proper school nurse and would much rather do anything that doesn’t require her to be shut in an office all day.

Outside of her less than enthusiastic nursing, Maika also serves as Minatsu‘s guardian, a somewhat thankless job…

Mizukoshi Maika is voiced by Yuzuki Azusa, known for her roles as Ever 17,  Kimi ga Aruji de, Shitsuji ga Ore de, Amagami SS, and MuvLuv. There are rumors of her voicing a popular singing octopus and something about a sexy gorgon, but we don’t like to push that kind of speculation around here.  Oh, did I mention she’s proficient in English and that she was once a Guest of Honor at Anime Expo…?

I suddenly have an urge for tuna…

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  1. Hey, how could you leave out her role as Rider in Fate/Stay Night

  2. Mizukoshi Maika? I thought she’s a grown up Mako from D.C.

    • She doesn’t sound violent enough to be Mako…

      • But she has the same family name, looks similar and was a student under Sakura. As for her language, she may have learned good manners in the research institute 🙂
        I’m really interested in how many generations changed since the first D.C. Sakura looks too young for it to be more than one, but in the anime it was 50 years if I remember correctly.

  3. >Ever17

    wait wat. I don’t know any Yuzuki Azu– *looks up*

    Ah. Yuu Asakawa. Now everything makes sense. Tsugumi, Hibiki, Luka…

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