We Love Master! Master Up!

The Master Disc for We Love Master is finally up and has been sent off to J-list for approval!

Some of you may be wondering what changes were made between the previous download version and the one that’ll be featured on the Hard Copies, so allow us to show you!



That’s right, we’ve made adjustments to the font to help improve readability in the game. As a result of the font adjustments, several new instances of text-overflow occurred and the identification and correction of those overflow errors is what caused this game’s Master Data to take longer than the others.

We hope you’ll all enjoy the new text when the hard copies go on sale! (Those who have already bought the digital version of the game can download the update patch now from our website.)

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  1. I have to say, that font is indeed much more readable. What was the old and what is the new font called?

  2. Is it possible to release font patch for older titles when you guys are free-er? Even if it overflows a bit I wouldn’t mind.

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