Free Friends 2 – Tester’s Corner Vol. 2

Title ImageYoho~ Rance-sama here! I’d just like start by saying that Free Friends 2 is actually a very high quality Nukige. The story and plot feel much more invested in rather than just being a means to an end for the H scenes. It really does an excellent job of getting you attached to the characters, so it can rip your heart out, stomp on it, and Tidus laugh in your face. When vndb tags Free Friends 2 with “Depression” and “Evil Route”, it’s not messing around. You have the Pure Love Route and the Depravity/Corruption Route, so all you softies out there can still enjoy your romance while the rest of us sick motherfuckers get to enjoy something so malicious and twisted that it would make even the evil otter pleased. Everybody wins! Especially the otter.

Now as for the setting for the stage. Kaito, our beloved main character, is a student teacher at a high school. His parents divorced while he was still at an early age and he was separated from his adorable little sister. Feeling particularly lonesome and nostalgic he decides to seek some female company through the compensated dating forum “Free Friends”. Used mostly by girls who ran away from home, dropped out of school or just need some cash to get by. He ends up meeting Sumire through the forums. Sumire is a high school girl who recently lost her mother in a traffic accident, and is no longer able to pay the rent for the apartment now that her mother is dead. So she resorts to selling herself through Free Friends to make ends meet. What’s really interesting about Free Friends 2 is it will periodically switch between Kaito and Sumire’s perspectives and put you in each of their shoes. However Kaito soon discovers that Sumire is more than good a lay, she’s also his long lost sister! WHOOOOOAAAAAAHHHH! That’s right ladies and gentlemen we have “Unbeknown Incest” as our main theme here. So Kaito is thrown in mental turmoil trying to deal with his guilt and lust at the same time. She’s his sister but Descartes is constantly up in his head like “Give her the D”, and when Descartes tells you to do something, you do it!


Free Friends 2 is about anywhere from 4-10 hours long depending on your reading speed and doesn’t have any urine or scat fetishes so you’re safe depending on whether that’s your thing or not, uncle Rance has got your back. In any case Free Friends 2 was a hell of a ride and I was very pleasantly surprised by both the length and overall quality. I’m used to working on fairly shallow nukige but this one really blindsided me with how Dark it can get. I found myself wanting to go back and replay it again right after I finished it. You might notice that chains are a common symbolism in the covers for Free Friends and Free Friends 2. It’s really significant when you realize the situations the heroines are placed in for both games and I would definitely recommend them, especially if you want an emotional punch in the gut, or want to be the one doing the punching, you silly sado-masochists you!

Pan Shot

Also this freaking Nukige referenced “Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes” and Jason Voorhees in one scene so if that’s not enough incentive for you to buy it, then the tomatoes have already won.

Killer tomatoes

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