Tester's Corner: Slave Witch April Ed. Vol 2


Today’s Tester Corner comes to you from Nurio!

Slave Witch April… In case you’re wondering, it’s about a witch named April who you turn into your sex slave using rape. That’s about the whole premise. Simple and straightforward, perfect for those wanting some quick bang bang shebambam boom boom. And who doesn’t love to ram ram some bun buns and vag vags from time to time?

MangaGamer must think I love rape, since this is the second rape-centric VN they wanted me to test. Luckily, I also got to test two Overdrive games, so no complaining here…! But MangaGamer, please understand that I don’t like rape! Unless it’s consensual. I like my consensual rape as I like my bacon. Extra crispy.

Slave Witch April puts you into the role of April’s servant. He’s sick and tired of April’s constant bitching and commanding and wants nothing but revenge, but since April is a powerful witch, he can’t do anything about it. By a divine coincidence he happens upon a book that has a pixie trapped in it. How does a pixie get trapped in a book? Magic. He frees the pixie and together he and the pixie strip April of her powers (and clothes, hurrr) and rape her so often she becomes a sex slave. If only that’d work in real life… and it weren’t illegal…

Did I mention the protagonist’s name is Denis? And that I have a good friend named Denis? Really, I was bothered by it the whole time, and since the protagonist is faceless, I could only see the face of my good dear friend plowing away at defenseless girls with the biggest happy smile on his face. I’ll now forever regard my friend as a guy who rapes witches and pixies and I’ll remember this trauma the next time he consensually rams his bacon roll up my ass. Just kidding, I don’t have sex with him… or anyone ever… ;.;

Speaking of Denis, his name totally sounds like Penis, and I’m sure that was an intentional scheme to confuse me. So this VN now ruined my good friend on two accounts already. I even accidentally called my friend Penis on a few occasions. Imagine the discomfort and awkward silence when you tell your parents “I like Penis. Penis is my friend.” Uncomfortable, right? Happened to me six times! Six!

This game has four endings and even has a nifty menu for you to see which routes you’ve taken and which scenes you’ve seen. There’s 22 sex scenes in total and this menu shows how they’re all woven together. And would you believe that 22 is my lucky number? Therefore, Slave Witch April is now my lucky game. It’s only logical.

The four endings are based on which ways you rape April. You have a “Monster” ending, a “Transform” ending, a “Gang” ending and a “Threesome” ending. It doesn’t take the biggest genius to figure out how to reach each ending. Rape her mostly with monsters for the first ending, rape her with transformations for the second ending, rape her with gangs for the third ending and… well, I’ll let you figure out the last ending. No, you don’t rape people with threesomes; that’s silly!

In any case, the music in this game is pretty nice, actually. There’s a few nice slow tunes you hear outside the sex scenes (in other words, not often), and then there’s the more hardcore scores for when you “score”. For some reason, I had written down in my notes that “one of the background songs sounds like someone talking in Dutch”, but…!?!? I honestly don’t know what I was smoking back then.

As for visuals, the game surprisingly speaks to me. I like the art. It’s very clear and smooth. But not much can be said beyond that. It’s like browsing random VNs on VNDB.org and happening upon a VN which makes you go “Oh hey, the art is nice.”

And I can hear you thinking by now (seriously, I can hear you thinking!) “Nurio, where are the screenshots of this VN? What does the VN look like?” Well, let me tell you… There isn’t a single PG CG IG for G Nurio to use. Let me rephrase that. Every. Single. CG. Has. Sex! Every. Single. One!

I tried censoring the CG using various things like sticks, spring rolls, sausages, apples and Ponies, but it all got rejected. They said it still looked too much like genitals.

Things that look like penises

So I was offered to use the notorious MangaGamer Naughty Bits Blocker™ to censor the images. The problem is, the action spans the whole screen, so the only way to censor these CGs is to cover it completely with the MangaGamer Naughty Bits Blocker™ and thus I present you Slave Witch April’s completely PG CG!

When you start up the game, you’re greeted by this beautiful menu screen. It has April completely covered in tanning lotion, obviously pissed at you for blocking her sunlight.

And here you see Denis and April playing together and having fun. I couldn’t identify which game they’re playing, but it looks dangerous, because it seems Denis accidentally hurt April as she seems to be in a bit of a pain.

Here you see the hilarity of the sound and analogy of slime. Can you believe they compared slime to that? I remember those slime toys when I was a kid, and I have to say I have a different look on life now that I know this thing about slime.

Here it seems that Denis has convinced April and the pixie of his ways and now the two of them are happily licking away at a lollipop. I’m jealous; I wish I had a lollipop. Especially those with gum in it… Those were the best!

And the last image that tugged at my heart strings… Here you see April munching on an egg and sausage breakfast. She’s so into it that she looks completely brainwashed by the delicious meal.

I hope this incredibly visual Tester’s Corner has opened your eyes and helped you see whether you want Slave Witch April or not. No, but seriously, there’s a lot of sex in this game and if rape (in some creative magical ways) is your thing, then it’ll definitely be worth a purchase.

Nurio, out!


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  1. I’m not sure which you’re pronouncing wrong, Denis or Penis…? >_>’

  2. Yay! I had a lot of fun writing this.
    I think I forgot to mention in the Tester’s Corner that I had a whopping 3 or 4 days to finish testing this VN, all because I was going to Portugal 3-4 days after I got the assignment.

    But I pulled through…!

  3. Although I really despise rape hentai, I have to admid that the reviews for them are the most amusing ones…

  4. This Tester’s Corner was a lot of fun! Thanks, Nurio.

    However, I thought that the first blog entry of the year would be the overdue “End of the Year Update”. Is that one coming down the pipe or do we have to do without it this year?

  5. Nintendo Maniac 64

    Speaking of the music, I just discovered that they’re in OGG vorbis files just sitting in the program directory.

    With the large amount of sex content, that means one thing…


    • Nintendo Maniac 64

      Oh, and the title theme music AKA bgm08.ogg totally sounds like something out of F-Zero GX, like it could be an option menu’s or customization menu’s background music, or even a grand prix completion or credits theme.

    • I followed you up until the end. Who, what, EMIYA?

      • Nintendo Maniac 64

        There’s a bit of a meme/joke/fun-thing-to-do within the Fate/stay night fandom where you play the song “Emiya” during sex scenes. This is mainly because Fate/stay night’s sex scene’s where literally shoe-horned into the plot (as stated by Nasu it was designed without them), so said sex scenes are typically viewed as laughably bad (though I personally didn’t think so).

        However, it’s reletively commonly agreed upon that if you play the song “Emiya” (the song that plays during the most epic and GAR moments, heck he’s the guy GAR was invented for) it will suddenly turn those sex scenes into an epic battle between man and woman.

        Protip; this is the song I’m talking about:

      • Ahahaha, I see now! That’s awesome!

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