Princess Evangile

Princess Evangile is now available for download! If you order the adult or version from us, you’ll also receive a free Steam Key for the All-Ages Version! Princess Evangile All Ages Version will go live on steam at 4PM PDT.





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  1. Nice game for now 🙂

    BTW there ‘s a typo in one on the capther’s title, “Summer Memories 2 – chaptire 2” should be “Summer Memories 2 – chapitre 2”

    (if “chapter” is written in French)

  2. would like to get this in a limited edition physical copy, just saying =) (hint hint)

  3. Best game from moonstone

  4. hi dude, I found a bug in your game and i would like to report.
    The game will crashed if you skipping through some route.

  5. Hi MG i want to report bug for Evangile 18+ version that i purchase 2 month ago
    the game will crash if you skipping the text and there a annoying pop up(FCFile – open) say like: “PrincessEvangile.system.dat ?????(japanese text) code:1224”
    can U make the fix patch please….

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