The Menagerie Available for Pre-Orders

The Menagerie title

The Menagerie by Lupiesoft is now available for pre-order on our website! This new game will be available for download on September 18th, but order now to get 10% off!

In the city of Alabast, the desert nobles have washed their hands of the lower classes and common folk that pervade the city, choosing to reign from the exclusive, opulent palace known as the Sail, and ivory tower erected for the decadence. Here there are secrets those in power keep even from themselves, but everything–and everyone–has a price in this monument to the delights available for those who can afford them.

Aishi Mask2


It is here, in “The Menagerie” beneath this palace where the slaves are kept for the nobles’ pleasure that this story takes place. Though the nobles only those in the Menagerie as mere ‘collectibles’ for their enjoyment, the slaves themselves each have their own stories to reveal, and in The Menagerie, you’ll get to follow Rao-ji, a fiore (aka a hermaphrodite or futanari) and a Drachene, in her sexy tale of personal discovery.



Enjoy lots of hot and sexy yuri, futanari, and bondage action between some monster-girls, elves, and more in this decadent tale of

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