Winter Sale!

Hohoho, the holidays are here! What better time of year to buy new games for all your friends! After all, nothing beats getting warm and cozy with a riveting visual novel to play through the night! Share the joy and spread the love this holiday season with up to 40% off on some of our best titles to offer!

This year, we’ll also be celebrating our 2015 releases with Twelve Days of Visual Novels! Through January 4th, we’ll be offering triple MangaGamer points on our major releases from 2015, and every day from December 12th through the 23rd, we’ll be highlighting a different 2015 release on our blog. Join us in taking a look back at all the great games that came out this year on Twitter with the hashtag #12daysofVNs.

The following games will be on sale from today through the end of the 25th, but MangaGamer Santa will be bringing some extra special deals on the 25th, so be sure to watch our Twitter feed!


$24.95 $14.97
Triple Points!

Includes complimentary all-ages ver. Steam key


Princess Evangile (Adult Ver.)
$44.95 $40.46
Triple Points!

Includes complimentary all-ages ver. Steam key

sonohanaA Kiss For The Petals: Remembering How We Met
$7.95 $6.36
Triple Points!

Includes complimentary Steam key


Free Friends
$24.95 $19.96
Triple Points!


Da Capo
$29.95 $20.97


Da Capo Innocent Finale
$19.95 $13.97


Kotori Love ExP
$34.95 $24.47


Da Capo II
$44.95 $31.47

cdsCho Dengeki Stryker (Adult Ver.)
$44.95 $26.97

Includes complimentary all-ages ver. Steam key


$29.95 $20.97

edleweisseidenfantasiaEdelweiss Eiden Fantasia
$19.95 $13.97

harukoiHarukoi Otome
$49.95 $34.97

dmcDemon Master Chris
$16.95 $11.87


Koihime Musou
$39.95 $29.96


Higurashi Hou Ch. 1 + Ch. 2 Bundle
$12.95 $9.71

Includes complimentary Steam key

ubwUltimate Boob Wars
$44.95 $31.47

Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good read!

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  1. I think you might have slightly misplaced the strikethrough on Da Capo.

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