Beat Blades Haruka Now On Sale!


Alicesoft’s Beat Blades Haruka is (finally!) on sale! To make up for our store’s downtime during the pre-order period, we’re extending the 10% pre-order discount for the next week!

Update 3/6/2016: If you’re experiencing issues launching the game, unexpected crashes, or the in-game videos won’t play back, please apply the following patch by overwriting the files in the respective directories in your Beat Blades Haruka folder.

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  1. So happy I can finally support AliceSoft now. I hope you guys keep up the good work and keep on bringing more games to the west! Hopefully, the fraud issue will be minimized with the new payment processor.

  2. And bought! I’d buy it again if you guys were to release a hard copy sometime in the future. Just saying 😀

  3. Well I played it the moment you allowed the pre-orders to play it. Haven’t had any issue so far with anything but I’m glad you are fast on responding to those who are. Need more AliceSoft!!!

  4. still crash after patch i open the game so many times D:

  5. Seems to be a third type of crash, centered on DecodeCG.dll (which is listed as the fault module). Can be bypassed by replacing the dll with one from another Alicesoft game, but of course the game itself doesn’t work then, throwing a bunch of other errors (but not crashing right off the bat). Hope you guys can fix it for those experiencing it!

    • Hi Blademan!

      Our coder has a potential fix for this, but since he can’t reproduce the error on his own system, could you possibly contact us at so we could provide you with the update and see if it works on your system? Thank you!

  6. i download the game but i am not bale to find the installer for the game i have everything that is in the

  7. I hope more alicesoft games will be released.

  8. Game keep crashing on launch even after the 2 patches, im on windows 8.

  9. Is it just me or is there no voice in the classroom from Naria after Haruka’s first time scene?

    • Do you mean Narika? If so, keep going forward. Most of these games are not 100% voiced, usually only main trigger events have voices for most, if not all characters. But events that are random and secondary/side events don’t actually get voiced.

    • Just to be clear this happens her very first battle when she chases after the single grunt. You are forced to battle with her but she is doesn’t show up.

      I want to repeat this is a game breaking bug and you cannot advance further.

  10. John Smith Would you happen to be using SpoilerAL or anything? At least for me game is bug free. Well, there was a few crash in music mode when trying to select side bar, But even that ceased when i uncovered more tracks

  11. You’re level 41 like 30 minutes into the game? Looks like somebody is using a cheat engine.

  12. After update the last patch, i receive the error message “Failed to read DLL [….Text2.dll] or i can’t run game Although i clicked it

  13. Downloaded new version, choose overwrite, deleted my save. 🙁 Stupid me

  14. system 40 stopped responding

  15. Have been waiting too long for this, next I need Oyako Rankan, o mighty Mangagamer

  16. Second that

    • I don’t know who you are, I don’t know what you want, but I will find you, and I will give you a bro fist

      • Truth to be told, the reason why i love Alicesoft, is not only for Rance series. But that i love Min-Naraken art style. His female character faces are most pleasant for my eyes 🙂 Of course, if Mangagamer localize Rance i will buy it too 🙂

        • You have a nice taste indeed. His skills shine at depicting noble ladies. Kotone and the queen of British in Daiteikoku has caught my eyes the very first time I see them. Seems like Min-Naraken sticked with this female model for quite some time already. That is why I am so glad that he was also able to create Saya, whose beauty can rival that of Kotone.

          That is why I would love to see an English version of Oyako Rankan. The story is nice and the art easily makes it the most beautiful visual novel that I have ever seen.

  17. So, I bought the game and downloaded the latest patch, and I keep getting a popup saying “Failed to read DLL [ Confirm3.dll ]. Is anyone else having this problem, or am I doing something wrong?

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