Tester’s Corner: Secret Sorrow Ed. Vol 3

Today we’re proud to introduce our third tester’s corner for Secret Sorrow of the Siblings.

Secret Sorrow of the Siblings is a visual novel that is solely focused on Kaito Ootori, His twin brother Rikuto and his younger sister Arisa. So I’ll start with a brief introduction to the 3 of them.

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First off we have Arisa. This is Kaito’s younger sister. She is arguably one of the prettiest girls in School and a regular at the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club. She is very smart and does well in her classes as well as being one of the most popular girls in school. Her figure is incredible and easily stands out among others when she wears her Gymnastics Leotard. Despite all of this she is still a virgin and often shuts down boys in school who confess their feelings to her.

Mm-mm Skintight Leotards...

Mm-mm Skintight Leotards…

Next up we have Rikuto. Kaito’s younger twin brother. He’s an honors student and extremely athletic. He has a major tournament coming up soon and needs to focus on his practice. Like his sister he doesn’t have any sexual experience – probably because of how much time he dedicates to his studies and sports.

Lastly we have the main character. Kaito Ootori. He isn’t dumb by any means but he is far from a model student. He stays up late at night on the Internet listening to music or watching porn. He doesn’t seem to enjoy the company of his family much any more, instead choosing to drown out his surroundings using headphones locked away in his room. At first he doesn’t seem to be close with or anything like his siblings but they all end up sharing something in common…

The novel plays from Kaito’s point of view, and it starts with him staying up late at night browsing the Internet and listening to music with his headphones. When he decides to get a drink before trying to sleep and sneaks through his house attempting not to disturb his family he notices his brothers bedroom light is on. On further investigation he discovers his younger twin brother AND sister are not only both still awake but are currently engaged in a sexual act with one another. Both disgusted and in complete awe he manages to record the event on his smart phone before returning to his room, and so the story begins….

Secret Sorrow of the Siblings is the story of Kaito and his desire for conquest. He is jealous of his brother and the fact that his sister chose Rikuto instead of him. Using the video he managed to record he begins his quest for conquest: blackmailing his sister and forcing her to do lewd acts to satisfy his lust. As time goes on Arisa starts to become more compliant, even going as far as starting to enjoy the situations she has been forced into.


The novel covers a variety of scenarios and fetishes ranging from Leotards, forced masturbation and Chikan… all the way to blindfolds, bondage and a hint of Netorare. One scene in particular was easily my favorite! Arisa finds herself tied up in a school toilet stall bound in a lewd pose with a blindfold on. She is left to ask whoever finds her for help, or stay silent and pray that nobody finds her. The thrill of not knowing who would find her or what they could do easily sends the readers mind racing, thinking about the situation and what they would do if they were to discover such a wonder.

Of course, we all know that we would untie her and never speak of her embarrassment!

Of course, we all know that we would untie her and never speak of her embarrassment!

Obviously this novel isn’t for everyone. It’s all about incest, and you play as the bad guy blackmailing his own sister, ultimately stealing her from who she truly cares about. However if those themes are something you enjoy I would highly recommend this title. It’s not too long averages several hours per play-through but the artwork is beautiful and there are several routes available leading to different endings.

My final thoughts: It’s was a nice novel and Arisa was my type of girl. She was voiced well though some repetitive sound effects are to be expected. The story-line wasn’t too dark and while the incest aspect didn’t appeal to me personally I still enjoyed the scenes and scenarios that unfolded. You would be foolish not to pick this one up if you’re even remotely interested in it.

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