Tester's Corner: Greatest Inventions Ed. Vol 1

inventions05Our first Tester’s Corner for Throb! The Greatest Inventions of the Sexy Era! comes from Nurio!

Disclaimer: Censor circles in the screenshots are obviously not there in the game.
Warning: Longest Tester’s Corner yet.

I had a nice pattern going with story gamenukigestory gamenukige, but that pattern has been broken by having two nukiges in a row, and I’m not sure if my OCD can handle this! Seriously, why can’t it follow this simple pattern! Argh, the walls are closing in on me! …Oh wait, that’s claustrophobia, isn’t it? DAMMIT!

What do you mean, my pattern didn’t hold up from the start? Psh! Details!

ConquerSlave W– I mean, The Greatest Inventions of the Sexy Era doesn’t pull its punches or beat about the bush with its title just like the other two nukige I tested. It’s almost like the nukige rule. The title is fairly straightforward and you can easily guess what to expect. Though there’s one difference with the other two nukige I tested: There’s no rape! …Well, sorta, kinda… I’ll explain later!

It’s no secret that the other two nukige I tested aren’t exactly my favorites… so I didn’t exactly have high hopes for this one either. It didn’t help that I was greeted by this on the menu screen:




What is–!?






There. Much better!

There. Much better!

I’ve already professed my hate for smiley characters who stare at you all happily with their breasts exposed. I’m only acting upon what I believe in!

But I can forgive this game for this normally unforgivable act, because… because… Oh my G… gah… Ah… This game… This game!!

This game truly is my fetish!

This game truly is my fetish!

Holy crapfucks! You don’t want to know how much this game is my fetish! Sure, there are some questionable things that I will touch upon later… But my dangsnips, this game is made for me! It’s everything I’ve always wanted! It’s like being under the shower, and suddenly the water is STARTING TO FEEL SO INCREDIBLY GOOD AND OH MY G–

Nuri-kyun? What are you doing~? Is this your Pony ritual again?

 Ah… Ah, O-Onee-chan!? No, no… Not the Pony ritual.

Then… The MongoGamer thing?

Yes, yes… The MongoGam– err, MangaGamer thing…

Oh, I simply love Bamboo-samasensei’s stuff! Please show me!

I… I don’t think Bamboo has much to do with this.

Don’t say that! Bamboo-chansama is the embodiment of all! That ghost under your bed? Bamboo! The scruffy beard on your chin? Bamboo! The milk in your cereal? Bamboo!

Onee-chan… Please… Yo-you’re embarrassing me…

No! I shall not leave my precious otoutouotuo-kun unguarded! Please… please let me serve you in this way…

I… urgh… argh… Fine! J-just sit there and stay quiet, alright?

Okay, so, guys, this game has so many things that are my fetishes, it’s unreal! Seriously, the whole game has the central theme of “consensual rape” (which I like extra crispy). Yes! You heard that right! Just thinking back on it makes me go all, hmm… Ahhh….


Gah! O-Onee-chan, seriously! P-please! Just let me have my orgasms by myself! This is getting awkward, y’know!

So yeah… Fetishes. As I mentioned, this game is all about the “consensual rape”. This means that one doesn’t have sex by force but more by exploiting certain opportunities, and that the end goal is for both the girl and the guy having an orgasm. To some it might be the same as any old rape, but for me it changes a “No thanks” into a “Yes please”!

For example, for the very first sex scene, the main character – Daiguuji Kyousuke, a super intelligent P.E. teacher who wants to lead the Science Club – has made an invention called the Weed Bandana, which makes him nearly invisible.

*insert Amsterdam drugs joke here*

*insert Amsterdam drugs joke here*

Yes, that’s right! He’s using his invisibility to sneak up on a specific someone with the pretense of revenge, only to have his way with her and make her feel incredibly good in the end. Better yet, the guy originally intended to just feel her up a little, but he got so swept up in the moment and saw how good the girl felt, he couldn’t help but go all the way. So, his urges were just so strong that he simply had to give in! I. Love. It! And that’s not even the best part! Imagine me, all excited about this scene, when suddenly… BAM! It animates! Seriously, out of freaking nowhere, the scene is suddenly animated! Graah! My blood is boiling just thinking back on it!

Oh my~! I can see Nuri-pyun getting excited! <3

*cough* N-no… That’s just… eh… a… fold in my jeans, yeah!

It’s sort of like enjoying one of those delicious, yummy lollypops… and suddenly there’s chewing gum in the center! Something incredible turned even better out of nowhere! Now imagine that the chewing gum has a surprise syrup center, and you’re entering the heaven of pure eternal bliss. That’s what this game is. It’s a syrup-centered-chewing-gum-centered lollypop.

Bar a few scenes, I can safely say that almost every scene in this game is a fetish of mine. (How many times have I said this already?) There’s the aforementioned invisible assault, but there’s also sleep assault, wardrobe malfunction, girls in male clothing, trickery and heck yeah, even accidental sex!

Accidental sex, is that like a premature ejaculation? I… I didn’t know that was your fetish…

No, no, no! It’s when the penis accidentally enters the vagina!


F-forget it…

Speaking about the girl in male clothing, I refrain from calling her a reverse trap, because…

She’s obviously a girl, right?

She’s obviously a girl, right?

I don’t know why Kyousuke didn’t immediately see she is a girl, but maybe he just only looks at the clothes or the hair? …I know that’s not where I’m looking.

Nuri-pyongyang, it’s rude to stare at a girl’s breasts… T-though, I guess if it’s you… *blush*

…That’s not where I’m looking. I’m looking at the text. It clearly says she’s a girl.

That said, a girl in male clothing isn’t exactly my biggest fetish, but the way Kyousuke talks about it makes me feel like it’s a fetish I’ve never known I had. Kind of like a long-lost kid sister who suddenly enters your life and professes her love to you. Kyousuke is so passionate about his things that his passion overflows to me and I can’t help but feel the very same excitement.

I know exactly what he’s talking about, yet I don’t know at all!

I know exactly what he’s talking about, yet I don’t know at all!

I don’t even really like big-breasted girls! But Kyousuke’s spirit opens new worlds for me, and I love him for that. No homo.

I thought you were straight…


And then there’s the one scene with her that I enjoyed a little bit less…

No, my dear. That is not a pen. Though I guess you can write with it if you try really hard.

No, my dear. That is not a pen. Though I guess you can write with it if you try really hard.

But even with scenes like these, they manage to make it pretty interesting. What do I mean? I guess you have to play the game for yourself!

Aww, please! What’s going to happen?

Nope, not telling! Beg all you want, but I’m ain’t budging!

I believe I’ve made my point clear: I love this game; this game is my fetish. They should’ve called this game Nurio’s Fetish instead! It’s like MangaGamer knew my opinion on rape nukige and was like “Yo Nurio, I heard you like consensual rape” and put me on this VN as a way to make me happy. I asked Kouryuu… But apparently it was completely a coincidence; luck and chance! Lady Luck must be smiling on me.

In any case, let’s talk a bit about the story. Naturally, the story isn’t particularly deep, since it’s a nukige. As you know, you play the role of Daiguuji Kyousuke, a P.E. teacher. He’s actually a super genius and loves science. When he hears he won’t be in charge of the Science Club, he gets devastated and starts plotting behind everyone’s back. He’s starting the Second Science Club and uses this club and his crazy-awesome inventions to get revenge on anyone who opposed him in the past.

And the revenge…

…Yes, the revenge is sex. It’s a nukige, after all.

It may seem a bit shallow of a plot, and technically it is. But this game shines in the execution. Everything is so over-the-top awesome that I was smiling all throughout the game. There’s this one song that I really like in this game, because it’s almost synonymous with the awesome that happens in this game. Heck, I am playing the song right now while writing this Tester’s Corner! [sc_embed_player fileurl=https://blog.mangagamer.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/bgm_004.ogg]

For example, this music plays when Kyousuke wraps himself in power-inducing bandages that make him so buff that he can create Sonic Boom projectiles just by punching the air, all so he can defeat his Magical Girl arch nemesis and deflect her Wind Bomb attacks, after which an epic battle ensues at the academy all while every single student and teacher is sound asleep, unaware of the battle taking place, and where the Magical Girl gets defeated because her basic English skills aren’t exactly up to snuff, only to end with–

I know, right? It’s absurd, but so incredibly awesome!

I know, right? It’s absurd, but so incredibly awesome!

If you don’t believe me that this VN is amazing after my proclamation, I present you the warning screen:

Everyone is 18 years or older! They just look young...

Everyone is 18 years or older! They just look young…

So yeah, believe me, there are some gold moments in this VN. All the music is good, but this particular song stands out. I’ve listened to it plenty of times, bobbing my head to the beat.

Oh, so that’s what you were doing! I totally thought you were giving your laptop invisible blowjobs…

My laptop doesn’t have a penis! She’s a lady, not a man!

Anyway, Kyousuke isn’t alone when trying to take over the world get revenge. He has his very own Soldier No. 1: Fuuka! Now Fuuka is a special girl. A very very special girl. She’s a kind of stupid that baffles even me. I’ve seen plenty of dumb girls in games, but she takes the cake. And she’s the most lovable and the sexiest dumb girl in existence. Because though she is inexperienced in the sexual department, she makes the hottest animalistic sounds during sex. I’d keep going on and on about why exactly she’s this great, but words escape me. It’s better if you see for yourself!

I thought you liked intelligent girls.

I do! But this game made me realize there’s a whole wide world out there with so many fetishes I haven’t yet explored. It made me like things I didn’t even think I could ever like!

Oh! In that case, how about a threesome with me and B–


Going back to Kyousuke, he’s a bit of a forever alone type. You know, hasn’t gotten lucky with the girls yet, wasn’t that popular in general and seemed to have had more fun with his toys/inventions than with his friends when he was younger. These are his grounds for his schemes, and it’s pretty interesting how much I actually identify with the guy in that regard. I often felt the same emotions he felt during the game. For example, being moved by a certain scene happening in front of him. Add to that the fact that almost everything he does is my fetish, I can only come to one conclusion… Am I Kyousuke? Ha! I wish I was in his shoes!

Nuri-syan, that’s a bit sad…

I know! I need a hug! ;.;

It may seem a bit hard to believe at this point, but Kyousuke is actually opposed to rape. (Like me.) It doesn’t mean he’s not taking advantage of certain situations, but he wouldn’t force-force himself on someone. You gotta admire that, right? He can’t help it that he has such a huge libido that he has to act upon his urges from time to time!

*sigh* That reminds me of Bamboo-senseichan… He has trouble keeping it in his pants too!

But you’re loving it in the end, right?

I guess, a little — Okay, a lot.

And that’s all that matters! Justification!

To prove my points, here are two quotes from him: “Well, this was an evil act, and frankly speaking, I was just violating her… But… I did think that I would want my partner to feel good if I were to have sex with them” and “In this society, there are those sadists who enjoy the screams of females, but… I was different”. He even sucks at trash talking during the semi-rape. High five, Kyousuke! You’re my kinda guy! Again, no homo.



Kyousuke has 15 inventions, all of them for a different super-high-technical purpose. Some of them are very practical, and others are just weird. For example…

I’ll let that pun sink in...

I’ll let that pun sink in…

Horrifying, isn’t it!? And you won’t even believe what this invention does! (No, I won’t spoil it, and you’ll never guess this.) There are 4 points in the game where you pick one of two inventions to use, making for semi-split branches in the story. Depending on what you choose, you get one of four different endings. I actually thought it was pretty interesting how the story branches out to these 4 endings, but I won’t elaborate too much on that, because spoilers are serious business, people!

So, I haven’t even begun talking about my actual experiences testing this game! First of all, I have to say that this game had me occupied over and over again that I might not always have had the focus to pay attention for typos and the like. Don’t get me wrong, I still did my best and I am sure I got most typos. But my mind wasn’t as clear as, say, during Kotori Love Ex P. So if you ever find an error in the text, you can go like “Oh, I see Nurio was horny here.” Yes, you will now think of my horny face whenever you see a typo. Forever. Anywhere.

For shame, MangaGamer. For shame. Their lucky with me as a Tester who catches these errors.

For shame, MangaGamer. For shame. Their lucky with me as a Tester who catches these errors.

One more thing I liked about this game is that genitals aren’t beeped out. I’m not talking about uncensored CGs (they’re totally uncensored). I’m talking about how when a character says “dick” or something similar, it’s beeped out because it’s obscene in Japan. (Gasp!) These beeps usually aren’t removed for English releases because the company lost the source files or couldn’t be arsed to provide them. But this game shines through! No more annoying beeps during sex scenes! Hurrah!

Speaking of sex scenes, one more thing I’ve always hated was how the CG almost never showed pubes, but the text spoke of them. This discrepancy between text and graphics always made my head explode violently, but again this game shines through! There are no incorrect mentions of pubes in this game! Does this game ever stop amazing me?

Sadly, yes… Naturally, it often speaks about stuff like “erotic juices being secreted from her pussy”. That’s not bad at all, of course. But imagine the horror on my face when I have a friend who goes by the name Juice. I can only think of my erotic friend slowly crawling out of a girl’s vagina as if he’s some baby who’s 20 years overdue! THE HORROR! What is it with MangaGamer’s nukige and ruining my friends for me? First poor Denis, now poor Juice…

Is it Bamboo’s secret plot to rob me of the few friends I have!?

Eh!? Uuh… Uu… Uuuuu!! I’m just an innocent bystander!

P-please don’t cry… I luckily still have a few friends left… Will you feel better if I let you do the closing words on this Tester’s Corner?

Okay, uhm… “Happy fapping! And remember, don’t wank more than twice a day, or you’ll end up as Nuri-kun!”


And that’s the end of the Tester’s Corner! I’ll see you at the next game. (Which should totally be Chou Dengeki Stryker; it only makes sense. Hint hint, MangaGamer.)

I sincerely pray to god my real family won’t ever read this Tester’s Corner…

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  1. Nurio… liking… a nukige… The world has come to an end! <3

    Nice Tester's Corner. So now Kouryuu knows what to give you to test nukige back to back. 😀

    • I fear that any nukige from this point onward will be downhill. I don’t expect anything to top this. And it appears that all assignments are random, so I really just lucked out.

      And thanks! =D

  2. I guess that explains why you vanished from the forums for a few weeks…

  3. I’m far more concerned about your “onee-chan” fetish. Nurio, tut-tut . Perhaps I should send her a letter? 😉

    Would also like to point out my phone “corrects” your name as “burrito” rather than “Nurio”.

  4. Are you seriously expecting anyone to read such long ramblings?

  5. That was wonderfully hilarious. You rock, Nurio!

  6. However, one thing about “consensual rape”: I personally can’t stand it.
    It spreads the message that all women secretly want to have sex with you no matter if they say no or yes at the beginning of it – which is horrendously misogynistic.

    • Yes, I actually do agree with you. Let me state that this ‘consensual rape’ fetish is purely for fictional works (like my incest fetish). I don’t expect (m)any women in real life to be like this, nor would I want that.

    • Eh, a fetish is a fetish, not much you can do to control them, though that doesn’t make it okay either.

      • I think any fetish is okay (even the most offensive and hurtful ones) as long as they remain fictional. One can like the most hardcore mutilation hentai or whatever as long as he or she doesn’t go out there mutilating actual people.
        Luckily, for most people, their fetishes are mostly in the fictional field. (I’ve heard many people say that they have a sister fetish, but only in fiction.) And for some, the fictional variant actually helps them control their real-life fetish. (For example, some people say that they can control their real pedophile urges because lolicon helps fill that hole.)
        Yes, I know some peculiar people.

      • Fictional fetishes only make sense to me if the fetish or object of desire itself is fictional. Something like manga girls with big eyes for example. You can’t get that in real life. Enjoying a fetish in fiction is therefore just a substitute for what you can’t get in real life, either because it doesn’t exist there or because it’s against the law and/or the rules of society.
        I could therefore never trust a person with something so extreme like a mutilation fetish, because this is something you can actually get in real life in extreme situations where the law and society doesn’t have any control about you anymore. Situations like war and crime zones.
        And unfortunately it’s just a fact that there are some very, very bad people walking around in real life.

      • Naturally, such people do exist. But the majority still sticks to fiction. For example, I could never imagine myself hooking up with my real sisters (and that has nothing to do with society or laws; I’m just not at all interested) whereas I have a huge fictional incest fetish.
        Just because someone has such a fetish in fiction, doesn’t mean they also have it in real life would they be allowed to. I wouldn’t be afraid of such people by default.

      • I make a huge difference between a sexual preference fetish and a fetish where someone gets turned on by hurting or even killing someone.
        I don’t even consider a sister fetish in real life particular offending. If someone has a crush for his sister that’s pretty much a compliment for her since it means that he thinks she’s attractive. No girl in the world would complain about that. It only gets a problem if he doesn’t know the limits and really starts hitting on her.
        I think it’s mostly appearance driven anyway. If a sister accidentally meets the tastes of her brother it would be just normal that he’s attracted to her. Especially, since you have to ‘know’ that someone is your sister. There is no genetic detection mechanism for siblings according to my knowledge.
        Anyway, I consider the sister fetish in eroges mostly fictional since the typical ‘Onii-chan’ routine reminds me more of aggressive flirting than any normal sibling behaviour.

      • Hm, I can understand you making that distinction… I personally am not bothered by people enjoying even the most offensive things, so I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

        Also, I do find my sisters attractive, but I am not attracted to them, if that makes sense.
        And you’re right about most sister characters in VNs not really portraying typical sibling behavior…

    • Why do you think it means to spread a message? Can it not be fetishistic just for the sake of that?

      • @Kuro:
        I don’t think that media exist in a vacuum. What kind of media a person consumes influences that person the same way as other persons or other kinds of experiences influence him/her. I think it’s not possible to stay 100% detached from the content you consume. What you watch, read, etc. leaves an imprint on you, no matter how subtle.
        It’s important to be aware of that when consuming media.

        In my mind, it’s possible to create something fetishistic for the sake of it, but it has to be so ridiculously out there that noone could take it seriously.
        Maybe that’s the case with “Throb!”, maybe not. I don’t know, I haven’t played the game.
        (On a side note, I think there are some fetishes which simply shouldn’t be catered to by eroge creators (e.g. rape).)
        However, on the flip side, it isn’t all that hard to put a few female characters into the game with whom the protagonist doesn’t have sex with. It would make the world of the game less ethical problematic while still providing the same amout of sex scenes.

        At the end of the day, it’s very subjective when a visual novel is sexist and when it’s just plain fun. Yet I don’t think that only because eroges are works of fiction the creators should write whatever they want (and the consumer shouldn’t consume whatever he/she wants).

  7. Just a question about the endings: Haruhara Fuuka and Sasanose Matsuri are the only two girls you can get an ending with, is that true? Therefore no ending with Hondou Sakura?

    • There are 4 endings. Kyousuke does end up with Sakura in one of them, though don’t expect too much from that. There’s no ending sex scene for them or anything.

    • Is she part of a harem ending or does she get a single ending?

      • Okay, I’ll spoil it then. (inb4 people say there’s no such thing as spoiling a nukige)

        In one of the endings, Fuuka leaves the club for Matsuri. They become a couple. At the same time, Kyousuke accidentally (yes, accidentally!) confesses to Sakura and she accepts. That’s all. After that, you see the credits and Fuuka and Matsuri having sex.

        (I personally would’ve liked to see Kyousuke and Sakura have sex one more time because Yuri isn’t really my thing…)

      • I’ve no problem with Yuri, especially if it’s foreplay for a threesome… 😉
        Though it doesn’t really sound like a real ending for Sakura. It’s a typical SHS problem. They introduce lots of girls but you can only get a true ending with a few of them. (Sigh!)

  8. The song of awesomeness you spoke of – would it similar to the song “Emiya” where it can make anything epicly awesome and GAR, including even the sex scenes?

    • Sort of, yes. It even plays during the more ridiculous/awesome sex scenes, so…
      But you can take a listen for yourself. The song is embedded right there where I mention it.

      • Turns out with Firefox’s “high contrast” color scheme the playback icon is not shown, but it’s still on the webpage and can still be clicked – it’s just invisible.

  9. I do so love reading the Tester’s Corners, never know what kind of shenanigans will pop up to give me a good laugh on a bad day, and this one really made my day better. Thanks Nurio.

  10. Nurio, I think we may have something in common: I dislike big boobs. I thought I was minority in minority, and it’s quite sad. for example, all of my friends’ porn materials I stumbled upon shows a common bigness-fetish. And the internet too. Based on the saying “You’re what you fap with”, I feel realy alienated, lol.

    anyway.. is there any other title you can recommend for more pettan & less oppai content? it doesn’t have to be loli. in fact, I never see any mature female content with such feature.

    *forgive me for any typos – japanese & english aren’t my primary language

    • Ah! It’s good to see someone with similar tastes. Yes, I know the feel of a minority in a minority.

      In any case, I actually haven’t played that many visual novels (let alone nukige), so I don’t really have that many recommendations. If I ever find a good doujin, though, I can send it your way if you want?

      Also, as a clarification: I don’t like big boobs, but flat-chested isn’t exactly my cup of tea either. I’m more of a man of averages. I want boobs that I can hold in my hands and don’t need a forklift truck to lift.

      • Hmm, I see. I’ve played some nukige, although i still can’t differentiate them with visual novels. Besides, i don’t remember any favorite titles, except one: Wanko to kurasou. It has less bigness & quite a story | the only downside are: censored & involves tailed-females which is not exactly my fetish.

        Yes, please. Is my e-mail already visible to you?

        Now that you mentioned it, I think i might have misinterpret pettan. Actually I’m referring to “less than standard boobs” or in this case: slightly smaller than Fuuka’s (what is it called in japanese, anyway?)

        BTW I played this game and unfortunately it doesn’t cater to my fetish very well. I only liked the last ending with Fuuka’s. Matsuri’s would be my favorite if only it’s done skin-to-skin. And there’s the swimsuit. I just don’t like doing it with partial or full costume on. IMO, it’s alright to start with any clothes as long as it’s stripped to none in the end.

      • I think I heard about Wanko before. From what I remember, it looked cute. Mosaics are always a shame, but not much can really be done about. It’s just something we have to accept for non-official translations.

        No, e-mail stays private. It’s only used for identification. You can send me a PM on the forums, though, so I know how to find you.

        I am not all too familiar with Japanese terms, and I’m not sure if there’s a term for “below average size boobs”, though I wouldn’t doubt if there were such a term. Perhaps you can ask Kouryuu or someone else knowledgeable?

        Hm, I’m trying to gauge your interests a little bit for future reference. Would you say your fetishes involve mostly vanilla sex? (You can always tell me in PM if you want)

      • Thanks for your reply. My email: tranqon@gmail.com
        I’ve joined & abandoned too much forums (after just a few posts) to know that I’d better not unless I have very strong reason.

        That’s ok, I was just curious. Average will do, I’m not size freak anyway, no boobs’s perfect lol.. as long as it’s not cow’s size, of course 😛

        Hmm.. again, your naming convention helps me identify my fetish better. Yes, i guess you can call it vanilla. Now that I think about it, I despise monster, futanari, anal, and honestly, even blowjobs & boobjobs. And in this game: “individually flying multiplied body parts”, whatever it’s called lol

      • Alright, when I find something, I’ll contact you.

        My preferences are also fairly vanilla, though I do have a few fetishes out there. *cough* *points to Tester’s Corner*
        Admittedly, I’m not one for flying body parts either, but I guess I fell in love with the protagonist’s spirit, which in turn made me love everything he did.

      • Thanks Nurio,
        Yes.. you did mention some of your hidden fetishes, hehe.. speaking of which, have you ever watch “Onii-chan’s sex course 3D”? It’s rumoured to be a recording from hentai game and someone translated it, but it made me curious if such game really exists. Because the girl is totally my type. And I’d like to grab the game, not just the recording, but every googling attempts always point out to that video.

        Speaking of spirit, the weed bandana reminds me of doraemon’s gadget: in one episode, nobita wants to be ignored and doraemon give him a “pebble skullcap” that made people regards him as a mere pebble. If you think about it, there are lots of doraemon’s inventions that shoul- er, could end up for hentai purposes..

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