Imouto Paradise 1.04 Patch


We are proud to announce the release of the Imouto Paradise 1.04 patch! The patch addresses the following issues:

  • – Somehow, another mosaic has been found, this time covering the tightly clenched anus of the protagonist as his sister gives him a simultaneous rimjob and hand job. This kind of mistake clearly cannot stand, so we’ve rushed to have the issue fixed and deliver a patch to you.
  • – Some additional minor text adjustments were made.
  • – (1.03 fix) Fixed a script regression issue with the 1.02 patch with one of Aya’s scenes where text wasn’t displaying correctly.
  • – (1.04 fix) Made some more minor text changes.

You can download the patch here, and will be pre-patched on any full downloads of the game after today. This patch also includes all the fixes from the previous patch. Simply extract the zip file into your game folder to install the patch.

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  1. so proud of your patch

  2. Have times changed? I remember when my censoring using pictures of hot dogs and newspapers wasn’t allowed…

  3. Help after i finished Aya’s first sex scene the text disappears on the dialog box

    • I see what you mean… I will attempt to update the patch to fix this issue. Edit: The patch has been updated to fix the issue. Thanks for reporting it!

  4. Silly Michika, that’s not how you eat ice cream 😉

  5. Either I installed the patch wrong, or the scene early in the game where Aya gets embarrassed by the mention of bathing together and the line “Either because the was embarrassed or trying… etc” shows up twice in a row, covering over some of her dialogue is still bugged.

    • Thanks for bringing that up… get ready for 1.04! I’ll update the post shortly.

      • A similar situation happens early on the fifth day, where the first two lines are almost identical, and one of them is replacing what is supposed to be some dialogue by Souichirou. Also, during the harem route (morning after the twins fellatio) there’s a part where a piece of Rio’s dialogue gets replaced with “Since Rio was in front of her, Aya didn’t see clearly”, and later in the same scene some of Souichirous dialogue is replaced with “They looked at each other with serious expressions on their faces”.

        Seems like a bunch of what I’m assuming are the game asking for the wrong piece of text are happening throughout. Aside from this, its a good translation of an awesome game, so seems like just a couple coding misshaps made its way through QC, not really enough to detract from the game, but noticeable for a nitpicker like me :P.

  6. what identification number

  7. There’s a punctuation error during the harem route second half. It says, “Aya, I was asleep naked right. Hadn’t taken a bath. That was the reason why.” It should read, “Aya, I was asleep naked, right? I hadn’t taken a bath. That was the reason why.” That should clean up the sentence.

  8. Can you please reupload the patch?

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