Princess Evangile – The Garden of Vincennes


Not all of the flowers of Vincennes are to be touched. Some are also there to be admired… and they all have their own stories to tell in Princess Evangile!


Kamiyagi Ruriko

In a campus full of wealthy girls, Ruriko is among the wealthiest and most refined. She’s also one of the most naive, having never even touched a man’s skin before. This sometimes leads to strange misunderstandings, such as her continual descriptions of Masaya as her “first,” just because he held her hand. But what she doesn’t know about men, she’s certainly eager to learn…

Ruriko is Chiho’s one friend on campus prior to Masaya’s arrival. Despite coming off as slow-witted and naive, she’s actually very insightful and decisive when it comes to what she wants. She also needs Masaya’s help to “learn about men,” but won’t specify exactly why that is…

Kamiyagi Ruriko is voiced by Shiho Nakaya (中家志穂). Her previous roles include Nanase Michika from Imouto Paradise, Shibuya Megumi from Magical Marriage Lunatics!!, and Rikuni Miina Trample on “Schatten!!”



Yanase Konomi

Konomi is a relative latecomer to Vincennes, but she makes up for her lower station with dedication and a devotion to the martial arts. She latched onto Ritsuko early on, and goes to obsessive lengths to protect her. Some might say their relationship is a little too close… but then, such relationships aren’t unheard of in an all-girls school…

Even for Vincennes, Konomi has some of the strangest ideas about men, such as believing that a man can impregnate a woman just by looking at her! As a result, she’s violently opposed to Masaya’s presence, as she sees him as a threat to her beloved Ritsuko’s purity. Masaya will need to navigate around her carefully, lest he find more than his head severed by the blade of her sharp naginata…

Yanase Konomi is voiced by Yukina Fujimori (藤森ゆき奈). Her previous roles include Sonono Nene in Eroge! Sex & Games Make Sexy Games, Toumi Sana in Angel Ring, and Kogasaka Chinami from Hoshizora no Memoria.



Nogi Tamie

Tamie is the school reporter; she’ll do anything for a scoop. As another relative latecomer to Vincennes, she has a casual way of speaking and comporting herself that sets her apart from the hothouse flowers that surround her. But her infallible reporter’s instincts and nose for gossip have made her a fixture of the school and the star of the local news club.

Tamie is an early ally to Masaya, at least in the sense that her reporter’s neutrality inclines her to give him a fair shake before she judges him. But the more she follows his activities at Vincennes, the more she’s swept away by his gallantry and… physique. Can the will of the school reporter sway the will of the school?

Nogi Tamie is voiced by Akane Ueda (上田朱音). Her previous roles include Hisaka Momo from Bokuten, Nanase Momoka from Imouto Paradise 2, and Ichikura Miu in Ero Manga! H mo Manga mo Step-u.




Mekata Mitsuki

Mitsuki was once Rise’s best and most inseparable friend, until an unexplained falling out occurred in their first year of high school. Since then, Mitsuki has placed herself in opposition to everything Rise wants and respects. She even rejects Masaya’s presence — along with the very idea of gender integration — almost instantly out of hand.

Like Rise, Mitsuki is highly pragmatic and competitive. She was set to run for student council president against Rise, but when she realized how high the stakes this year would be, she rescinded the candidacy to Ritsuko to give her side the best chance of success. She’s determined to see Rise fail… and she’s going to make it happen, if she has to sell her soul to do it!

Mekata Mitsuki is voiced by Kagetsu Suzune (鈴音華月). Her previous roles include Himeno Mitsuki from Furuiro Meikyuu Rondo ~Historie de Destin~ and Kotono Natsuka from Aka-san to Kyuuketsuki.



Myougi Marika

The president of Vincennes’ student council, Marika is known as “everyone’s big sister.” Although Vincennes is a Catholic school, Marika seems to be one of the few who takes the teachings of the Bible seriously. In fact, she seems to base much of her life around the words of scripture, and often quotes it in her daily life.

Marika is nominally a neutral party regarding Masaya’s presence, yet she betrays a tortured quality when she is around him. Is he a righteous man, or an unrighteous man? If he is righteous, as he appears to be, then she should support his stay at Vincennes… and yet something opposes that impulse, to the point where she will do unspeakable things to see him gone…

Mekata Mitsuki is voiced by Kasumi Ryou (香澄りょう). Her previous roles include Nishizono Yui and Koharu Yamanouchi from Kara no Shojo.

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  1. Not having routes for Ruriko and Marika is borderline heresy.
    We need that damn fan disc as atonement for that sin!

  2. We want the fandisc! We want the fandisc!

    …continuing the proud tradition of not giving the best characters routes until fandiscs or sequels.

  3. yup hope that its fandisc follows, if the main game sells well, would definitely be a big waste. especially marika is my waifu no1



  6. Having a sequel/fandisc for the character with no route would be nice , i want Tamie :3

  7. Yes – please, please get the fandisc!!!

  8. Yesss the fandisc, I want Ruriko route or just more gameplay ;_;

  9. I don’t have desire for Mitsuki, but all other. Yes please. Specially Ruriko, Konomi and Tamie (all of em make me laugh).

  10. Hi MG i want to report bug for Evangile 18+ version that i purchase 2 month ago
    the game will crash if you skipping the text and there a annoying pop up(FCFile – open) say like: “PrincessEvangile.system.dat ?????(japanese text) code:1224”
    can U make the fix patch please….

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