The Characters of A Kiss For the Petals: Remembering How We Met

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Risa and Miya are unique among the couples in A Kiss For The Petals, in that their relationship was initially largely adversarial, whereas most of the other couples became romantically involved almost immediately following their first encounter.

Risa is hardworking and studious, a very by-the-book sort of person, and she always volunteers to be class representative because of the personal fulfillment she derives from carrying out the duties of that position.  She’s a bright student, but has to work very hard to maintain her academic performance.
Miya, on the other hand, is the complete opposite.  She’s very aloof and constantly skipping class so that she can pursue her own interests, such as enjoying tea, listening to music, or reading in the school’s courtyard.  Miya’s intelligence is unparalleled, and since her grades are always perfect, she sees no need to attend class.  However, Miya is also withdrawn and socially awkward.
As class representative, Risa assumes the responsibility of getting Miya to attend class, not just for academic reasons, but also to encourage Miya to socialize and make friends with their classmates.  At every opportunity, Risa is always out searching for her, trying to convince her to attend.  Their classmates interpret this behavior as a romantic pursuit, when in reality, the two are at extreme odds with one another.


Their relationship dynamic, both before and after the realization of their feelings for one another, consists of Miya being strong-headed and confident, fully aware of her intellect, while Risa is much more submissive and self-doubting.

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