Princess Evangile – The Destined Lovers


In this article, meet the two girls from Masaya’s past with whom he shares a reunion of destiny at Vincennes in Princess Evangile.


Rousenin Rise

The moment Masaya saved Rise on the street on that winter night, Masaya felt an odd sense of deja vu, almost as if he knew Rise from before! And when a beautiful girl sends a thrill up your spine and says she needs you to save everything she cares for, well… you wouldn’t be quick to say no, either.

At Vincennes, Rise is known as the “Sun of the School,” a born leader and seeming shoe-in for student council president… if it wasn’t for the sheer radicalness of her ideas. It’s a testament to her popularity that she remains so admired when she’s pushing for a concept as extreme as allowing boys at an all-girls school. She’s naive about many of the ways of the world, but she’s also assertive, courageous, and adventurous, and would rather plunge headfirst into the unknown than suffer stagnancy and slow decline.

But the dream girl of Vincennes also has a dark secret… one that ties into her vaguely-remembered past with Masaya and her determination to see changes to the conservative world she grew up in. By choosing Rise, you’ll learn the dark history of Vincennes, through the shadow cast by the light of its most shining star.

Rousenin Rise is voiced by Yuki Satou (サトウユキ). Her previous roles include Kisara Himeno in Eroge! Sex & Games Make Sexy Games!, Kaoru Fukamizu in Cartagra, and Sonsaku from Koihime Musou.


Sagisawa Chiho

All through Masaya’s rotten childhood, there was always one person he could count on, for anything from a friendly ear to a well-timed hand-out: his neighbor and oldest friend, Chiho. But when a particularly brutal gang of loan sharks came calling, Masaya had to go on the run, and he chose to cut Chiho from his life rather than put her at risk. One year later, Masaya was shocked to meet Chiho again at the upper-class, all-girls’ Vincennes… and the feeling was certainly mutual!

Despite her great beauty and incredible athletic ability, Chiho’s middle-class roots and late arrival to the rigidly hierarchical school system make her an outcast in the school. Masaya can barely believe his eyes when he sees the friendly, outgoing girl he once knew seemingly resigning herself to three years of isolation and misery.

Chiho starts out angry with Masaya for running out on her, and while can’t stay mad at him for long, the dark circumstances that drove the two apart won’t stay gone forever. When you choose Chiho, you must confront the important question: Chiho saved you in the past. When your past comes back around to haunt you, can you do the same for her?

Sagisawa Chiho is voiced by Keito Mizukiri (水霧けいと). Her previous roles include Midorishita Yumina in Yumina the Ethereal and Amahara Miyabi in Ore no Kanojo no Uraomote.

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  1. Ore no Kanojo no Uraomote. You mentioned it, that means you’re doing it!

  2. In my eroge experience dark secrets of all girls Christian schools usually involve sexual slavery and/or the occult. Interested to see which it’ll be in this game 😉

  3. Someone can explain me why there is this page: (incredibly weel done) but it is almost hidden?

    THere also some other hidden pages like this one, for example the minori found rising page or eden* page.

    PS: for “hidden” I mean that there are no link on the mangagamer site and I discovered princessevangile page because it was linked in one post here on the blog.

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