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Ruby Striker releasing on October 25, 2013, is now up for pre-orders! We would like to share a few comments received from its enthusiastic developers!


Hello, Konnichiwa. I am the chairman of Hentai Industries, Alamar Chinkokusai.

Hentai Industries are here to bring you the exciting and eccentric world of Japanese Hentai games featuring tentacles, body modification, crossbreeding, and bearing.

First up, we are planning to release Ruby Striker and then a title called Asuka. If they caught your interest, you can start by trying out Ruby Striker’s trial version.

What? Why is it censored?

We have to release it with mosaics for now because it is an extension of the Japanese version, but we will consider the uncensored version if there is a good demand for it! I’m sure you want to see it uncensored, right? Then please click on the “Buy Now” button to motivate us to do so!

Huh? Oops, it hasn’t been released yet, has it? But it’s right around the corner!γ€€It goes without saying that even if you purchase it now, you can still download the uncensored version free of charge.

Hentai Industries localizes the games mainly from the site below.

Since the page is in Japanese, it might be difficult to understand what it says, but if you see a game you want to see in English, please don’t hesitate to contact MangaGamer about it. We’ll be sure to read though all the requests forwarded from MangaGamer, and promise to prioritize the games that have higher demands. Also, if you could give us feedback or submit fanarts of our games, it will be an encouragement for our developers.

We hope you will have a fulfilling Hentai life with Hentai Industries’ Hentai games!

Alamar Chinkokusai


(link NSFW)

Hi I’m Jacky, the artist.

In this work, we have pursued the filthiness of tentacles, and because it lacks erotic situation with ordinary humans, it may put off some people. But in return, it features the wildest tentacle rape that can’t be seen elsewhere. It is most recommended to people who are seeking tentacles in slimy action.



Nice to meet you, I am “assault” who wrote the story of Ruby Striker.

Ruby Striker is about doing what I want to a girl wearing a battle suit with a neck tie, using tentacles. It’s a rather honest expression about my fetish, and there are full of brutal situations that are loyal to my desire. I hope you can try it out as it features hard and dark scenes from beginning to end.




Hi, how are you?

My name is Ayana Sumoto.
I play the role of Ruby in Ruby Striker!

Hello everyone in the English speaking countries, I am Ayana Sumoto.
Since I heard that Ruby Striker is getting an English release, I felt that I needed to be here to say hi!

Ruby Striker is a very simple to understand tentacle rape Hentai game for tentacle fans where the heroine of justice, Ruby Striker gets such things and such things done by tentacles.

For those of you who don’t understand enough Japanese or feel that Hentai games are too expensive, sorry to make you wait! The game you were waiting for is finally here! Featuring H-scenes from beginning to end, without anything unnecessary – A role model of Hentai games, Ruby Striker!

I am on a screaming spree as Ruby Striker to the limit of my stamina!

Please look forward to its release!
Bye bye!

Ayana Sumoto

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  1. “The game you were waiting for is finally here! Featuring H-scenes from beginning to end, without anything unnecessary” Except for the unnecessary mosaics~

    Meh, I’m a fan of Jacky’s work so I’ll probably get this.

  2. Considering how enthusiastic the creators and voice actress are about the license I preordered just to be nice.

  3. Thanks for being closer to the community with these messages. Preordered. Looking forward for more releases from you.

  4. Uncensored please! Preorder now everybody πŸ˜€

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