Kindred Spirits On The Roof Is Coming To Steam!


We have some exciting news to share tonight: we’ve been given approval to publish Kindred Spirits on the Roof on Steam without any cuts or censorship! Let’s make Steam a Yuritopia in 2016!


Some comments from Kouryuu, our head translator:

β€œIt’s great to see our years of effort finally paying off as visual novels containing adult content gain more mainstream acceptance and recognition as a valuable medium for artistic expression.Β 

This is monumental news for the industry as a whole. Everything will be open and up-front with this release; no off-site patch or workarounds. Kindred Spirits will be sold on Steam completely uncensored. Seeing frank depictions of same-sex relationships welcomed on such a major gaming platform is a true testament to the open-mindedness of our society and the growing desire for mature entertainment that people of all walks of life can enjoy.”


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  1. Very good news πŸ˜€

  2. If thats the case then i want kara no shoujo on steam! Very great news!

  3. So in order for a game to be uncesored on Steam, it can’t have any dicks in it? I guess that means 99% of eroge is still not allowed, which seems much more “close-minded” to me. Oh well, I should probably just be happy for this small step forward. Not sure why I’m being so negative.

  4. “Soccer moms” and hardcore religious nutcases complaining in 5, 4, 3…

  5. Is the uncut release on Steam just for this game or will future games be released uncut?

  6. Um, gayness is already mainstream-accepted. It’d actually feel revolutionary if male sexuality were given uncensored mainstream representation. Hell, if anything opposite-sex relationships being given uncensored sexual representation would be more revolutionary than girl-on-girl.

    Male gaze, anyone?

    Good job on getting the prudes to open up a little, but I’ll start giving a crap when you guys succeed at bringing non-yuri explicit content to Steam.

    • Baby steps…

    • “opposite-sex relationships being given uncensored sexual representation”

      Ah, men and their persecution complex and hate for lesbians that aren’t just there for threesomes. Always adorable to see your moaning.

      Male sexuality is constantly given mainstream representation – mainstream representation is almost exclusively focused on that, in fact.

      • Maybe he means homosexual/yaoi Macha? Ever think about that genius?

      • ok first reactionary much? Didn’t say he hated lesbians just the acting like this was some great step for mankind and lesbianism in society which I understand. I mean gay marriage is even allowed in the US now so developed world yeah pretty much achieved mainstream acceptance, so acting like it hasn’t seems pretty silly. Second there are no count them zero hentai games on steam showing male on female sex of any type. So saying it is represented in other media while true is irrelevant to this discussion. Third amount is irrelevant, despite what crazy internet social “justice” warriors like to spout the amount of something shown in media is irrelevant to if it has acceptance or not.

        A better area of discussion isn’t the sex in this rather limited and tame? So isn’t acting like this is some great step forward kinda crazy for that reason? I mean when you can put up an uncensored version of say Euphoria on steam then I might say we have achieved something.

  7. Excellent news, it is great to finally see this sort of thing happening.

  8. This is pretty softcore compared to most of the adult titles MG publishes, but that you can put it on Steam uncensored is still pretty neat.

  9. you people are sick…

  10. Pretty sure that once bigger news sites hear about this there will be people screaming sick anime fucks and omg cp and this will be taken down.

    This probably passed some initial screening just because the art is hardly the selling point and it’s women on women. Try putting in something actually erotic and the modern sjw zealots will make sure we’ll have an eternal ban on nudity on Steam.

    • Witcher proves you wrong.

      As usual, whiny fanboys using the word “SJW” tend to be pretty dumb.

      • Witcher proves him wrong how? From what i’ve seen sex scenes in Witcher are pretty tame and quite short. AAA games are generally pretty bad example in that regard for visual novels, it’s like comparing Hollywood movie to Brazzers.
        CGs in Kindred Spirits look rather tame as well, so it probably boils down to how long and graphic is text. Anyway, i don’t think we should call this a precedence until we know for sure.

      • If by dumb you mean more capitalistic and less reactionary and always angry I agree. My idea of justice (people getting what they earn and being free to fail) is I expect very different than yours. And yes Witcher (even if you include the first one which is in rather poor taste but not nearly as much as SJW liked to act) is a really poor example. Not in any way hentai.

  11. Medicine Melancholy

    Even lord Gaben recognizes the purest form of love.
    A job well done, and thank you very much.

  12. Same-sex relationships aren’t new at all on Steam. Bioware RPG’s like Dragon Age Origins already had them many years ago and there are probably a lot more less known ones.

  13. Other than bare tits, the game has nothing else to show. This has nothing to do with it being a yuri title, otherwise Sono Hanabira would be the most ideal visual novel.

    • So its basically just nipples then? It’s that softcore?

      No depiction of any Volkswagen Auto Group?

      • @booger – Legs turned coyly away from the camera or hidden under sheets. So no.

        @Yagami – they CANNOT. if they COULD, they WOULD.

        @well – Maybe read the rest of the comments which explain exactly why this game is different.

  14. It’s the last thought who hinder me to purchase most VNs on Steam,with no censorship I gave my pledge to buy’em all ^^

  15. But now please release Princess Evangile,Cho Dengeki Striker and eden* on Steam with no censorship u.u

  16. Too bad there isn’t anything more than boobs in CGs and there isn’t voice over so The Witcher still rules with adult content on steam.

  17. So, Why no uncensored games on Steam like Koihime or We Love Master ?
    Why Cho Dengeki Stryker is censored on steam???
    Any plans to uncensor Cho Dengeki Stryker in steam?

  18. Great news ! Hope to see more games on steam. But do we know why and how steam is more “cool” with this kind of stuff ?

  19. I am wondering why steam allows this game and banns other heterosexual hentai games. sounds like the gay agenda is all over us. they push this on us so hard to the level to make us stand against it.

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