Tester's Corner: Touma Ed. Vol. 1

touma_CG08Today we’re proud to present the first Tester’s Corner for Touma Kojirou‘s Detective, a short piece by Linktriforce007!

Touma Kojirou’s Detective File ~Murder at the Opera House~ is a murder-mystery visual novel that uses The Phantom from “The Phantom of the Opera” as its main villain.

After the first murder occurs, it gave me a feeling of suspense like I feel when I watch some of the crime shows nowadays, and I immediately wanted to guess who was the Phantom. What person would do it? Why would they do it? Is it just me or is it something more than a series of random killings? Are they connected somehow? I didn’t really expect all of my questions to be answered out of nowhere, and really thought the most interesting part of the game would be the little sister romance.

touma_CG07In the end, however, the plot was what grasped me most, and how the main protagonist, albeit a pervert, is actually a true genius when it comes down to it. His cleverness is something that I could never have matched as his ideas were ones that I never caught on to, and I kept on switching who was really the bad guy all the way through.

Deep down, the h-scenes were memorable, and the fact that an actual movement motion occurred during sex was a very nice touch, one that I’d never seen before in a visual novel.

Touma Kojirou’s Detective File ~Murder at the Opera House~ is quite a great visual novel, and I would recommend it to any person who likes mystery novels.

– Linktriforce007 (Beta Tester)

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  1. Nice review 🙂
    Now I’m interested in the game.

  2. Good to see a short review that I can actually read without getting bored quickly. Nice change from usual tester’s corners. ~_~

  3. If you guys like motion on your eroge, just check the others softhouse’s VNs~

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