MangaGamer's Heading to New York Comic Con!

We’re proud to announce that we’ll be coming to New York Comic Con this October! Interested in helping us run the booth?  Here’s your chance! Click below for details and requirements.We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who can help us sell our games and other merchandise at our booth.

– Age 18 and older
– A local US citizen in the New York City who can commute to the Javtis Center
You will be supplied/reimbursed with the following:
– Daily wage
– Parking/Transit
Those of you who are interested, please email us at with the subject “NYCC Booth Volunteer” following information:
Cellphone number:
Emergency Contact:
Other notes:
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  1. Hope we can look forward to some surprise announcement

  2. If I didn’t have college on 2 of those days I would come.

  3. what will you be selling anything new or leftovers from AX and Otakon?

  4. I wish I could go, but I live in Gerogia! I wished Anime Weekend Atlanta was bigger, so that Manga Gamer would come here! lol 🙂

  5. If you guys offer the same deal and ever feel like going to San Diego’s Comic-Con, I’m definitely down.

    • We looked into doing SDCC, but they have a multi-year waiting list for dealer tables.

      • Would MG be able to release a blog post about what conventions they are going to do next year (if they have ones they are guaranteed to attend)? Would like to know ahead of time to try and work around school to attend.

  6. ah! too bad i only have a Friday pass and that i’ll be coming up to NY from New Jersey. it would be fun to help out! good luck!

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