Anime Expo 2011-Hard Copies

It’s time to announce the new hard-copies we’ll have with us this year at Anime Expo!

This year, we will once again be offering copies of Kira Kira (All-Ages) and Higurashi When They Cry, both at special discount price of $25 each! Of course, we’ll also have copies of Da Capo LE there as well (At $55).

But what you probably want to know is what the three brand new hard-copies we’re planning on are, don’t you?

Higurashi When They Cry Kai
First up, we’ll be offering the Higurashi When They Cry Kai bundle at just $35! This is identical to the bundle on our website which contains all four Kai Chapters (5-8).

Next, we’ll be offering Guilty ~The SiN~ in hard copy format as well for $35! If you haven’t tried this dark, sexy, and exciting game out yet, now’s the perfect chance!

And last but certainly not least is the newest addition to our offering of Limited Editions: Da Capo 2! Like our previous Limited Edition of Da Capo, this release will feature a soundtrack and an artbook, all together in a nice case, and for only $50!

As usual, all our new hard copies will be DRM-Free, so we hope you’ll swing by the booth and pick up a copy or two!

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  1. Higurashi When They Cry Kai and DCII are instant buys for me (even though I already have DCI, I just can’t resist a limited edition, lol).
    Guilty, not so sure about, but who knows…?

  2. Will European customers be able to purchase them from the new site (if there are any left after the con session is over)?

    I would love to have a LE of DC2 to compliment my copy of DC LE…

  3. Will these eventually be available online?

    • Da Capo II Will definitely be available online through HDN, and our new European Shop. The others are likely to be as well, but we’ll have word on that after Anime Expo and Otakon are over, once we know how much stock remains.

  4. Da Capo 2!!! argh! must…get…(too bad i can’t go to these conventions hehe) must…be patient….

  5. Aww, no OVERDRIVE games. Oh well, maybe that’s for some other time.
    I’ll probably get Kai as a hard copy instead of a download then. But I wonder if these will be available on the European webshop.

    • It would seem rather unfair if they aren’t made available in Europe as it would rather highlight favouritism in marketing i.e. US vs Europe especially considering that MG doesn’t attend any cons in Europe.

      • Well, I think the bigger English-speaking market is NA and not Europe.

        • Only if you only count English as a first language. If English as a second language is counted then there is relative parity between NA and Europe (190m vs 210m), but with a larger anime/manga industry in Europe it’s a market that should be encouraged.

          • Huh, is that so? I never knew there were so many people in Europe that could speak English (semi-)fluently.

          • @Nurio: According to Wikipedia there are 251,388,301 English speakers in the US and 229,850,000 in the EU. So both are about even, (But even Wikipedia admits that “these figures are imprecise and should be treated with great caution.”)

            BTW, I think I should use this opportunity to mention that I greatly appreciate the fair treatment MG gives its European customers. If there is one thing I hate it’s being treated as a second-class customer…

          • If you are adding up all the English speakers in Europe, then shouldn’t Canada’s numbers be included in the North American numbers.

          • I think the biggest issue with being able to sell in Europe is having someone to manage storing all of the merchandise. Kouryuu goes to great lengths turning his home into a warehouse just to make sure Manga Gamer has a presence on at Otakon. For someone to do the same for all of Europe is no small feat.

  6. YES!! DO WANT!! A hard-copy of Higurashi and KiraKira would be totally awesome 😀 Hope this is available on your site soon!

  7. Now I’m happy that I haven’t bought SIN yet. I hope there are enough physicals left after AX11. Also, will probably take Higu Kai, though I already have the download version. As for DCII… it might as well not exist.

  8. Why the hell is SIN getting a box copy? Sigh..

    Could’ve got Suika or even Koihime boxed..

    • Well, Jlist makes a killing doing nukiege, so why not see how they sell on the convention floors?

    • Guilty is considered an A list title in English (B list in Japanese), that’s most likely why it got a hard copy release.

      • I hope you aren’t suggesting its godly.

        Anyway I at least THOUGHT you guys would try to advertise Koihime

        • In English it would be somewhere near that for its genre, at-least currently.

          The JAST forums explained it better, but pretty much why Guilty isn’t as grand in Japan is because other dark titles overshadow it (Making it a B list title over there). However in English we don’t have any of those titles, thus making it an A list title in English until something that overshadows it is released (KNS possibly).

          • Er…Its still pretty bad

            34 votes total, average 5.76 (so-so)

            What I’m saying is..You guys have plenty of titles that deserve a boxed copy instead of Guilty..

            Once again what Isn’t Nexon trying to advertise Koihime?

          • I’m assuming they aren’t releasing a hard copy of Koihime because of the voice issue (By the look of things, with the system they have in place, only download versions would get the voice patch). I’m assuming Koihime will get a hard copy if/when voices are officially patched in.

  9. It would be nice to see these stocked at Right Stuf, considering I just ordered Da Capo I from there and am strongly considering Higurashi.

  10. Any ideas on when OR if there will be hard copies for Kara no Shoujo. I know it’s obviously not out yet but, just thought I’d throw the question out there. Would love to have a hard copy.

  11. Wow, despite already having Higurashi Kai, I wouldn’t mind a hard copy at all! 🙂

  12. hmmm, will the da capo LE be just as the one you have on the site?
    cause i had a hard time understanding most of each heroines ending, (like nemus ending, i couldnt understand it much) and i dont think im gona buy it if its the same one as you have on the site O:

  13. When can we expect these to be available on Hendane? Also what about the first half of the HIgurashi series?

  14. I’m another person eagerly awaiting for the Higurashi hard copies to be on Hendane (or Rightstuf, etc etc).

  15. Release them in Brazil with a fair price who I bought all of them,I don’t bought games/VNs outside of my country because of the cheapest prices u.u

  16. What about Europe?
    I can’t believe it if we are left out 🙁

  17. Would like my question to be answered please if at all possible, please.

    “Will the Da Capo II artbook be the same size as the one from the Da Capo I artbook?”

    I seriously thought that the Da Capo I artbook was a bit of a pain to keep from getting damage due to it’s length and being softcover and all. Well softcover isn’t really the problem but due to the amount of pages being so little it might as well be of the same size as the game case much like the one for hourglass of summer or like those manual booklets for console games.

    • The DCII artbook will be smaller – you’re not the only one annoyed by the size. We’re still working out the best way to optimise things for the LE line, so don’t be surprised if things change a bit from game to game.

  18. Will Hendane be also pick these titles up and sell via their inventory?

  19. NOOO, why did I buy DC II reg dl edition. ARGHH

  20. does kira kira all ages have kiss scenes?

  21. So, will hard copies of Kira Kira be available through Hendane? I’m having trouble buying it through your website and this is the only way I can get it, plus it’s cheaper. ($10 cheaper, actually.)

    • Mangagamer will be selling it at their booth at AX (or at least that’s the implication from above). Hendane will probably get more copies from MG at some point, but if you’re at AX it would probably be worth your while buying it there.

    • If you were having troubles buying it from our website yesterday, the error should be fixed by now.

      Whether Hendane stocks it or not is entirely up to them. You’ll have to inquire with them.

  22. Other than hard copies of your visual novels, is there any way you could get hard copies of the soundtracks from some of your visual novels? I’d totally buy a hard copy of Kara no Shoujo’s soundtrack.

    • From us? Not at the moment. So let Hendane know you want a limited edition of the game!

      If the soundtrack is sold separately in Japan, some import stores may carry it, but prepare to pay Japanese prices and shipping fees if you choose that route.

  23. Can’t get to either convention (sucks living in the middle of the US). I hope copies of Higurashi Kai remain.

  24. hmm guys can’t you try make hard copies of your games available at import site like to make the games available for much more audience especially for those in asia and us????

  25. does anyone know the status on translating and releasing Da Capo Plus Communication..?

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