Milles and Cadia

Milles_CG10Today we’ll be introducing Milles and Cadia from Milles, Knight of Anal Tyranny!

As a little girl, Cadia was nearly raped by a band of ruffians. She was only spared because they lost all interest at the sight of her dick. Ever since then she’s had a complex about her second sex, and she’s tried to become a strong woman to avoid facing such humiliation again. She’s the first one to encounter Milles, and offers to let her team up.Milles_CG05

Still, no matter how much she may be ashamed of her cock, and no matter how strong her will may be, she’ll find out her body doesn’t agree with her when she ventures into the woods…Milles_CG02

Milles is an unusual girl. When she first wakes up, she finds herself in front of Diva’s shrine with no memories of who she is or how she got there. But, as she tries to leave, she’s quickly assaulted by the denizens of the forest, and filled with eggs containing their spawn. By the time she manages to stumble into town, the eggs are ready to born, and Cadia saves her and the villagers from further violation.Milles_CG01

What secrets lie in her lost memories? She’ll find out when she returns to the forest…Milles_CG04

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