eden* Available for Pre-Orders!

eden1Today we’re proud to announce that eden* and eden* PLUS MOSAIC are finally available for pre-order!

A tale of the planet’s final love story told using the full force of minori’s critically acclaimed illustrative style, engaging musical compositions, and the highly talented staff that has led fans coming back for more every single time!
Eden tosses aside the traditional sprite and talking heads conventions used by many visual novels and instead employs a far more cinematic approach consisting of almost all event illustrations. Told using a widescreen resolution of 1024 x 640, eden promises a play-experience more akin to enjoying a movie than reading a book.

Furthermore, all orders of eden* will contribute to the fundraiser for Supipara’s localization, so pre-order your copy today and get 50% off!Everyone pre-ordering eden* and eden* PLUS MOSAIC from MangaGamer will receive a free Steam Key at launch!

Don’t forget to check out our special product page for eden* or the Supipara fundraiser page for updates as the release draws close! Share the news with all your friends and follows to help bring Supipara to the West and fund the development of all-new English-first chapters!


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