MangaGamer's April Sale


In honor of April Fool’s joke, we’re hosting a special sale on our website and Steam! This week is your chance to grab Go Go NipponCho Dengeki Strykerand eden* at a big discount! You can also read below to see some screenshots from our April Fool’s announcement. The former link now leads to the promotional page for euphoria.






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  1. Finally, i’ve been waiting this since forever, steam library has improved like 92738713971 times with this lol. (laughted so hard with the site xD)

  2. no waifu no laifu

  3. The day is only starting and you’ve already made sure no one will beat your April fools joke. 😀

  4. This probably the best April fools joke online x)

  5. I know today is April fool but i still want to believe that why i’m here

  6. Looking forward! 🙂
    Nice April’s fool.

  7. Damn now I’m torn between euphoria’s all ages release and Starless’. Is there anything you guys can offer to beat the competition?

  8. Fucking Dead! L O L

  9. How… just how would you make this an all ages version? XD

    Seeing what the game theme is and how it is excuted, even having it be pg-13 would be a stretch. 😛

  10. Install Vapor

  11. the intro
    black screen

    thats all

  12. an all ages version? … is there no content beyond the intro? xD

  13. lol your april fools joke is the best!! just wanna say i completed Princess Evangile and i thought it was the best VN i played this year. Will you guys translate the fandisc W Happiness too? *throws money at the screen*

  14. Any chance for furigana update to “Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~” in near future? Can we have hope for voice patch someday?

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