Cartagra Trial Version Now Available!


We at MangaGamer are proud to announce the release of a trial version for Cartagra ~Affliction of the Soul~!

Join us for another gut-wrenching horror mystery from the creators at Innocent Grey! Fans of Kara no Shoujo will probably be all too familiar with some of the characters as you enter the tale of Cartagra ~Affliction of the Soul~, set 4 years prior to the events in Kara no Shoujo. Here in this tale, you’ll follow Takashiro Shugo as he investigates a serial killer murdering prostitutes in Ueno, a case that steadily unravels into a deeper, more terrifying mystery!

 Visit the store page for more information, or download the trial directly here.
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  1. Just quickly dropping by to say thanks once again for working on this. Cheers.

  2. Oh my god, FINALLY!
    I don’t remember how long I waited for that…

  3. Thanks for the trial version. Will you release linux version as you did with Really Really?

  4. i just played a little bit of the demo and even though i’m not a fan of the horror genre,i’m still seriously considering purchasing this title.seems like there is going to be lots of drama on this besides the horror…

  5. Looks good. I am yet to play the demo, but i think it will be worth it.

  6. What’s this nonsense about it trying to install to a “mangagamer” folder? Mangagamer does not make video games.

    You guys were better during the KnS days. Better blog hype posts, better trial, and less shameless brand promoting.

    • Where would you suggest we install our games to, if not the games folder? It’s not as if you can’t just change the folder during the install process if it is not to your liking.

      • C:Program FilesEA Gamesjapaneseporngames

        Also I agree. Mangagamer’s sold out and gone mainstream. True fans appreciated having voicetracks held hostage and getting six softhouse seal titles a month and jack all else. Now you’re all just in it for the money. Really, you guys haven’t been good since the black album.

  7. @Doddler

    Why not an Innocent Gray folder, or a direct Catarga folder? It’s like Sharin no Kuni installing to “C:Program FilesTLWikiSharin no Kuni” or “C:Program FilesMoogySharin no Kuni”. Or games translated by Amatseru and ixrec installing to an Amatsersu folder.

    I know this is minor. I can imagine you guys bundling a MangaGamer desktop widget next though.

    • The reason we aren’t defaulting to installing games into Program Files is that the Program Files directory is special in windows and subject to user access control (UAC) restrictions on vista and on. Since this can be the source of problems for users, the easiest solution is simply to default installation to a different directory. I figured the directory c:GamesMangagamerGameTitle was the best choice, as the games directory is fairly common. I do admit this isn’t completely optimal, but you are free to change the install directory during installation. As for using a ‘Mangagamer’ folder rather than the original brand, I feel that users may not always be familiar with the original brands for the titles they purchase, and installing them into a Mangagamer folder keeps these games organized. I also feel that it’s common practice to use the publisher name for game installs, both among Japanese, and English titles.

    • I think a more meaningful way to avoid problems would be to make the executables more anti-virus software friendly instead of manipulating the default install path.
      I’m still wondering what you guys did with ImoPara that my virus scanner went nuts like a drug-sniffing dog on a family package of crystal meth. I always thought Soft-Denchi should have been the end to all virus-scanner related problems.

  8. I totally regret watching the crappy OVA for Cartagra a couple of years ago.

    Didn’t expect the game to be translated. If the story is exactly like the anime (who the killer is), then I basically spoiled the game for me!

  9. I’ve looked forward to this for several years, and now release is just around the corner! I don’t know how I went so long without spoiling myself, but I’m glad I did.

    In the meantime, the demo version gave me just what I expected: Cartagra looks and plays beautifully and spends no time at all in holding back the horror. Also, Kazuna has really grown on me, even over the course of a demo. I can’t wait for release.

  10. Of all the things to complain about, the install path of the game should be the least of anyones concern.

    I am really excited for this release, I think I am going to try to hold out for the boxed release though, even if that means waiting a while.

  11. Day freaking 1. I enjoyed KnS immensely so I’m expecting the same here. Hope this is a way better seller then KnS. Don’t want IG to get discouraged anymore by the west. Thanks MG.

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