Tester’s Corner: Cartagra Ed. Vol 1


Today, we’re proud to present a few words on Cartagra from Shiro!

Murder mysteries have always been something that has intrigued me. The endless twists and turns of a well written murder story will get your blood boiling and your mind racing. Cartagra definitely delivers in both of these aspects. The story, regardless of route taken, is fantastic and will have you wondering what is going to happen next. Another pleasant surprise was how unpredictable Cartagra was. Personally speaking, I find stories that take the time to surprise you are the ones that are the most worthwhile. Cartagra definitely fits the bill here, and I was astounded by the amount of detail that went into each route and the amount of love that was put into all the characters.


Speaking of the characters, they are all extremely likeable, and in some cases relatable. Kazuna was a personal favorite for me. Her cheerful personality and naivety reminded me a good deal of myself, and this had me rooting for her whenever she appeared in the story. I wanted so badly for her to achieve her dreams, and in some ways I cared more about that then the murder mystery being solved. That just goes to show how much you can fall in love with the characters you get attached to. Kazuna aside, the full cast was great and did nothing but add texture and life to an already great story. I actually found myself tearing up over lives lost and also feeling satisfied when I established good relationships with the other characters, sexually or otherwise.


The protagonist deserves a mention, as well. He is lifelike, sarcastic, and none of his interactions with the fellow cast of characters seems forced or uninteresting. On the contrary, I found myself laughing quite a few times. His story is just as intriguing as the murders that are happening around him, and that will keep the player moving through the story without feeling like they are completing a chore. At the end of the day, someone is playing Cartagra for the leisure and fun of being part of a story, and nothing is more of a turnoff than a boring main character. Luckily, Cartagra does not let you down at all in this aspect.


The music in Cartagra is also quite phenomenal. You will find yourself getting used to the same played tracks, but they are implemented so well you will hardly notice. The lighthearted scenes in Cartagra have beautiful instrumental pieces that will help make you forget the gruesome scenes you may have encountered only seconds before. In contrast, the more creepy moments of the game are accompanied hand in hand with haunting tracks that will get your skin crawling. It is an experience I greatly enjoyed, albeit scared the daylights out of me at times.


All in all, Cartagra was a great experience. The gore was a bit much as times, but was necessary for the picture Cartagra was trying to paint: a riveting tragedy. Even though there were times I was shaken, I appreciated the course I took to feel the way I did. I would have no qualms playing it through multiple times to notice little things I may have missed previously, and I would not be surprised in the least if fellow players found themselves at the same conclusion.

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  1. >Shiro

    >cheerful personality and naivety

    Next you’ll be telling me how you want to be a superhero and save everybody…

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