Introduction to Ultimate Boob Wars

introheaderAre you ready for the epic sequel to the ever popular Boob Wars? Featuring a cast of over ten, lovely ladies with breasts ranging from AAA to I cup! Unlike the original, Boob Wars 2 has traded in its battle system in favor of more in-depth, ‘intimate’ diplomatic relations.

In a distant land, we find the continent of Bustchest: a once peaceful land, ruled by the kingdoms of Piequartz and Serpettane.

Piequartz is home to the people of the Big Breast Tribe, named, as you might expect, for the ample size of its women’s bossoms. They are known for their strength, size and military might. The Big Breast Tribe worships the reptilian goddess of big breasts, Boweene.

Serpettane, on the other hand, is home to the Flat Chest Tribe, known not only for the diminutive size of their women’s breasts, but also their small stature, intellectual acumen and magical prowess. The Flat Chest Tribe worships the reptilian goddess of flat chests, Petan.

Both kingdoms were on friendly terms, until one fateful day, that would come to be known as the Tittynomachina, when their goddesses began to fight. Ultimately, the continent was cleft in two and the amicable relationship between the two kingdoms was severed.dragons

The deep ravine between the kingdoms prevented active war, but their hatred smoldered for a thousand years, so, when a mysterious shift in the world’s crust forced the two halves back together, war broke out: the Boob Wars.

With both kingdoms devastated by the fires of war, the breast deities call upon you, a traveler and firm believer in mammary equality by the name of Haruto, to become their Savior by collecting Boob Energy from all corners of the land and making a miracle happen. Are you up to the task? The fate of the breasts of the world lie in your skilled hands!plsendthewar

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  1. I just noticed that even the dragons have boobs, this game is going to be hilarious.

  2. Here’s hoping this time I don’t end up favoring one kingdom overall simply because its queen is the only character with a personality.

    • It *does* look like a little more effort went into this game than the last one. Though I’ll miss the old “flat chest tribe” and the jokes about them being very warlike and militant.

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