2016 Anime Boston Announcements!


Hot off our panel at Anime Boston, we have our first set of announcements for the year!


First up, Free Friends! This sexy tale of blackmail, exploitation, and possible salvation will be coming to Hard Copy this summer! Fans of Noesis and dark, sexy titles will be able to own this great game on disc starting on May 20th for just $24.95! Pre-orders are open now.


Secondly, we’re proud to announce our expansion of the Kindred Spirits franchise, and our very first release of a new product–drama CDs! We’re excited to be breaking new ground with this first foray into the sale of localized drama CDs for fans to enjoy. It is our hope that the success of this endeavor will help pave the way for future drama CD releases as well.

Each of the four drama CDs tell sequels to the stories of each of the couples in the original games. The first follows Ano, as Yuna, Hina, and Nena pretend to be her girlfriends in order to throw off some stalkers. In the second, Youka and Kiri realize they’re repeating the same dates with their partner, so they both agree to have the other plan their next date. The third showcases Miki, Maki, Matsuri, and Miyu as they all share a vacation to the beach. Then, in the final drama CD, the broadcasting club hosts a radio show during a sale at the local shopping district.

All four drama CDs will be sold both on Steam and MangaGamer as subtitled videos for $9.99 each. The first Kindred Spirits drama CD will be available this April, and we hope to release the successive drama CDs roughly one month following the previous volume’s release. We will also be carrying limited copies of the original Japanese drama CDs at future conventions throughout this year for those who would like to own the originals in pure audio format.


And lastly, our brand new acquisition from Moonstone––Imouto Paradise 2! Fans of little sisters and Imouto Paradise will love this new addition to the series, since incest runs in the family! After Shoichirou and his little sisters shacked up in the wake of Imouto Paradise, they began raising their new family together. And now, with the parents away on an extended vacation, the new generation of siblings follow in their family’s footsteps, showing their love for each other in deep, heart-pounding new ways!

That’s it for Anime Boston! Our next stop on the con circuit will be Anime Central! Be sure to check out our panel on May 20th at 21:00 for even more announcements.

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  1. Woooo! Moonstone! I’m so happy you are doing more from them. They are still my favorite company that MangaGamer works with.

    The drama CDs sound interesting. I don’t have any experience with them, but it is cool to see MangaGamer trying different things like this.

  2. What’s a drama CD by the way? I always thought they would be audio CD’s, but that wouldn’t make sense with sub titles. So are they just fan discs? But what’s the difference between a fan disc and a drama CD then?

    Anyway, the ImoPara2 announcement is fine I guess. They can redeem with Ririna’s route what they messed up with Rio’s route in the predecessor.

    • A drama CD is audio of the characters talking. MG is just going to subtitle it into English and still use the Japanese voices.

    • A drama cd is just an audio track, I’ve never heard of one using pictures or anything else, though I’m sure they exist. I’m guessing they’ll add some images or maybe Kindread’s drama cd’s were basically kinetic novels with auto on.

    • Drama CDs are just voice acting with music accompanying them. Since the Drama CDs are recorded with Japanese voice actors, a video containing subtitles would allow non-Japanese people to understand what they are saying.

    • Ah, I see, so I wasn’t that wrong with my initial assumption.

    • I always compared them to old radio shows. They act out a story with only audio- voices, music, and various sound effects to build the atmosphere. I like them a lot.

      Some use what is called a “dummyhead mic” to give the voice a 3 dimensional sound, if you wear headphones it sounds like they are speaking to you more realistically (for example, their voice could be coming from the left, then if the character moves to your right or closer to you, the voice sounds like it is indeed in a body that is moving toward you.)

      They only work in their CD form if you know the language they are speaking in. If it’s being translated then it would probably be a video file that just shows subtitles on a sutable, and static, background image. That’s what they did for Nameless (and what fan translators do.) But the sounds effects on a drama CD are usually better than in a game, so it makes up for lack of images. Its a different experience. : )

      • Correction, the official Nameless cd’s didn’t use a video file, but had a pdf file you scroll along yourself. That’s kind of rough, since it can be hard to tell which line is being spoken at the time.

  3. You know how in the really old days, before there was television, that stuff was on the radio? The very oldest soap operas started on radio and moved to TV. And there was stuff like The Shadow.

    This is basically the same thing. The voice actors reprise their roles and record a CD (usually with some sfx).

    As for how MangaGamer’s going to release it, I imagine they’re going to do something similar to that Eva: After the End drama CD that got fansubbed way back when. Create a “video” that’s really just something to put the subtitles on.

    • If the Japanese CDs contained any artwork, those will likely be used as background images so you aren’t just looking at text over a black screen.

  4. What is with the announcement for a steam release of Boku ga Tenshi ni Natta Wake?
    Will there be a 18+ Patch or only a butchered steam version like the most titles from Sekai?

    • MG will never do the steam only release. The original adult version will still come out, though it will be unlikely that you can patch the steam version.

      And most titles? Isn’t G-Senjou the only case where there is only the all ages version? I guess Maitetsu will also be like that though. We have no idea on any of their other games.

    • Hi there, the translator for Bokuten here.

      You can always expect that if there is an 18+ version of a game, we will release it! Bokuten will be coming out with the fully uncensored 18+ version on our website, as well as a very mildly edited version for Steam (which won’t be patchable, but should come with a small discount to make up for the difference). I hope this answer helps!

  5. Ooh, very nice news here! ^_^

  6. I wonder if Doddler will have to play ‘pornographer’ again for ImoPara 2 to fix the animations? Poor guy, lol.

  7. SOOOOOO EXCITED FOR IMOUTO PARADISE 2! lol thats the only VN i requested when doing the survey they did earlier this year lol

  8. Very happy that you guys got ImoPara 2! I liked the first one way more than I should have lol.

  9. Some interesting announcements, that’s for sure.

    Excited on the prospect about the new venture to drama CDs, maybe we might get to see other ventures that were once talked about get the same treatment.

    Expected to see ImoPara 2 show its face, what with the outcry from when the forums were still up, yet still excited that it came true.

    Very surprised by the hardcopy of Free Friends, especially since we’ve yet to see the last of the Lilith trilogy get a physical release. Not to sound disappointed, always excited to hear when a title does well enough to get the hardcopy, just the fan boy in me doesn’t want to give up hope on the prospect. After all, I thought Sara was the best out of the three, which some other did share over at Lewdgamer:


    Anyway, can’t wait to hear what’s coming up next. Very interested to know what new partner MG has teamed up with.

  10. Imouto Paradise 2? Thank you based gods

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