Tokyo Babel Character Intros: Raziel


Today we’re introducing Raziel, one of the three heroines accompanying Setsuna on his pilgrimage throughout Tokyo Babel.

Raziel is an archangel whose task is to oversee all newly-created parallel worlds. With the help of her grimoire, the Sefer Raziel, she aids mankind by giving them knowledge and also records important historical events. Her crucial role makes her privy to all sorts of information, so naturally she is puzzled that her mind is devoid of any information concerning the Divine Calamity. After all, for a renowned bibliophile like herself could such knowledge truly be devastating enough that it be forbidden from her? Like a slowly working corrosive the nagging voice in the recesses of her mind continues eating away at her. Perhaps spurred on by an unconscious force, Raziel spends the better part of her time in the library, searching with every fiber of her being for the knowledge that can save everyone residing in Tokyo Babel.

Though Raziel finds herself forsaken by God she finds new friends that support her as she faces the rigorous trials thrown at her in Tokyo Babel. Raziel embarks on a pilgrimage with Setsuna, Lilith, and Sorami in the hopes of reaching Heaven and restoring her lost memories concerning the Divine Calamity. A pervasive longing for her home and the truth become Raziel’s main motivation as she battles alongside her companions.


She finds a kindred spirit in Setsuna when she learns of the heavy burden he is carrying, and imparts upon him a useful piece of advice: punishment needs to be meted out, but it’s only the means, never the end. Even if the scale of her transgressions exceeds her expectations Raziel diligently bears the weight of her sins and advances forward. What’s truly important is the path that one takes with the knowledge at hand, regardless of the punishment meted out. And what of the one who metes out judgment? Is the propagation of knowledge truly despicable enough to warrant punishment, even if done with good intentions?

As the herald of God’s secrets Raziel’s plays a special role in the events that occur throughout Tokyo Babel. Only with the help of her grimoire, the Sefer Raziel, can she unlock the truth behind the Divine Calamity and confront her memories head-on. The most painful memories leave the deepest scars and often times have the most repercussions. Delve into Tokyo Babel together with Raziel and her companions in order to learn the secrets behind its creation and the reason why Heaven is sealed. Will releasing the seal on these memories prove to be her undoing? Are some things better left buried in the dark shadows of the past? Only time will tell if Raziel can rebuild what has once been lost.

Raziel is voiced by Hanazawa Kana, who you might be familiar from her anime roles like Hana from Prison School, Nadeko from the Monogatari series, Charlotte from Infinite Stratos, Kuroneko from OreImo, and Akane from Psycho-Pass.

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  1. The protagonist name it’s Setsuna? I thought Setsuna is a female name since In almost all animes/games I played like white album, school days, fire emblem and Negima, Setsuna was female. Is normal in japan for a male to have this name or this guy is just weird?

    • Names aren’t really gender specific in Japanese. There are some that are more common with one gender but for the most part they are gender neutral, i.e. Setsuna F. Seiei from Gundam 00.

    • Your comment reminded me of gogonippon’s intro. Such a great scene.

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