Tester's Corner: Dengeki Stryker Ed. EXTRA!

Today we’re bringing you an extra Tester’s Corner from one of our eager testers of the Dengeki Stryker demo!

Given the opportunity to beta test the demo for Dengeki Stryker, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I had already played the game in Japanese (bought it the day it came out in Tokyo and cleared it in 3 days) and was more than happy to make sure the demo came out looking good for the Western audience to enjoy. It’s awesome, and I will tell you why.

This is not simply a school romance dating sim-type game that so often make up the majority of bishoujo titles on the market. It certainly isn’t a sappy visual novel in the vein of Key either. This is some hot-blooded manliness that fulfills a different kind of wishful thinking besides the dream of building up your own harem: being the hero.

Dreaming big.

Who hasn’t wanted to be the one to “beat up all the bad guys” and save the girl right? A simple premise sure, but again given the backdrop of bishoujo games these days, something like this is fresh. And did I not already mention that this game was full of hot-blooded awesome already? Without giving too much away, you have the main character, Yamato, a kid with dreams of being a cool super hero like the popular manga character Dengeki Stryker. Getting beaten up by the neighborhood bullies isn’t going to help him on his way to being a great hero but then a chance encounter…

...this is never an encounter one would normally want to have as a kid.

The dodgy old man in question is someone known as the Memory Collector and he’s got just the answer for poor old Yamato. All it takes is a contract…

Again the thing that really stands out in the game is the almost campy nature of its super hero versus the bad guys theme. To drive home that flavor you’ve got the opening theme song sung by Masaaki Endo, known for being a member of the anisong super group, JAM Project and for singing the even more burning opening song for King of Braves, Gaogaigar and a flashy animated opening directed by Nabeshin.

…yeah that’s right. THAT Nabeshin.Watch the opening. I’ll wait. Feel free to put it on repeat for a bit.


I was impressed with the amount of time spent on the animation scenes, especially since these scenes were dynamic and not ero. Not that there is anything wrong with animated ero scenes but clearly there was time spent on making all of this. Along side the great animation clips (yes that is plural as it isn’t just the opening that is animated) the detail on the user interface is also noteworthy. The mechanical design, down to the sound effects, has just the right touch to fit with the game. Even the chapter titles work well.

Almost like watching an anime...and on that note, WTB Dengeki Stryker, the TV series.

The idea of dividing up the chapters and display them like episode titles contribute to the overall feeling of the game. And much like any good anime, it is hard to finish a chapter and stop there as you are left wanting to know what happens in the next “episode.” I never thought that simple touches such as these would make such a large impact on a game, but it works all too well for Dengeki Stryker.

Always a patriotic thing to do.

In conclusion, play the demo when it comes out. It is awesome, and in my COMPLETELY biased opinion, one of the greatest eroge out there. The perfect game to tell people that you are playing eroge not just for the ero. And for anyone who’s familiar with Overdrive’s works, expect awesome music, a few twists and turns, and a great story. Fight for justice and foil the plot of the Balbora Empire! Find out exactly what a Texan ninja is. Discover Sayaka’s deredere side.


What are you waiting for?

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  1. Nintendo Maniac 64

    Not just a school romance slice-of-life? Wanting to be a super hero? Hot blooded?

    Where have I heard all that before…

    (oh right, that VN where its 15+ DL releases won’t ever make it past Japanese language even with its huge fanbase – can you tell I’m fustrated? :P)

  2. Makes me think somewhat in Princess Witches, which also had a superhero theme and was divided in chapters

  3. already pre-ordered, cant wait 🙂

  4. An anonymous tester? That’s new…
    Anyway, this game is sounding more awesome by the day! Argh, I want to preorder this. If only I can get my dad to borrow me his credit card. (Yes, I don’t have my own; shame on me.)

  5. Dammit, I wasn’t really all that excited for this, but then I watched the opening video and saw a dude shoot a motherfucking train and I’m convinced.

  6. Woah, the tester even mentioned GaoGaiGar, my favorite mecha anime!
    I watched the japanese opening movie of Dengeki Stryker too many times to count on the last year, and also listened to the full song hundreds of times… I’ve been so hyped about this game… and all thanks to the epic opening sung by Masaaki Endoh!

    After playing the demo I can say that this game has more comedy than I thought, and that’s not a bad thing. But I hope it gets more and more hot-blooded in the next “episodes”!

    Can we expect a hard copy too? I like my games better that way.

  7. This demo has been giving me more chuckles than I expected, makes me glad for my preorder.

    Bit surprised there’s no wacky “next episode” preview between each episode. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by Disgaea…

  8. Just finished the demo and gotta say its dam good. The “apparent” villains are so amusing and interesting that I hope they aren’t really the main villains in the story.

    Though I have to say one thing….stupid demo left it at a cliffhanger!! Man, that part was good. Definitely made me want to see more.

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