Meet the Imoutos #3: Hiyori


The bad girl receiving a hearty dose of justice here is Hiyori. She’s the youngest of your loving imoutos, but Koharu only has her beat by a few minutes. She is on a quest to become an adult, and today she is learning that sometimes adults spank each other for fun. Being an adult sure is hard.


The best part of waking up is Hiyori in your cup.

An important part of being an adult is getting up early and drinking lots of coffee. Onii-chan is demonstrating this by filling his mug with a fresh cup of cafe au loli. Hang in there, Hiyori-chan! You can do it!

Pomf =3

Pomf =3

Looks like Hiyori is ready to climb the final steps of adulthood. Time for Onii-chan’s ultimate lesson. Congratulations, Hiyori!


Hmm, what’s this long, slender thing growing out of you, Hiyori? Well, I guess this is also part of being an adult. This harem route sure has taken an unexpected turn. Umm, good job, Hiyori, I think. Aim for the top!

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  1. This blog post is full of win.
    I want this game so bad that it almost hurts.

  2. ooh, finally some spanking… not enough eroge have spanking in them c:

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