Otakon 2011

With Otakon only 4-5 days away, it’s time to talk about what’s coming up!

First of all, I’ll be attending as the main representative of MangaGamer, though our beta tester Tuna Salad and a few others will be there to help me run the booth again this year.

Anime Expo cleared out a LOT of what we had to offer there, but for Otakon we’ll be offering a few CDs and towels in addition to what we managed to save from AX. If you’re after any of the Anime Expo goods though, you’ll want to stop by early since there isn’t much of it.

Also, we will of course have ?plenty? of our hard copies in stock to sell, together with this year’s new mouse-pad. So stop by and grab your copy before they sell out!

And last but not least, the reason it took time to put up this post!

Our Panel time is finally settled! Our Panel at Otakon will be held from 12:30AM-1:30AM in Panel 2 on Saturday, July 30th! We’re likely to have a couple new announcements, and also hope to be able to answer more questions, and in more depth at the panel. And of course, we’ll also have plenty of stuff to give away!

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  1. You mean Saturday at 12:30am. OK

  2. Hope the givaways are a little more organized than last year. Not used to seeing the convention center so deserted like that, I’ve only seen it during the con. Saturday I will be wearing either my Shuffle or my DC II uniform, hope to make it to the panel!

  3. I thought that 5PM timeslot on the original schedule was odd…

    • Yeah, that was their mistake in scheduling that we had to get cleared up before we could announce the time slot. Mentioning we were planning to show naked women and porn got the slot changed very quickly.

  4. The Mangagamer panel doesn’t show naked women and porn though. Unless I’m missing something. 18+ content yes but unless what you air at Otakon is completely different than AX, I honestly have no recollection.

    And this marks Kouryuu’s second year hohoho.

    I remember CDs but I don’t remember towels. I’m sure the packaging confused me and I didn’t know what it was.

  5. Nintendo Maniac 64

    I’m not up on what goes on at conventions, but… after midnight? Really?

  6. well its a 18+ panel so its to be expected? any clue as to what the cd’s are? , and what is left over from ax?

  7. I am DEFINITELY going to try and make it to the panel! Just need to work out my transportation after words ^^; I really wanna wear my MG T-shirt I bought a few years back at Otakon! Maybe I’ll slip it on over my Switch cosplay from Sket Dance XD

  8. I still have the bag from last year (which is an awesome bag btw). Looking forward to this year’s mousepad!

  9. man I wanna know if that smaller poster/wallscroll is for sell, maybe down at otakon this weekend

  10. from this pic kouryuu9 posted from the booth http://yfrog.com/h8oe1tymj err dammit no edit button

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