Tokyo Babel Demo Now Available for Download!


If you’ve been on the fence about Tokyo Babel, why not take a moment to try out the demo (2.16GB)? Tokyo Babel will be available from and on Steam on March 31st! You can pre-order now to save 15%.

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  1. Do you guys have too much money to spend? You are using a zip compression so you compressed a 2,65GB to 2,16GB. But using rar would get you a 1,54GB and 7zip 1,45GB. That’s over 500MB just by going from zip to rar. That would mean a lot less bandwidth for servers. So why are you wasting money by using inefficient zip?

    • I think they want as much compatibility as possible. Some people don’t have WinRAR or 7-zip and don’t really know how to get it or what to do with it. Windows and Mac OS both have native ZIP support

      • Wow, you’re still alive Nurio?! I haven’t seen you posting for ages. Though, since MG forums went down, most regulars are on Fuwa now I think.

  2. A bit surprised that there is no demo for the Steam version.

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