Holidays Passing

With the New Year nearly upon us, it’s time for some updates to be had!

To start off, I hope you’re all enjoying some DCIF or DCII. They’re both great games and Da Capo II is just perfect for the winter season. I’m sure many have forgotten about the post, while others think it’s already over now that both of these games are out, but remember, the Season of Da Capo isn’t over until the last snow falls! Now, enjoy some BGM as you read on:


Testing of Guilty ~The SiN~ is underway now, and our testers seem pretty excited about it too. I keep hearing something about an interesting plot being twice as frequent as all the tentacle fun, so that should be very interesting, and as it gets closer to release, you’ll be hearing more about the game as well.

About half of our testers for Koihime Musou are dragging their feet behind schedule. Something about finals being more important than the conquest of Chinese Generals? Hopefully this won’t affect launch schedule, but if it does, there will be more notice later.


Currently, yes, I am still working on Edelweiss. Mizuki’s arc is finished and I’m nearly done with Ran’s arc now too. I’m sure a lot of you guys can’t wait to see the results of all this hard work going into it, and we’re aiming to give you a little sneak peak in the next month or two by releasing a demo version of Edelweiss. The demo will have the new translation in it, so for all of you thinking about picking up the game or looking forward to the patch, I hope you enjoy your titillating sample. (And for those who keep asking about DEARDROPS, that’s next in line for me once Edelweiss is done, so I should start next month.)

The translations for ef ~the first tale~ and latter tale are both finished now. A lot of improvements seem to have been made to the scripts, so I hope everyone’s looking forward to giving it a go!

And of course, meanwhile, our other translators are finishing up a couple other games from Nexton as well which we’ll have more word about later. With luck, translation of our MangaGamer exclusive game should begin next month as well, and I can’t wait to share more about it!


Editing work continues as well, as we’ve been through a stunning new series of sex romps for the past few months, with something for all sorts – new settings, new kinks, and new translators turning in some awesome new work. Editing is also proceeding smoothly on ef: the latter tale, along with the Edelweiss patch which is approaching its final stage after no less than nine months of work. We’ve had a couple other projects going on behind the scenes that we can’t talk about yet, but we can say that one of the best games we’ve ever worked on is well through the pipeline.


Well, as I said in the beginning, the Season of Da Capo isn’t over yet and we’ve got a special promotional offer for Koihime as well as more great announcements to come in the next few months! Some of which I think will have many of you screaming in joy. =3

Chousen demands you use her banner of great awesome~!

For OVERDRIVE fans who didn’t catch the memo, the Japanese webpage for Dengeki Stryker is up now. I’ve also been working on an interview that’ll be up next month, so keep an eye out for that to read more from us. And in the meantime, we should also have our Affiliates Program up next month at long last, so if you have a website, then head on over and sign up when it is!

Now go out and get drunk, it's New Years Eve!

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  1. You lot are trying to force me into the poor house, aren’t you? I’ve already got a backlog of several titles to work my way toward…

    I have to admit that I was fairly skeptical of MG after buying Edelweiss due to the questionable translation, but that skepticism has been more than swept away at this point – especially after starting to go through Da Capo II, which has been bloody delightful so far.

    Thank you for the releases – current and upcoming – hopefully your stream of releases will remain steady, as much as it might make my wallet weep!

  2. a lot of good info 😀 looking forward to them all.

    and happy new years!

  3. Hmmmm “MangaGamer exclusive” now that sounds intresting :3 can´t wait to hear more about it.
    And Happy New Year … ok time to get drunk now XD

  4. This is really good news! I can’t wait. ^^
    Thanks for the info, and a Happy New Year to you guys! ;D

  5. I’m sure the Mg exclusive is just a introduction to eroge/visual novels.

  6. Looking forward to Ef, Guilty, and Koihime Musou. Since I’m not really into Da Capo I’ve felt kinda distant from MangaGamer as of late. But I do look forward to all the announcements you guys have coming up! 🙂

  7. The exclusive I’m talking about is the “Study Abroad” guide to Japan VN that Bamboo first mentioned at our panel during last year’s AX.

  8. Does MG accept Visa debit? I thought I used it months ago, but this time, after 6+ attempts, I keep getting “101: authorization denied”.

    • Absolutely none of our policies have changed. Did your debit card change it’s policies?

      I know someone mentioned earlier that they had had problems with their pre-paid debit card.

      Check with your Debit Card Company? I know when I went to Japan I had to tell them to allow purchases over there.

    • That’s probably anti-fruad kicking your ass. I assume that’s not an EU card? Call your credit card company and make sure you’re enabled for foreign transactions.

  9. Nintendo Maniac 64

    I see someone other than me likes using PNGs for VN screenshots and CGs.

    (the lossless goodness! *droooooool*)

  10. >”About half of our testers for Koihime Musou are dragging their feet behind schedule.”
    …. great

  11. I’m really looking forward to what MangaGamer has in stored for its customers coming this new year.

    Would love to give the demo for Edelweiss a go once its out since most people who’ve played it said its really good.

    Koihime’s dragging behind schedule….
    Pikkuu! My heart has just been stabbed by Kan-chan’s blade! Oh well, gives me more time to recover after Christmas.

    Well, hope to the best for MangaGamer coming this new year! Meanwhile I’ll enjoy the free Narcissu Side 2nd English translation I just found the other day and finish up Suika.

  12. i hope you guys translate otome or bl games too someday

  13. “Something about finals being more important than the conquest of Chinese Generals?”
    -Don’t hire students?
    Some interesting things coming up soon, now I just need to finish DCII.

  14. Season of Da Capo isn’t over yet? Must fight urge to squeal like the Da Capo fanboy you guys have turned me into
    Also these bits of info on new stuff coming our way really is getting me excited about the new year (farewell Christmas money ;_;).
    Just curious, but are any of those announcements going to be that Circus game with gameplay you guys mentioned about a year ago?

  15. Dengeki Stryker by MangaGamer?????
    Sugoi *o*

  16. Too… much.. Da Capo….. brain… hurt…. need…. more.

  17. Glad to hear an update on Guilty. Of course, the other news, save for the feet dragging bit, is good to hear as well. Happy (belated) New Years, everyone!

  18. I hope that your Da Capo hinting is referring to this:

    Though considering the other seasons involve heroines from Plus Communication (pretty please license that someday), I’m guessing we may end up with just White Season for now (until an aforementioned expansion is licensed).

  19. Ok just finished Da Capo II … give us Plus Comunication XD lol

  20. Darn..I was hoping that y’all would give us some details as to which convention(s) you’ll be at this year.

    I’m glad to see that everything is running smoothly on MG. Here’s hoping that 2011 will be a successful year for you!

  21. will mangagamer translate d.c. 2 fall in love and shuffle+?

  22. I’m greatly intrigued by this MG exclusive game you mentioned…

  23. Will this MG exclusive game be all ages or 18+? Also will it have any voice acting?

    • So far I know it’s going to be all ages, and yes, it’s the guide to japan style game Bamboo mentioned at our Anime Expo panel last year. (The game is being developed by OVERDRIVE).

      • They should make it into a direct-to-iPhone type of game…

        Sorta like a hand-held Otaku tour guide to Japan…ending at Overdrive’s doorsteps…

      • So will this be a linear story game or will there be multiple routes/endings?

        • … you know, instead of answering these questions comment by comment, I’m just gonna let you wait until we actually release information. =p Your questions’ll probably be answered then and everyone can share the excitement.

          • Well, for us VN players, being surprised when it comes to new games comes with the territory.

            Still, if you give at least a hint, I’ll still act sur-oh who am I kidding, that never works, lol

          • Here’s your hint: It’s awesome and I lol’d pretty hard as I read the script when not being impressed at how good it was as a guide.

          • Strange question, but related, is is just a general guide to Japan or is it being aimed at a specific audience (i.e. is it for anyone travelling to Japan or only fully understandable by those from the US)?

          • =3 Just wait for us to start sending out press info about it! I’m sure your questions’ll be answered then. If not, that’s when I’ll answer them.

  24. I really hoping you will localize DCII Spring Celebration. I really like your DC II. How’s that sounds?

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