Go Go Nippon

We at MangaGamer are proud to announce that Go Go Nippon ~My First Trip to Japan~, the world’s first Visual Novel developed by a Japanese company exclusively for western audiences, is now on sale!

Take a tour of Japan, enjoying all the great sights right from the comfort of your very own home in this visual novel turned travel guide!

Together with these two cute sisters, Makoto and Akira, you’ll get to experience many of the greatest spots in Tokyo and Kyoto, learn about the history behind them, find out how much the whole trip will run you, and even bring home some great memories of your time spent there.

What are you waiting for? Japan’s calling for you!

And if that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite…

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    • Indeed. XD

      Though by their definition “All Ages” means “No Sex” so it fits, and most games like this are for anyone who can actually buy these games, which would be over the age of… 14. So it’s all good man. *goes to get money ready for purchase*

  1. I rarely play all-ages stuff, but will give this a shot. Mainly to give my support, but that last image may or may not have influenced my decision as well. Now downloading.

  2. Looks great so far. Loving the character designs and the inclusion of Japanese text. One small problem, the USD – Japanese Yen dialog box at the beginning is backwards. It should be $1 = (blank) Japanese Yen. The side for Euro was fine, I think.

  3. Nice a game on places in japan. thanks for the release of this game, mangagamer

  4. I bought it a while ago… Really great idea to make a game like this! I like how it’s kinda educational :’D

  5. But yeah, I don’t think the currency thing works for $…

    …And I wish I could use my own currency (£) 🙁

  6. Heh, sounds like we’re in for some Baseson product placement too, lol

  7. yay! im so happy right now.

    • XD oh my gosh!!!! I used my real name and when it appeared in the text box I was caught by surprise lol, it felt sort of weird….It sort of left me while I was caught up with the part where the reader was supposedly imagining two guys lol and then….well u know the rest.

  8. Well I’ll have to wait till after this weekend. I have a convention to go to. I wish there were hardcopies though. *sigh*

  9. Bought it. Loving it so far. Now I’m off to go finish it! xD

  10. Not sure where else to write this but I’ve discovered a bug with number delimiter when you first start of with the game.

    Here you need to enter a number converting to your currency. However IF your decimal delimiter is not . but , it will say it’s an invalid unput, Sure you can write even numbers but that does not do much good for that system in the end.

    I dunno what language the engine was writen in but this is a overall common conversion using built in framework for numbers. I bet you have a check for . and then when the framework itself use the system settings.

    Anyhow hopefully this can be fixed. I can provide even more info about this problem in general as I’ve dealing with it on a regular basis.

    • Protip, it’s just an approximation of how much you’re spending. Not a do or die budget of how much you should be bringing with you on a trip to Japan.

  11. Sadly I’m going to have to wait until next week to play, but I’m really looking forward to this.

    Sad to hear that the £sterling isn’t included in the currencies, although not entirely surprised. Still, looking forward to getting around to this next week!

  12. Shinesman Moss Green

    I’ll probably get this game a little later. Don’t have the money right now since Uncharted 3, Fate/Stay Extra, Aselia, and My Girlfriend is President are all expected to be out by the first week of November. If I have any money left over though I’ll be sure to pick this up. if not I’ll have to wait till December. Looks interesting though and I appreciate the thought behind it.

  13. Fun game to play. I’ve just finished Akira Route and I really enjoyed it. Now I’m gonna aim for Makoto Route and see if I enjoy it as much as I did Akira Route. On a side note, it was nice to hear Edelweiss’ musics in this game, had I not played Edelweiss I could have believed that they had been written for Go! Go! Nippon! seeing as they blended so well in it.
    This is a nice game, thanks to Mangagamer and Overdrive for having allowed us to enjoy another nice game. I just hope this game won’t have the result of lowering your sales in the future since I suspect that this game might convince a lot of your customers to save even more their money than before in order to pay for a trip to Japan. ^_^

  14. GREAT JOB on making this game! It was both VERY moe and informative!

  15. Just finished the game both routes. It wasnt that bad is I expected but still i prefer if the authors spent their time translating real eroge.

    Also the education thing: It would be nice if atleast the greeting like irasshaimase and so was voiced so you know how to pronounce them. You could actually learn all these better from watching few anime titles.

  16. All ages is don’t a synonym of a bad VN u.u

  17. This is one of the most simple but very sweet Visual Novel I’ve ever played. Surprising how hooked I was on it even though it wasn’t so complex at all. Thnx MangaGamer and Overdrive. *Bows*

    P.s. (srsly I wanted it to be me in the epilogue for Makoto route. It left me bittersweet seeing her all over him when it should be me. just sayin~)

  18. oh yes! thanks very much admin, for putting up the release date for conquering the queen.

  19. Bought this game earlier, playing it right now and loving it. The game started off a bit slow, but it’s getting better gradually. It’s quite different than the typical eroge ones.

    Thanks Overdrive, I’m glad that you guys are willing to take a risk to make a game for the international market. On the other hand, I guess Overdrive can use the same game mechanics and make GoGoUSA or GoGoEurope for the Japanese market 🙂

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