The New Features of Cho Dengeki Stryker!


Curious about the new features and content in Cho Dengeki Stryker? Look no further as today we are proud to give an overview of the new and enhanced content presented in the long-awaited expansion to our 2012 release of Dengeki Stryker!

For players of the original Dengeki Stryker, Cho Dengeki Stryker features additional content enhancements upon the original title such as:

Additional event CGs, fleshing out previously text only portions of the game

Additional character sprites, allowing for a great degree of expression among the characters

Vastly improved combat scenes, featuring graphical enhancements and sounds to deepen the immersion of the battles

A prime example of these graphical enhancements would be the licking embers present during the fight against the Balboran Phoenix as he sets the city aflame.


The original Dengeki Stryker featured three main routes the Zero and Sky Sagas that branched off from the game’s trunk along with the Heaven Saga that served as the true ending route. Cho Dengeki Stryker features three all new, completely original routes that branch off and build upon the original game. The combined length of the three new routes rival the length of the original three. With the original Dengeki Stryker featuring a trunk and three full routes, Cho Dengeki Stryker’s Love, Steel, and Light Saga increases the game’s total length by over 80%.


The Love Saga features a focus on Hilko, the beautiful woman of womanly beauties, as a branching side story off of the main Dengeki Stryker. The Love Saga fleshes out the Balboran side of the conflict, putting the spotlight on the lives of our heroes and heroines outside of their bionic struggles. Read more on this womanly woman of beautiful beauty here!


The Steel Saga builds upon the smoldering ashes remaining at the close of the Zero Saga instead. New faces and old enemies make a return in this route as the previously shorter route in Dengeki Stryker becomes the longest and most fleshed out in Cho Dengeki Stryker. Read more on Clie, the sword-swinging heroine of the Steel Saga here!

Following the Steel Saga is the Light Saga, but we’ll leave it up to you to play it and find out what happens!

To accompany the new routes are brand new opening and ending songs, with new animated sequences to match.

“Fight for the Future” is the new theme song for Cho Dengeki Stryker, featuring lyrics milktub and performed by Endoh Masaaki of JAM Project fame.

Without spoiling the surprise any further, additional vocal tracks were added for each of the new routes along with “Keep on Dreaming!” the new ending song for the conclusion of the Light Saga!

Cho Dengeki Stryker is the definitive version of the title, featuring a tale of heroics, love, and chivalry that is sure to appeal to both veterans of the original Balboran conflict of Dengeki Stryker and brand new Stryker Warriors who have never experienced the story before!

Triple Stryker

With its expanded routes and additional characters, Cho Dengeki Stryker nearly doubles the length of the original 2012 English release and is sure to keep you hooked to your seat for tens of hours!

Cho Dengeki Stryker is up for preorders now and will go live on March 28, 2014!

…and a small bonus for veteran players. (Warning, spoilers!)

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  1. Did change appear in the three previous route (CG, Animation, …) or just in the common route ???

  2. Sounds great! I guess this will be a hot hard copy candidate for me.
    I hope I can start the VN with either the Sayaka or the Hilko route since those two are my favorites so far. And btw, why is there no route for Jack?!

  3. Nintendo Maniac 64


    I’m in shock, the OP song has no dynamic range compression!


    (btw, you can get higher quality by using the Firefox extension “Complete YouTube Saver” and downloading the 480p audio stream directly into an M4A file, which 99.99% of music players should support considering it’s what itunes uses)

    • Nintendo Maniac 64

      OK, technically it may have some dynamic range compression, but it’s much more minimal than one would expect.

  4. Thank you for translating the opening video. It would be great if eventually all of MangaGamer’s new releases had their opening videos translated.

  5. Does the save data from the original version carry over to cho? i dont remember seeing any mention about this. just something Im curious about XD

    • As far as I know, the saves are not compatible, but this wasn’t exactly tested either. Cho Dengeki Stryker is slated to completely replace the original in the store. Completion flags can be activated for the original three routes in the game’s settings panel.

    • I tried it and saves do not carry over, but the system does so you can continue from where you left off and all progress is saved.

  6. I’m just curious. When it says branching out from Zero Saga, does it mean we have to play Zero Saga again to get new choices for the new sagas? or if we finished up to the Sky Saga, we now have the choices from the start for the new love sagas just like heaven and sky?

    • Yes, you have to play Zero Saga again to get access to Steel Saga. But thanks to the invention of the skip button, it’s not really a problem if you don’t want to, since you can just skip the whole thing.
      Love Saga branches out from the common route though.

  7. Dengeki Stryker is awesome but i wish they release ost for download

  8. man , i wish they released an OST for this , the music is really great

    • I’ve been wondering why MG doesn’t publish the OSTs along the eroges (or maybe even includes them with the eroge).
      A lot of VNs have a great soundtrack that I which I could listen to outside of the VN.

      • Licensing and rights issues. For companies like OVERDRIVE that value the music in their games, the music, and therefore the OSTs are important, marketable product on their own, which they’d rather sell as a separate album, but safe and secure digital distribution of paid mp3s isn’t easy, iTunes has their own requirements for publishing music on their system, and companies often aren’t keen on publishing products like that without any kind of security to protect them. (Despite how much it may already be pirated.)

        It’s something we’d love to do, but there are a lot of different hurdles towards it. Not to mention the question of whether or not enough people would be interested to merit a print run.

  9. Hey can you send me piano notes for the song missing?

  10. Skip function is bugged . Be aware and dont buy this game since it skips everything even unread lines

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