Tester's Corner: DEARDROPS Ed. Vol. 2

Hello again! Kaitsu here again to bring you yet another tester’s corner, but this time for….


This is the third title I have tested for MangaGamer and I have to say that this one is definitely my favorite thus far. I’m so excited for its release. I do hope everyone enjoys it just as much as I did.Here is the load screen. Visually, it isn’t anything extravagant, but holy crap will the instrumental of Melody of Hope (希望の旋律) begin to happily blare in your ears. This is the same song that Kouryuu translated last year and is available on the download page, as well as MG’s YouTube. This song, unfortunately, was never played in the actual visual novel itself, but it’s pretty catchy and mesmerizing all the same — especially the violin solo. Once you complete the game, there’s an option to listen to all of the music and skim through the CG/HCG if you so wish to (which you probably should).

The game begins with you playing as Suganuma Shoichi, a retired violinist who returns to Japan after a recent accident in Germany that ruined his career. He quickly meets up with his childhood friend, Kanade Sakurai, and the rest of her immediate family at her family-owned and run Live House, where he’s given a place to stay in exchange for working part-time.

Live House 696 that Kanade and her family owns.

This seems simple enough, but in this (somewhat) foreign environment, he quickly meets and befriends an unusual set of individuals that guide him into a life of worshiping and honoring music without regret or restraint. It doesn’t take long for this group of misfits and delinquents to form the band DEARDROPS.

Unfortunately, for those of you expecting H-scenes every five minutes (like in Harem Party or We Love Master), then this really isn’t the game for you. All in all, there are only five or six ero scenes in the entire game. Despite that, all of the ero scenes are wonderfully done and tasteful.

Like all visual novels, you do have the option to end up with each of the four main girls: Kanade, Riho, Yayoi, and Rimu. I’ll let you figure out where that decision point can be found, but you’ll definitely enjoy getting there and going through the individual routes.

I will admit that my favorite aspect of this game was that each character has a lovely back story: no matter how short or long it may have been, it really brought out their unique personalities in a very natural and fluid kind of way. You’ll be taken on an epic emotional roller coaster when Gonda’s story is explained. I won’t tell you when it happens, but I cried so hard!

Something like this.

Overall, DEADROPS is a wonderful title for VN lovers to play who are looking for a fun, exciting, music-filled game who crave a little drama and a whole lot of plot!

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  1. Well. I’ll be honest. I think it was a bad testers corner. It doesn’t make me interested. Is important to not reveal importand information, but yet you have to talk more abouth that you’ll find, use more CG and thinks like that in a way you make other want to find it, no just say that the main character meet others and form a band, if you can’t say too much information tell us how the main character is going to feel when he meet a character for the band and why he is going to try to get them, what feeling make a ex violinist try to make a band, and with those people. What feelins is going to be in each rute or something.

  2. this was a good testers corner in my opinion, not to much info and makes people want to play it

  3. Well, I just finished it and I must say it’s a pretty good VN !

    Actually It’s my first VN but I really enjoyed it !

    I hope MangaGamer will also release D2B vs Deardrops !

  4. have to say deardrop one of the best VN’s i have played this year but still dont think it holds a candle to kira kira in kira route that is the only VN that ever made me cry buckets at the end deardrops still really good i dont know if it just me just i get a kinda disconect in DD compared to kira kira still great release was fun hoping for harukoi otome next

  5. DEARDROPS is a nakige VN??????After read this corner and last comments I’d think much about it e.e

    • It is most certainly not a nukige.
      each heroine has two H-scenes, except Yayoi who has one long H-scene. Deardrops is all about story and music, although Kanade and Riho have more of both.

  6. Konichiwa, Hajimemashite bokuwa namae wa Cerberus-kun des. LoL

    I know its a little bit early to ask but i had just finished the game and I’m now wondering if you guys from MangaGamer.com has any plan or intention to translate d2b VS DEARDROPS -Cross the Future-?

    I SUPER LOVE THE GAME. Hontoni Honto Daisuki dayooo

  7. Sorry for disturbing…
    but are you all going to translate/release the Fan disk??
    since you all did Kira Kira Curtain Fall..
    i really hope you all will release d2b VS DEARDROPS-CROSS THE FUTURE-
    surely i believe many people would like toknow whats going after the game..
    espeacially those whom addicted to Riho’s ending~

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