If My Heart Had Wings

IF MY HEART HAD WINGS main visualWe’re proud to announce that Moenovel’s If My Heart Had Wings is now on sale!









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  1. Not interested in this butchered version, sorry.

  2. Why…? The bulk of the work is done. What a waste not to release the game as the author intended… I was so hyped to finally see a good vn get released. It’s a damn shame.

  3. I will stay far away from this butchered novel, and i recommend other people to do the same.

  4. While I personally would prefer a Adultversion of this VN aswell, it is still a very good VN with a excellent story. I think there arent enough good VN translated for the international market, that we could afford to boycott one of that few, just because it is only available in the All-Ages-edition.

  5. Sad to see a interesting visual novel being butchered and so many contents removed just to satisfy a younger audience while alienating the current VN fans.
    I don’t even want to pirate this game…I will wait to MoeNovel release a uncensored version and hope that they will not repeat this s**t next time.

  6. The major consensus online seems to be that its not even worth pirating to be honest. Personally, this release is a let down and one I can’t justify dropping money on.

  7. Any plans to release a non-heavily censored version?

  8. Tell this to Moenovel directly, people (for example on their Facebook page). It’s sad that Mangagamer supports this butchered version.

  9. It’s sad that people boycott this great game just because it doesn’t have Ero content. With this shitty attitude we will never get good official story VNs in the west -.-

    • wow really

    • The existing community will have a knee-jerk response to censorship by fully avoiding it, there is no secret in that, and nothing would change that. But they weren’t going for the existing small VN market in the West, they instead feel there is a broad reachable market for all ages titles. Thus what really is sad then is it looks like the market they wanted wasn’t reachable, not that a market they intentionally weren’t targeting didn’t support them.

  10. I do not have a problem with the removed ero-content but give me one good reason why all the kiss scenes and the romance with it had to be cut out as well? :/

    • I’ve got a problem with the ero-content being removed. I’ve got a problem with any of it being removed actually. I’d have significantly less of a problem with it if there was two versions released. It seems like the logical option. Hell, make the only hard copy one an all-ages version and let us have the downloaded one, whatever. Not putting it out there ensures the developer gets a bad rep. It’s almost like they wanted it to fail, which indeed is what I hope happens so this isn’t tried to this level again.

  11. What a waste,Really.

    It’s rare to see VN of this level came to the west.
    but when it came we got butchered version.

    Almost every game of Pulltop and Will except VN for Ps2 and PSP is 18+ so guarantee butchered version for every next game if it has one because Moenovel want to make only all-age VN.

    Moenovel cares wider audience but not cares old fanbase.

    sry for bad English.

  12. I’m interested in this one, but not without the ero parts, kisses, and adul-jokes removed. I’ll wait until a complete version or a patch get released before i buy it.

  13. I don’t want this bullshit version -.-

  14. Censorship ,cutting scenes and contents, then rewriting and creating something new, is completely unacceptable, game is crippled and disgusting, buyer wants to have translated original version, not this .. thing.

    If they want to do versions “all age”, let them translate “all age” games, not “18 +” version , some people can write, that they don’t need the H-scenes and stuff like that, and if someone want to have something like that, let him play in socall “Full Eroge” game.
    So, according to some I can’t play this title in uncensored version? Why? If someone does not want to see some parts, so he should close eyes. Also I would like to play in such games, but uncensored, to have the opportunity to enjoy full content-developed storyline AND ALSO suggestive jokes and H-scenes.

    This game is for 18 + in some purpose it was created like that, and censorship is abhorrent.
    Do not support them and do not spend your money, do not bother because whey will just reward us further with Crippled titles.

  15. I happily bought this game for its full price, at its release, to support the visual novel and bishoujo game industry, unaware that I was getting a butchered version. I knew it was an all-ages game I was buying, but I did not think it was an all-ages game *because it had been butchered.* Today, I meant to finally start playing it (yes, after all this time), and after it would not even want to start when I attempted to start playing it, I tried to find a patch online, only to find none…. instead, I found that there was a “restoration patch” available, for those who bought this garbage. I wish I would’ve researched the game before I bought it, although I shouldn’t have to – censorship is completely unacceptable. Moenovel tricked me into buying a butchered garbage version – the title of the game was not ‘If My Heart Had Wings ~Butchered Version~,’ now was it…?

    I hope Moenovel goes bankrupt. Censorship is simply unacceptable…. and especially so when it butchers a game that I now have learnt apparently is very good. I’m just so upset about this. THIS is what we are supposed to look forward to, outside of Japan – not just Moenovel, but JAST USA did it to Shiny Days, very recently, too – even if they at least released a restoration patch, shortly afterwards, but Moenovel never did any such thing and instead just stole my money, and that of many others. Perhaps I should burn this game and its game box and booklet, while filming it, as a sort of review for it, giving it 0 out of 10. A censored game is not worth more than that if it doesn’t even come with an official restoration patch.

    All this behaviour of certain companies just fuels piracy – I paid for this game to just get trash for my money. And it doesn’t even work, anyway, even in its butchered state…. not that it matters, either way. :/ I wouldn’t want to play this, even for free.

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