Announcing Milles, Knight of Anal Tyranny!

Milles_mvWe at MangaGamer are proud to announce the addition of Milles, Knight of Anal Tryanny ~Impregnated by Lusty Tentacles at the Ends of Oblivion~ from softhouse seals’s Devil Seal.

Waking up in the forest with no memories, the knight Milles finds her way to the land of Schnarb — where peace is maintained by offering sacrifices to the local god Diva — and meets a bounty hunter named Cadia, the Queen, Regina, and this year’s sacrifice, Sadin. What horrors await as the four of them try to flee the nation?Milles_CG04
If you like tentacles, egg-laying, or women being filled and violated until they reach the ultimate heights of pleasure, then this a game for you! Milles_CG10

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  1. Look how all-ages these screenshots are, because the Naughty Bits Blockers block all the adult material for our underage and sensitive eyes.

    • I for one am thankful to have the naughty bits blocker to protect me from harmful images.

    • I know its just a joke, maybe probably towards a certain company for having “ruin(oh gawd!!)” a certain game we may never actually ever get to experience, but I have a few all-ages titles I’d love to see licensed/translated that are probably better than what a “from the top” title can do. So what I’m trying to say is, your joke seems to be aimed towards people who wish for/support more all-ages titles.

  2. I think MangaGamer should concentrate on real Visual Novels and not only Nukige. I would actually buy several VN’s from them if they have a decent story and Artwork.

  3. Problem is not in fact that they are releasing so much nukiges. Problem is that they are releasing shi**y ones. Each new softseal title makes me want to cry for the time translators spent on it.

  4. I still hope you’ll release some nukige from Lilith Soft. they’re best in that kind of games and had already some great games translated into english, so they’re well known in the society of gamers.

  5. You people sure know how to moan and bitch.

    • W-who!? Me!?
      Oh, I wish! It’s my biggest dream to find someone who can make me moan. I don’t mind being her bitch for that. I’ll just dominate her outside the bedroom with my incredible intellect.

  6. I’ve been seeing this argument going popping up here and the forums for a while now and I feel like putting my two cents in. We’ve got to give Mangagamer a chance, they’re doing the best they can with what they are able to get access to. They’re still a new company trying to compete with the likes of Jast Usa who’s been in business for 17+ years compared to MG’s 5 years. However, at least MG is more open to risks versus Jast who’s actually removed some titles because of the type of content present in their VNs, like Jewel Knight Crusaders. My point being is that we need to give them a chance and our support so that they can one day start offering up those Triple A VN titles.

  7. *turn irony on* Oh, great! Another nukige with lots of senseless rape scenes! *turn irony off*

    @Zed: I can see why you think that it’s good that MangaGamer seems to translate every VN they can get their hands on, but I personally find VNs that glorify rape are ethically problematic. Therefore, I would prefer if they stopped publishing those…

    • Yet, that seems to be more prudent in todays’ VN market. More and more companies are seemingly adding in the rape concept, at least with what I’ve seem, and it gets harder to find some good quality VNs to just sit back and enjoy. So, to at least ease my mind I try my best to stay away from the worst ones. I still believe that so long as MG can get the support they deserve then this will show businesses that MG can provide them the means of earning profit and MG can start getting those great titles.

    • I’ve almost resignated fighting those titles and try to ignore them now. Maybe someday MG won’t need to release those stuff anymore…
      You can’t really tell anyone of this site because they might think you’re a creep playing such titles. Would be nice if they’d at least separate them like Softhouse Seal did with Devil-Seal.

      • It would be nice if they could start putting out more quality titles where the whole point of the game wasn’t about having the protagonist(s) needing to sexually assault the entire cast to complete it. It may happen some day, they just need to show companies that they are someone that they could do business with, show that they can make profit if they’re willing to try, and just blind luck.

        @ChaosRaven: Yeah, just realized how that would sound to most people after posting it. My overall point was that because of the whole “sex sells” mentality, and it does work, more and more companies are making the games more about the sex then quality story-telling/gameplay. I don’t personally believe that it should be something for businesses to focus on, yet it is was it is and they will also go for the potential profit gain than customer satisfaction.

  8. The character looks well. But i rather games where a boy is the one who rape the girl than tentacles and such things

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