Let's Get Sinful…

Finally, after much delay, we at MangaGamer are proud to announce the upcoming release of Guilty ~The Sin~ is scheduled for March 1st.

We’ve discussed Guilty before in other posts, and while hopes had been high of giving it a Halloween release, the Koihime juggernaut has meant that this little tale of little sisters and big tentacles has been put on hold a bit. Fortunately, the beta edition is currently with testers and what we’ve looked at ourselves is pretty damn fun.

For those curious to learn more about the game, we’ve now got our catalogue page up for it, so get to know your girls. It may just save their lives.

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  1. Thanks, MangaGamer!

    I was a bit hesitant at first about getting this, but I’ve decided I’ll be getting it.

    I hope it’s as enjoyable as you all make it sound! 🙂
    The art is really great.

  2. I’ll be buying this and here’s hoping it sells well enough to convince companies like Black Cyc, Black Lillith, Tinkerbell, Atelier Kaguya, and others that there’s a market for dark stuff.
    One question, can anyone tell me how this compares to a Black Lillith game in terms of story?

  3. Found a walkthrough for the game and found something odd: Aya and Mayuki, who seem to be the main heroines for this game each have two endings while Nagi, somehow has four. See for yourself:


  4. Not a buy for me as i cant stand dark VN’s, but here is hoping it sells well for ya.

  5. A tad disappointed at the release date, but at least my wallet won’t be taking so many hits in succession. Question: will there be Tester’s Corners for Guilty?

  6. I’m very upright about these VN much more than Koihime voiceless ^^

  7. That picture looks godawful.
    Will not be picking this up ;_;

    • To be fair … *I really* … don’t like that picture either ^^; But, the more I google, the more I like what I see.

      The game looks pretty good, imo… It’s no Comyu or G-senjou, Tsukhime, 11eyes etc… but it’ll probably be about around Soul Link level…

      Guess I’ll wait for the verdict~

    • To be fair, I tried to pick an image that wouldn’t give away any spoilers and wasn’t covered in tentacles 😉

  8. yo forget about Black Lillith since the mess they did to the asagi name they didnt come out with nothing worth of atencion sure the artwork is still fine butt the stories are trash even by dark VN’s standarts . Theres dark made with a soul and a good story then theres dark used as a escusse for bland and repetitive eroge.

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