Demon Master Chris – On Sale this Halloween

Screenshot - 20_06_2013 , 12_15_16

Demon Master Chris will be on sale October 31, 2013! Demon Master Chris marks the first commercial release by Nyaatrap, a European and Japanese Development team.


The game is a fun little dungeon crawler where you play as Chris, a mage who tried to summon the Overlord Leviathan, but failed and found herself summoned to the Demon Realm instead. After escaping Leviathan’s clutches, Chris is now trying to find her way back home, but the only way to do that is gather a force of monster girls and demon girls to her side and force Leviathan to submit to her control.

mg1_censoredWith an all-female cast and plenty of yuri action, we’re sure this’ll be a game for lots of people to enjoy!

While you are waiting for its release, be sure to try out the trial demo!

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  1. Reminds me of Lightning Warrior Raidy. I hope it will be better, though.

  2. This one is kind of unexpected. The art is gorgeous, I almost can’t believe it’s a Doujin title.
    And Anna looks very similar too Suiginto from Rozen Maiden, and I absolutely adore Suiginto. Chris looks a bit different from Shinku but she’s still a blondie and very pretty. It’s almost like getting a Yuri title with Suiginto and Shinku *dream*. Ugh, I don’t think I’ll be able to resist buying this. When can we preorder it?
    It doesn’t have many votes in VNDB yet, but the ones it has are very good. If Nyaatrap continue like this I’m really looking forward to more titles from them.

  3. Yuri monstergirls? Day 1 buy.

  4. Yuri, Donjon RPG… Why not, it may be fun !!!

  5. At least could you respect the original specs of the Japanese game? (The game was launched for Linux too on DLsite)

  6. Awesome!
    We need more monstergirl vns like this
    (I am already looking forward to Bukkake Ranch!:D )

  7. That third image…holy glorious 1366×768 PNG batman!

  8. Any idea when it will be released?

  9. Finally, a game suited for wider screens!

    The sounds, the sights! Excellent!

  10. Holy eroge that high resolution!? Let me pre-order this already……

  11. OOOH YEAH So gonna buy this when it comes out ^-^

  12. It doesn’t seem too bad, but i’m only interested in games with romance if the protagonist is a man, A female one dons’t get me too excited, it make me feel i’m playing with barbies instade or a game where i can conquest the heroine otherwise. Beside, even if i don’t dislike yuri and don’t like it either. The only game with a female protagonist i cared to buy was Cherry Tree High Comedy Club since it had no romance there and i like to rise stats.

    • So would Rance for example be a preferred protagonist?

      • I haven’t played Rance, but aslong as he is the main protagonist and male i usually don’t have complains regardess of his personality. I can feel i can get in his shoes without feeling i’m playing with barbies.

        Still, from what i have read Rance seems interesting and i good game, i don’t expect the character be bad either but i still would have to play the game.

    • Just pretend you’re a girl. That’s what girls do when dealing with BL; they pretend they’re the guy. Or learn that voyeurism is sexier than self-inserts.

  13. Is there going to be a physical copy release of this?

  14. The lack of voices is a great pity x.x

  15. Progress status ?

    • According to project status, translation and editing is complete and they are currently testing.
      Therefore it’s probably close to release, though it also depends on when MG actually WANT to release it.
      Currently they have a schedule of one VN per month and october is already booked for Bukkake Ranch. So, if they strictly stick to their release schedule, the earliest possible release date would be november.

  16. It’s a shame, I haven’t a Core 2 Duo… Only a Celeron Dual Core 1.80 GHz…

  17. Yay! Release date on Halloween!

    The bite we got out of the demo was great. Here’s hoping the rest follows through!

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