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Today we have a comment from Moonstone’s scenario writer, Kure, regarding Princess Evangile‘s release and future Moonstone plans for the western market!

Good evening!
Scenario writer Kure here.

I was surprised to hear that an English version of Princess Evangile was released.
The reason for this was because of Princess Evangile‘s length.
The game is over 3 MB of text, so translating something of that length is a daunting task.
I’m super happy to have a game that I worked on reach a wider audience, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with the English release.
Thank you.
Here is the Steam page.

Although I’m not saying this just because Princess Evangile came out, it might be the right time for us [developers] to take a more proactive approach to the overseas market.

According to Wikipedia, Steam’s active userbase totals over 100 million people. I’m not sure how much of that userbase is interested in VNs, but it’s an alluring prospect nonetheless.
I do think that scenario length could be a bottleneck, but it’s something I want to think about.

Anyway, until next time!

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  1. Hmmm, he kind of didn’t say much at all did he? Just stated the obvious, nothing terribly personal about it, almost felt like I read this before. Of course, his enthusiasm is a good thing, but I feel like I gained nothing from reading this.

  2. Well at least this may be an indication PE’s selling well enough to get the folks at Moonstone’s attention.

  3. Short, but a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing with us!

    I hope that gives the Princess Evangile team a lot of warm fuzzies — the game’s a lot of fun and I know it took a lot of work. (3MB! Wow!) It’s pretty cool that he recognized your efforts!

  4. Now we need an English release for Magical Marriage Lunatics. I heard the people working on the fan translation contacted MangaGamer and are waiting for a reply. Have there been any developments on that front?

  5. short but interesting, with this i really hope for that fan disc to be translated

    i need my ruriko route !!

  6. Hi MG i want to report bug for Evangile 18+ version that i purchase 2 month ago
    the game will crash if you skipping the text and there a annoying pop up(FCFile – open) say like: “PrincessEvangile.system.dat ?????(japanese text) code:1224”
    can U make the fix patch please….

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