Kindred Spirits Drama CD Vol 1 Now On Sale!


The first volume of the Kindred Spirits drama CDs, Playing Girlfriends, is now on sale! It’ll be available on Steam in a few hours!

December. A new season and Ano’s attracting attention once again. She’s politely turned down those who have come to her directly with confessions of love, but some continue to watch her from afar, almost to the point of being stalkers.


Yuna and Nena are helping her out, but it’s starting to wear on Ano having her fans follow her all the way home.


So when Hina suggests a “Fake Couple Strategy”…

The version of the CD includes:

  • Drama CD audio tracks + an English translation in a subbed video
  • Special “good morning,” “good night,” and “kitchen” voice clips for Ano, Yuna, Hina, and Nena
  • Wallpapers
  • “Hanging Hina” graphic

Please note that the Steam version is streaming video only.

You can also pick up the full-set of CDs (the CDs will be added to the item’s downloads as they come out) or volume 1 with the game.

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  1. What I really wish for the future right now is a hard copy collection with the game and all drama CDs.

    • Yep! Totally agree!
      Hey, MG staff, what are the chaces to see a hard copy release of anything “kindred spirits-related” in the future? (don’t know if already answered to this, sorry)

      Anyway, going to buy the full-set right now!

  2. Isn’t the price of the Full-set bundle a bit off? Currently Volume 1 is sold at a discounted cost of 8.95, and I assume the other volumes will be sold with that discount as well when they first come out

    If you buy all 4 volumes at the 8.95 price you end up paying 35.8, that’s 4.15 dollars cheaper than buying the bundle, even if you ignore the sale price and calculate using the full price that equals 39.8, which is only 3 cents cheaper than the bundle.

    Usually when you buy bundles that makes you effectively preorder future products you expect that you will get the products for cheaper than if you bought them individually, if not then what is the point of buying the bundle?

    • Alright if that is the case then the price makes sense, I did feel there had to be something I was not aware of that justified the price as it seemed a bit odd for Mangagamer to price it like that.

      Thank you for telling me that.

  3. I have a question about the drama CD. Is it standalone apart from the game? I bought the steam edition but I kinda prefer the mangagamer edition bonuses.

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