Hard Copy Sales Begin!

07Starting today, we at MangaGamer are proud to announce that we will begin taking hard copy orders directly through our own website!
All current and future hard-copies of our releases will be sold directly through our website, so stop on by, take a look, and place an order for the holidays! We’ll be shipping domestically to the United States, and internationally world-wide.
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  1. Small step for Mangagamer but a big step for mankind!

  2. Took you long enough. 😛

    Well, finally ordered my Otoboku hard copy, then. Even before I got the notice about the section being open. 😀

  3. Do you have plans to offer an upgrade (discount) for people who already bought the digital version? Right now, I could see some people holding off buying a title initially in case a hard copy release happened later. Since you have a record of all digital sales in your system, this should be pretty easy to implement.

  4. Just wanted to mention, there is a mix up on “Da Capo 2” page, the pictures of Koihime are displayed instead of Da Capo 2 pictures.

  5. This should look interesting next to my limited edition copy of the Japanese release 🙂

  6. So, um… How limited is the “limited edition”? I’m a bit broke because of Christmas presents right now, and I don’t want to miss out when I do get some money in a month or two.

    • Pretty much, our limited editions get one print run, and then they’re gone and regular editions are printed. How long they last depends on popularity. We’re almost out of stock on our Da Capo and Dacpo 2 limited editions, though they’ve been out for a while. Otoboku’s stock reasonably remains. We can’t guarantee how fast or slow Kara no Shoujo will sell out. If it doesn’t speed up though, there should still be some left next month.

  7. We’ll be shipping domestically to the United States, and internationally world-wide.
    It’s includes Brazil,bank slip for a payment option and BRL prices?????

    • The order must be placed through our website, so pricing for the game and shipping is in US Dollars, but yes, we will ship internationally to Brazil.

  8. Since Boob Wars managed to get a hard copy, would I be correct to assume Boob Wars 2 will too when it’s released?

    • It would depend, Boob Wars was our top seller for the year 2012, so obviously was a top candidate for a hard copy. I can’t say the same for Boob Wars 2, while it’s a much larger game (almost 5x as much content!) it is more expensive, but it’s quite possible that if it does well it could see a hard copy release.

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