Ultimate Boob Wars Now on Sale!

BoobWars2We at MangaGamer are proud to announce that Ultimate Boob Wars is now on sale!









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  1. It seems interesting and i would like to play it, but a thing it is atleast 10 or 15 dollars too expensive for a nukige. I’lll thinking about buy it.

    • We all have our own personal price points for things, but I think it is a much better deal than other nukiges they have released. It is HUGE! The download was almost 4 GB. Judging from the Extra section on the menu, there are about 65 sex scenes in it, half of which are animated. There are six main heroines plus several other characters with scenes.

    • Yeah, one route probably has as much content as the entirety of the first game. That might be an exaggeration since I haven’t exactly done a rigorous analysis, but I don’t think it’s too far off, and as mentioned there’s a half dozen heroines with routes. It’s definitely not lacking for content.

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